With the climate crisis in full swing, going green has become a trend in almost every corner of life. For some people, going green may mean swapping out plastic Tupperware for bamboo, and for others, it may mean cycling to work instead of using the car. However, to make a real difference, everybody must play their part in going green.

One great way to make a contribution towards environmental change is to throw a green wedding. The typical wedding produces around 63 tonnes of CO2 – equivalent to the emissions produced by 4-5 people each year. Luckily, there are changes you can make to ensure that your wedding isn’t part of the problem. This article will give you our 5 tips for a greener wedding.

1. Use recycled materials

Whether you’re using paper for wedding invitations, name cards, or menus, why not opt for a more sustainable alternative? Paper is one of the main materials that is thrown away at the end of a wedding, and it seems a shame to waste brand new material for just one day. Instead, you could choose recycled paper for your wedding accessories, which look just as smart but won’t cost the life of any trees!

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2. Source your food locally

The transportation of wedding food causes huge amounts of emissions to be released into the environment. In some cases, wedding food may be shipped from the other side of the world. To cut down the emissions that your wedding will cause, try to source all of your wedding food locally. Local food requires far less transportation and will also help to support your local community. To make your wedding food even more eco-friendly, opt for organically grown produce. Organic food is grown without the help of any harmful pesticides.

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3. Hire your wedding dress

While every bride has their dream wedding dress in mind, buying a brand new dress to be worn for just one day isn’t that sustainable. A more eco-friendly option is to hire or rent your gown, which means that you will own it for a short period of time and then it will be re-rented to another bride for their big day. Renting a dress doesn’t limit your options – there are still plenty of stunning gowns available to hire. The benefits of hiring your dress don’t stop at the environment, either – choosing this option will also help you to keep the costs of your wedding down, which could leave you with more money for other aspects of the day.

4. Opt for green transportation

Huge limousines may look stylish, but they aren’t the greenest way that you could arrive at your wedding. To cut down on the usage of fossil fuels, consider arriving in an electric vehicle or even a horse-drawn carriage. These options are far better for the environment and make a fantastic alternative to the more traditional forms of wedding transport.

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5. Have a staycation honeymoon

With so many beautiful retreats right here in Australia, it shouldn’t be too tricky to swap the usual jet-set adventure for a blissful staycation-style honeymoon. There are plenty of great places to visit that do not require the use of any fuel-guzzling planes.

If you’re currently planning your dream wedding and want more inspiration for the big day, you can find lots of helpful tips and tricks on our blog.


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