5 tips for planning your wedding without getting fired

5 tips for planning your wedding without getting fired

It would be perfect if it were possible to take a break from all commitments while planning the wedding. Since this is not the reality of most brides, it is practically inevitable that one or other issue of the party or ceremony will be resolved during working hours.

Follow these tips in order not to go overboard with your plans during work hours and damage your career.

Enjoy your lunch time

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There are many tasks you can do during the lunch break at work, from your computer or mobile phone to advance the organisation of the party.

Here are six wedding planning tasks that you can do in an hour.

Use the nights and weekends

Take the opportunity to improve the way you work with wedding planning meetings. That way, your fiancé, mother or godmother will be able to accompany you. The weekends will also be essential for you to have tastings, visit the event space and the suppliers.

Be discreet

You will not always be able to limit the tasks of the wedding to your free time. If you need to make or receive a call about the ceremony and party, be sure to speak away from your table, especially if it is to solve a problem. If possible, let the suppliers know what times you can talk peacefully.

Don’t talk too much

Pay attention if you’re not talking about marriage all the time. Of course, this is one of the unique and essential moments of your life, but not all your co-workers are so close to you that they want to know the details of your decor or dress. Leave your comments to your friends and family.

Do your job

Don’t stop being productive and responsible for your professional responsibilities. Organising a wedding requires effort and dedication, but your work cannot be left aside. Set small limits, such as talking to only two suppliers during the day, and focus on getting everything you need to be done in the company during the day – and you’re free to plan.



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