The classic wedding is sophisticated, elegant, and has a touch of luxury perfect for brides who want a traditional and very romantic wedding!

It’s the ideal choice to look at the photo album from here 10, 20 years from now, and see that all the options of your wedding were perfect! Besides they are still trending for anyone, who wants to bet on a traditional marriage too.

Brides who opt for this style of marriage are usually those who dream of entering the church of Veil and Garland, dictate the most romantic vows of their lives, and even waltz after dinner. In other words, they are brides who sweat romanticism!

For your classic wedding to be perfect, everything needs to be in the same style as the rest of the party: the Buffet, the Wedding Cake, the Wedding deserts, the Wedding decoration, the Wedding dress and even your bridal party. Everything has to be within the classic context, without daring in anything.

The bridesmaids can wear the same colour dress. It doesn’t have to be the same model, keep the standard colour for everyone. As for the groomsmen, match the intensity of the tie to the bridesmaid’s dress. For example, if the bridesmaid dress is Tiffany blue, then his bow tie is the same colour as the dress.

Another option is to ask the guests to wear a black tie, which is even more classic!

Set the colour: Black or Grey – which is the best choice – and the groomsmen will match perfectly with the rest of your Classic party.

The bride and groom can’t forget their wedding vows too, of course! They’re essential to any marriage.

When the guests stop what they were doing at the party to observe the couple’s first dance as husband and wife, besides being a moment of happiness for the bride and groom, everyone is thrilled with the dance.

Wedding Space

You can have your classic wedding in many different places, such as a luxurious wedding venue, a Mini Wedding in your home, church, wherever you want! Just keep the decoration and organisation of the wedding space in the same traditional style.

Lighting is one of the most critical factors for an event.

Therefore, seek to rent spaces that accommodate large luxurious chandeliers. Even now, the tendency is to put up walls and the ceiling full of lights. The roof thus looks like a starry sky and gives a special touch to the photos.

Classic Wedding Invitation

Classic Wedding invitation classic wedding party asks for an equally traditional invitation too!

To choose your wedding invitation, opt for light tones – preferably White and OffWhite – with calligraphy printed in gold or silver, and finish with details that send your wedding decoration.

For example, if the wedding has small touches of light pink in the colour palette, then you can place a satin ribbon of the same tone to complement your wedding invitation.

The bride and groom

In classic weddings, it is the small details that can characterise it. And, as the bride and groom are the highlights of the evening, they, consequently, need to follow the same style in their clothing and accessories.


The classic wedding dress can be made of various styles: very bright, pure, lacey; however, what most suits the occasion is the princess dress, with a marked waist, long sleeves and a puffed skirt.

The hairstyle can be attached, with a very long veil or handle. Take advantage of this time to abuse typical bridal details! And the wreath usually asks for crowns and tiaras of shiny. Good princess!


The groom’s costume must be the classic: suit, tie and social shoe. The colours can be: Black, Grey or Navy Blue – Avoid wearing white and brown, as they do not match the party and run away from the perfect wedding proposal.

Wedding Decoration

The classic wedding never goes out of fashion!

Regardless of the year of the wedding, the bride will be able to look at the photo album after ten years, and the decoration of the party will still be trendy and beautiful, with the colours in light tones, basic and very clean, nothing too bold. The white with gold or shades of very light pink is what predominates in these classic decorations.

Start researching classic wedding decoration references to find a perfect one for you, and talk to brides who have already had this kind of experience to get the best decoration tips.

If you want to add a touch of colour to your colour palette, choose pastel shades, all clear and classic, like Rose Gold – Trend Alert! – Or salmon.

The decoration of the church, if you marry in separate places, can follow the same traditional style with few decorative elements.

Mixed styles

You can also use the classic elements for other styles of weddings, such as the modern, for example, with the mirrored furniture and refined features. Or bet on a vintage classic, which looks gorgeous.

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