5 questions to help to choose your Ceremony music

5 questions to help to choose your Ceremony music.


Music enchants and cheers every human being.

Music is diving into an abstract universe! We can’t play it or see it, and when we ask the musicians for budgets, there are several dilemmas.

Below we dedicate some lines to solve some uncertainties, and we unveil some myths about live music for the wedding ceremonies.

To begin with, have you ever wondered what effect music has on your life? Music has effects directly interlinked with our central nervous system. We transform at all times the sound vibrations of our environment into sensations and emotions. Dj hire Wedding Sydney

So, let’s think about it over there, shall we?

Instead of just choosing songs for the ceremony, select the themes thinking about the emotion we want to convey for each moment.

What are the emotions we seek when we talk about music for a wedding? Love is the first word we hear from our bride and groom! Well, let’s jump to the wedding day.

When we arrive at the chosen place for the ceremony we are immersed in an environment of much love, joy, dedication and all the feelings that bring us good energy. Then the question arises: how to choose the ideal songs to express these feelings?

Abuse the dynamics and explore the most varied musical sensations.


Which and how many instruments should I choose for my ceremony?


For a good sound in small ceremonies, for up to 100 guests, an instrumental duet can already meet your expectations. Usually, having a violin, flute, cello or keyboard. A piano can add a unique look and brings a substantial tone.

For ceremonies with 200 guests, a quartet is advisable, expanding the musical possibilities and the charm produced by the group – after all, the music is also a gift that we offer to our guests.

Ceremonies in large spaces can count on the presence of a complete orchestra. But don’t forget: the choice of instruments should only be made after the decision of your music!


Bravo music is one excellent option for classical music in Sydney.

The hired company should guide and suggest the best instrumental composition according to the selected songs for the best harmonisation of the group. So, you will have a group with the ideal profile, the necessary delicacy and the basic animation to touch and move everyone in the exact portion, eternalising in the memory of your guests the memory of the moment prepared with much affection and dedication.

We hope that your wedding, besides being beautiful and unforgettable, is very musical!



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