5 tips to make the most of your honeymoon

5 tips to make to most of your Honeymoon

When people get married, all they want on our honeymoon is to rest, remember the details of the wedding (everything passes so quickly that you will spend days thinking about the ceremony, party, guests, decoration, etc.) and enjoy that moment with the loved one smoothly during the trip. Today I bring 5 tips to make even more unforgettable the trip of couples on honeymoon and avoid any annoyance during the rest days!


(1) Always say you’re on your honeymoon

That’s the most important rule. It may sound boring, but most hotels, inns, restaurants, theme parks and other establishments always have a treat for newlyweds. When my BF went to Cancun on her honeymoon, for example, she informed at the check-in that she was newlyweds and not only did they make an exceptional arrangement in the room, with a fruit basket and sparkling wine, but she also scored a dinner at the hotel.

I have friends who have already managed to upgrade their accommodation and complimentary sparkling wine in a restaurant! Even in countries where it is necessary to go through immigration, such information often ends up relaxing that bureaucratic moment of verification of passports, making the entry into the country more pleasant!


(2) Always check all documentation before travelling

That tip is worth a lot to anyone who travels abroad. I know many stories of those who did not check if they had a passport, valid visa, etc., and ended up missing a flight.

When you arrive at your destination, always keep your documentation in the hotel safe or and carry a copy of your documents only. Prevents a headache in the event of theft or loss of documents.


(3) Diversify the form of payment

In times of volatile exchange, it is always worth taking cash, international debit card and credit card in the trip.

Cash is important for immediate expenses (e.g. a coffee at the airport, a taxi ride on the first day of travel) and will ALWAYS be accepted anywhere.

It is essential always to have a credit card because if the money runs out and the international debit card does not work, the credit card saves! When using a credit card.


(4) Search before travelling

Getting to know another culture, a different place, a new language, all makes travelling an unforgettable experience. But it is essential to know a minimum of local words/expressions (good day, good night, please, thank you, how much it costs, how do I arrive, etc.), identify in advance if there is any cultural/religious aspect to be respected (especially if you travel to countries with more restricted religious manners) and always carry a map or something similar to be able to turn around in any circumstances.

Google Maps is excellent, but mobiles run out of battery, so a hard copy of a map might be useful. Most time you can get them for free at a Tourist Information Centre.


(5) Disconnect, relax and enjoy!

The term “honeymoon” originates in Babylon two thousand years before Christ and means the time when the bride and groom celebrate marriage union among themselves. Enjoying your partner at this time is essential and perpetuating the party atmosphere of the wedding day for a few more days (or weeks) is the best way to start this new phase of your life with a good start.

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