DJ hire price The cost of a Wedding DJ Sydney

Cost of a wedding

At this stage of your wedding plans, you may need to know the expense of hiring a wedding DJ in Sydney.

As you will discover amidst your question, there is a wide variety in the cost of a Wedding Entertainer to attract your guest and make a genuinely special occasion. To give you a “rough approximation,” expect to get quotes anywhere between $500 for a “gumtree DJ” and, in any case, $1000 for a specialist, for example, NOVA DJ.

However, why such a distinction in cost?

In the first place, in return ‘you get what you pay for’ is as much material to the universe of a Sydney DJ wedding as anything imperative that you’re likely to buy. Money doesn’t fall from the sky, and it’s imperative to stay within the spending plan!

To help you answer the questionnaire, we’ll analyse an average of 4 to 6 hours wedding and what happens to make your day marvellous!


Why the variation in the price of a wedding DJ?

For one thing, there is no concept as incredible as a “one value fits all” arrangement. This is based on the fact that each couple is unique and will need to redo their fun to make the minute unusual. So, because of a kind of wedding stimulation needs, there will be varieties in the estimate!


Also, it’s worth asking, okay to lean towards a beginner or a proficient DJ for your wedding entertainment?

This is an essential examination because a fantastic Wedding DJ hire services have invested years rehearsing his art and will charge the same way. However, as a beginner will not have the scope of experience and skills, nor an unwavering reputation for quality, almost certainly his or her price will be infinitely less high.


Average expenses of a wedding DJ

There’s no uncertainty you will be short listed among the wedding DJs in Sydney based on speciality in that respect! Here’s a pretty standard analysis of what a Sydney wedding DJ will spend to look, play and play at their best.


– First of all, a reliable PC is often at the heart of a wedding DJ’s music library and usually costs about $3,000.

– A pair of high-quality headphones will cost about $500

– A quality DJ mixer will start at around $2,500, with CD players costing about $3,000 each.

– Moving to the speakers and standing. Everything must look great, healthy and exquisite for a unique occasion; for example, a wedding will start at around $1000 each. You’ll need not less than two of these for your wedding (NO, a couple of Behringer won’t work).

– The microphones, although they look small and irrelevant, will cost the DJ about $500.

– Essential lighting gear will cost about $1000!

– Then the cables to attach the entire structure, around $ 300.

Although not a complete summary, the “fixed” expenses above $9,000 to $11,000 will unquestionably affect the costs of a wedding DJ.

Any reliable solo or legitimate DJ in business will also have backup gear. All in all, a genuine expert will probably have twice the overall hardware cost shown earlier.


The cost of a DJ wedding and intangible things


Only a little will be spent on proper execution of the wedding entertainment. A part of the cost is due to the time invested in the discussion and planning with the client.

For example:

– About 30 minutes to one hour will be spent with you and your accomplice to gain an understanding of the structure of the occasion. This will incorporate a sign of identity of willing to participate. Similarly, a review of how the evening works and a look at what musical styles you will need. Besides, you will talk about the obligations required by the wedding DJ – whenever necessary.

– Between these meetings and the big day, about a dozen messages and phone calls will have to be made. This is to ensure the smooth running of the occasion and that wishes are satisfied with your wedding fun.

– Outside of your private discussions, your wedding DJ will spend a few hours grouping the choice of music. Besides, a final outline of the structure of the occasion, along with the main presentations and exchanges along the way.


Different things that make up the cost of a wedding DJ


During the time spent involving you and your guests to your wedding, a regular Sydney wedding DJ will invest a lot of energy in accompanying you:

– Test the DJ’s gear and stack it up a few hours before the start. This procedure will take about an hour to complete.

– Travel to the venue, regularly more than thirty minutes from the warehouse.

– Once in the venue, The Wedding DJ will chat with the Function Manager and evaluate the wedding plans. Also, there is actually, the set up of all the gear, cabling, and sound check. This procedure is likely to take two hours from the time of leaving the warehouse ready to be played for your guests.

– Once set up, the Wedding DJ will perform for the duration of the wedding, often with no breaks in the middle of the event; which usually continues to work for 5 or 6 hours.

– After the bride and her husband have left in ecstasy and the rest of the visitors have left, the DJ will put all the equipment away and return to the warehouse, empty and return home.

Once, it’s all completed flawless, will have counted about 12 hours. This is, in addition to the meeting and the arrangements we discussed earlier. That includes the wedding set up and takes down Adelaide and Sydney.


In this article, we don’t talk about different expenses related to maintaining a DJ business, more specifically, DJ for a wedding, such costs will incorporate insurance, presentation and promotion, organisation, clothing, vehicle registration and general support. These fixed expenses will also affect the costs of a wedding DJ.

While some DJ organisation looks like charging more a full quote as it’s a wedding, NOVA DJs does not. Our assessment is smart of the real ‘costs’, with only a small limit connected, to keep the business profits.

Quota as explained, the average Australian groom will spend about $1,400 on flowers, $8,000 on catering and $12,000 on the venue. What’s more, this is just a suggestion of something more significant as we don’t talk about clothing, transportation, rings or wedding journeys!


Given that your wedding will be critical to the realisation of your wedding, what do you think is a reasonable expense for a wedding DJ?


Many poor quality wedding DJs can be found. Be that as it may, would they be able to make extraordinary minutes and deep memories?

Couples today place a significant emphasis on having the most critical and pleasant wedding meeting conceivable. For some, wedding music has an expansive influence on achieving this goal.


So how many Australian couples are willing to spend to interest their guests by getting them on their feet? What is the regular expense of wedding music?


As indicated by the Annual Wedding Survey, the average amount that couples are willing to pay for their fancy wedding is $1,443.


About how much couples will separate to create the ideal meeting environment and set everyone in motion, the average cost changes from state to state relative to Australia.


The details


Western Australian couples are the big spenders on wedding music, paying a total of $1,580 to kick off their weddings.


Victorian and New South Wales couples are happy to spend $1,535 and $1,525 individually in their wedding music. Options of DJs in Sydney are very abundant.


The Australian Capital Territory will separate $1,360, and South Australian couples spend $1,330 on their wedding songs. Options of good DJs in Adelaide are much more limited.


Queensland couples spend an average of $1,230 on music, and Northern Territory couples spend $1,150.


Tasmanian couples are the simplest when it comes to their wedding music, spending an average of $975 to fill the dance floor.


Fun facts


As indicated by the 2017 Annual Wedding Survey, 92% of respondents said they would buy a band or DJ for the wedding, while 8% of couples said they would not use any music-related for their wedding.


Also, when it comes to the DJ versus live banter band, an immense 71% of couples choose a DJ, while only 29% will choose a live band for their wedding.


2019 Forecast


By 2019, so far, close a climb on what Australian couples are willing to spend to ensure they make a party atmosphere and a great marriage. Although the full 2018 review has not yet been distributed, we predict that this rise in cost is due to the emphasis and importance couples have on having the ideal songs at their wedding. They need someone who understands when to play a particular song and who sees how to get everyone moving.



Weddings are expensive, and regular customers wonder what they are paying for when it comes to employing a wedding trader? It is a good omen to ensure that you do not overpay. You need to get the best value; however, in some cases, acquiring a less expensive merchant can be a bit dangerous. What are you paying for when you buy a wedding DJ? This article will ideally answer a part of these inquiries and address what high esteem about hiring a wedding DJ means.


So how much does it cost to employ a wedding DJ?


First Dance Wedding

Well, the short answer is anywhere in the range of $500 and $2500. It depends on what you need from the DJ and what your wishes are. More experienced DJs you can expect to charge over $1000. You can most likely locate a less experienced DJ at about $600 for your show. It depends on what you need your DJ to do and how famous the DJ is. Is it correct to say that you are looking for someone who is a competent MC, knows how to organise weddings, has made large numbers of marriages and is 100% reliable? Or, again, would you say that you’re looking for someone to play some music to go towards the end of the night? If you don’t mind noting that these costs depend on a respectable wedding DJ in Perth, it may vary throughout the region. I feel that the prices of a wedding DJ in Perth are a little lower than you would expect to pay in the eastern states.


You might think that a performed wedding DJ would perform over 100 weddings and be wanted. It’s a showcase of free market activity like any industry. DJs charge what they believe to be worth. In case a DJ fights for shows, they will probably reduce their costs. In the chance that a DJ is booked every Saturday night, they will increase costs. Experienced DJs will have quality equipment and access to a large number of MP3s. Your luck may run out and find someone useful for about $600 playing motion music after the cake is eaten. Either way, this wouldn’t deserve the risk, except if you really watched this DJ play. Having the wrong DJ who doesn’t know how weddings work and don’t play for the group can cause more damage than good.


What would be a good idea for you to expect from a DJ who charges more than $1000?


In a perfect world, before you came together, you could do some research on your potential DJ. The ideal situation is a specific proposal from an escort or far superior to going to a wedding where the DJ played. Anyway, if this isn’t the situation, DJ inquiries about Internet marriage are fantastic sources of criticism. Take a look at the wedding DJ searches on your Google page and the DJ’s Face book page. Look for positive audits and continuous searches. You can believe these wedding DJ proposals, as outsiders have kept in touch with them. The most important thing is that you can approve that the DJ has a decent reputation.


You should also have a chance to meet with your DJ before focusing on a reservation. At NOVA DJs, we run a free commitment meeting before the booking is confirmed. At the meeting, you’ll find out if this DJ is reasonable for you. Information about the way weddings are held, the customs required, as well as remarkable musical learning, should be things to remember. Above all, the DJ should listen to you as the client about what you need similar to the music at your wedding. Taking your lead, the DJ is likely to make significant recommendations. At the end of the meeting, you should make sure that you have hired someone proficient and that your marriage is in great hands.


Measuring whether you are getting an incentive for money is a little more problematic. Each DJ package is marginally extraordinary. At NOVA DJs we provide a comprehensive overnight package. When you are quoted the cost before we can now bargain that is the amount you will be charged. The prices quoted in NOVA DJs incorporate all the equipment, lighting, PA hardware, amplifier, MC administrations and organisation. We have found out the the best method to quote occupations, as it tracks the total cost before the booking is made. Beware of any DJ who offers an overspending cost per hour, as they can increase hardware costs at a later stage – DJ hire price.


In the case where you are waiting to write off some money, and this usually considers as different providers as well, not just DJ for party, consider having your wedding on a Sunday or weekday. Legend DJs offer limits on these periods, as we’re not so busy with these occasions. Most of the time, at NOVA DJs, we are booked in advance, amidst peak periods, so we can’t offer limits in the middle of spring, summer and harvest.


As well as anything else that DJ expenses depend on each administration. If you have received a specific proposal, read the surveys and have found your DJ, you can be assured that your DJ will work superbly for you. Moreover, most DJs with decent involvement and maturity charge about $1,000. There are some less expensive suppliers out there, and beyond any doubt, some of them can usually be excellent, you need to be cautious. Ideally, this article has revealed some tips on the number of expenses to get a DJ for hire, and you can be sure that your DJ is giving a great incentive to money.


In case you would like a quote, a wedding DJ should contact NOVA DJs.



If you are planning a wedding or other special event, I am sure you are interested in how much it will cost. And if you’re hiring a DJ in the Sydney  area, we know you’re certainly worried about your budget – knowing how important the cost of the wedding DJ is. The old saying “you get what you pay for” applies here also. .

In this article, I want to highlight some of the factors that influence DJ prices. As such you’ll understand better how we set our prices, and you’ll see that we can really work  on any budget. We believe that having some kind of entertainment is better than none, but great entertainment and hiring an excellent DJ are fundamental to the overall success of your event.

First, I’ll list the “5 most important questions” a professional DJ should ask you to help determine your needs. If you can answer some of these questions for us, we’ll know exactly how to price and plan your event.


5 Key factors that influence the price of the wedding DJ:

  1. Q: What is the date, time and location of your event?

Knowing these details, will determine which of our DJs are available, what kind of equipment you will need, the level of difficulty in setting up/dismantling and whether we will need to assess other fees.

  1. Q: How many hours of DJ services do you need?

We build our prices first by determining the number of hours of entertainment you need. As a general rule, most receptions are 4 to 6 hours, the ceremony and responses are 5 to 7 hours.

  1. Q: Do you need the DJ for the Ceremony and Reception?

If you need music and microphones for the Ceremony and the Wedding Ceremony is in a different area from your Reception, we will usually need to provide an additional sound system.

  1. Q: What is your overview for the event?

Your event is unique, and we want your vision and personalities to shine! Knowing the “feeling”, you’re trying to achieve for the event; we can combine it with the perfect DJ to meet those needs. Also, our Event Planning / Coordination team can help you locate other suppliers and offer great tips to help you realise your dream of a perfect event.

  1. Q: What is your overall entertainment budget?

We believe Great Entertainment is priceless, but we can customise a package to fit most budgets. Being honest about your budget will save you a lot of shopping problems.



Other factors to consider:


Example: Bad DJ Setup


Should you hire based only on price? Looking at the services we pay for as a business, that sounds like a bad idea – we choose our suppliers by balancing the quality of work with the results. You should consider doing the same. Some of the lower-priced DJs are part-time or just starting and their prices are often lower to compensate for the risk of hiring someone without a proven record. At the Elegant Event, we have a long history; we believe that being a wedding DJ is a career, not just a job, and we love what we do.


What else am I paying?

Optimized Wedding DJ Costs
Optimized Wedding DJ Costs

The DJ experiences

Most of our DJs, including me, have been in this business for over 10 to 20 years. Each of us has participated in thousands of events and has become the main focus of our career as wedding DJs. We also understand the technical aspects of being a DJ and buy robust and reliable professional DJ sound and lighting equipment to take to your event. A bunch of fly-by-night DJs buy the Red-Tag Clearance Specials on the low-grade equipment, so again they keep the overhead very low, but the equipment can also fail at an event, and unless they come with lots of backup equipment, as our company does, you’ll have a silent party.


Experience is critical:


Many of our DJs don’t have the desire to have their own DJ Company; they don’t want to spend thousands of dollars and years of dedication on building brand recognition and building a business that other event industry professionals will know and respect. To achieve this level of success, it takes hard work, capital investment and endless dedication. Our company is designed to meet talented Sydney DJs/MCs and train them to our very high standards. We provide the necessary tools to succeed in any event. Also, our business works hard to increase exposure, so that customers who are looking for a DJ or entertainment can find that entertainment and register them through a reliable and time-tested company. Our system for gathering and storing the details and music requests for the wedding or event of an individual client is another aspect of how we are structured and professional. We don’t just rely on an email with event details or a piece of paper with the music requests. We use a fully automated web-based event planning software. Our clients use this along with the help and input of their DJ or our event organisers, and this information is stored securely  for their event and for many years to come. If you call us in 10 years to ask what your first dance song was, we can probably tell you in a few minutes, but we hope you never forget that!


Keep in mind that our company and your DJ will spend a lot of time preparing for your event. This includes driving to and from the event, assembling and disassembling your equipment, assembling playlists and schedules, gathering your music requests, meeting with you to discuss and finalize details of the event, answering your questions by phone and email or in live chat sessions, and so on… your wedding DJ works much more than the “6 hours” you hire him to entertain.


Not all DJs are created equal.

Even within our list of DJs at NOVA DJs, there are different personalities and talents. Some of us are trained musicians and can add that to your event; some can speak multiple languages; others are incredibly talented with the Club Style Dance/Pop mix, while others have an incredible talent for knowing and mixing All Genres music for all kinds of listeners. We try to keep the “Cheesy DJ” out of our personalities. However, we are entertaining! there will be no ball vests on our DJs. Check out our Bio DJ page, and you’ll find that our DJs are very professional.

Don’t be confused with some of the Sydney DJs who try to distance themselves from the “typical” wedding DJs; these guys may have no idea how to perform effectively during wedding ceremony. Your DJ should make announcements like Grand Entrance, First Dance, father/daughter and mother/son dances, cake cut, etc … and you need to ask if he does this because we hear about some club DJs who are trying to play on DJ Weddings. Who refuse to make these important announcements, maybe because they are “really cool”. Your DJ is also responsible for organising the flow of events behind the scenes, with your coordinator if you have one, but it is your job to keep the party moving in a fun/professional way and without bringing your EGO to your most important day.


The average cost of a Sydney wedding DJ



Think about how vital entertainment is and make sure you have met or had a long conference call with your DJ before hiring him or the company that represents him and making sure his name is on the contract you sign, he should be listed as the DJ.

The average price of a wedding in the U.S. currently is approximately $26,000.00, and the average cost of a great Sydney wedding DJ can range from $1,200 to $2,000.00 or more, depending on your needs. Knowing the details of your event and using the list of 5 Fs.


Final Guide

Planning a wedding in Sydney can certainly drive you crazy. Since this is probably the first wedding you’ve planned, it’s hard to know where to start!

Plus, you have to figure out how much it costs to get what you want without spending your budget.


And wedding prices in Sydney, NSW is all over the map!

How do you find out how much it should cost for a wedding DJ?

The first thing you need to do is find out about the prices in your market. So, pat yourself on the back to do the smartest thing by reading this report. πŸ™‚

I’m a wedding DJ, and I’ve done over 600 fabulous weddings over 14 years.

I know how much it costs to get a great wedding artist and where you can afford to cut costs.

I’ve also talked to brides and grooms who haven’t invested in hiring the right DJ… and lived to regret it.

After seeing so many of my couples overburdened and frustrated with the costs of marriage, I just had to do something about it!

There are wedding DJs on all price tracks.

I’m not here to “sell” you in my business. I know what I do is fantastic (my happy couples

agree), but I’m not for everyone.

You deserve to know the truth about the price of the wedding DJ.

I’m here to help you make an informed decision about what’s right for you.


Prices for wedding DJ in Sydney and NSW.


According to The Wedding Report, couples spend up to $5,000 or more on their wedding entertainment.

The average couple in Sydney spends $930 on their wedding DJ.

But that figure only tells half the story. The “average” figure includes couples who run away with peace justice and spend nothing, as well as those who hire famous DJs who cost $5,000.

There are three price ranges for wedding DJs in our market:

# 1 – Beginner DJs below $750

# 2 – Average DJs $ 751 – $1,000

# 3 – Specialist in weddings DJs $ 1,100 and Up

Let’s explore what you normally expect at each of these intervals.

Bargain DJS

There may be exceptions in each of these categories. But in general … Bargain DJs are:

– Less Experienced

– Working part-time

– Concentrate on quantity, not quality.

Most bargain DJs are amateur or amateur. They have a regular “work day” and offer wedding entertainment next door.

They may be genuinely passionate about what they do, but they are often not as easy to reach, their communication is less reliable, and they may not be available for meetings and phone calls as much as you would like.

Some of them are new DJs hire Sydney who doesn’t know how to speak well into the microphone or who “spin” at local clubs. They usually have little experience with weddings.

Usually, you will find mixed reviews of these DJs, as their performance tends to be inconsistent. You can get a good one on a good day… but again, you can’t.


DJ hiring in Sydney

Some of these DJs are working full time offering a budget service. I call these entertainment companies “fast food.

These DJs focus on the number of weddings, rather than offering QUALITY service. Their performance tends to be more standardised and lacking in customisation due to the need to serve many couples with a minimum investment of time to earn money.

It’s like going to McDonald’s. They focus on feeding people as quickly and efficiently as possible. Come in, take them off.


Will you get what you ask for? Right!

Will it be a gourmet meal? It’s not a chance.


DJs in the middle price range tend to have a little more experience, education and better reviews.

Average wedding DJs:


– They are more reliable and consistent.

– Play music and make simple announcements.

– Have decent reviews.

These wedding DJs tend to take your business more seriously. Most of them are full-time or on the way there.

They show up on time (usually), play music, and offer standard MC services.

Often, these regular DJs entertain all kinds of events, including weddings. They also organise corporate events, birthday parties, graduation dances, sporting events, and karaoke events.

They are not wedding experts, so they may not have the experience or be prepared to offer a high level of service that is suitable for a wedding.

They are more like your local tavern or pub. It is regular and average food. You have more opportunities for customisation, but it will not yet be a gourmet meal.

As the average price suggests, you can expect a very average service.




Now we get to the wedding experts.

If your entertainment is important to you, these are the boys and girls you want to hire.

Of course, I’m biased because I fall into this category, but there’s a reason these artists cost more.

DJ wedding experts have a lot of experience.

They’ve performed in person for hundreds or weddings and have decades of experience.

These DJs invest in regular voice training on work, mixing, music production, public speaking, comedy and much more.

They buy the best equipment many of them are addicted to new lights and more cooling, audio equipment ( how do I know that?) – and they practice weekly to keep their skills sharp.

They participate in industry events to learn more about weddings and what’s going on in the DJ world. They often belong to associations like PPCA, APRAand take courses to improve regularly.


Some of them are trained musicians and audio engineers (like me) with backgrounds in music. They know the music intimately and translate smooth and creative mixes and an enhanced ability to read the crowd and keep the dance floor swinging.

Specialised wedding DJs charge a premium because they provide a premium service.

Expect things like:


– Custom blends

– Extended Grand Entrance entries

– Impressive light shows

– master-level speech skills

– Creative ideas and personalisation


Many of these marriage specialists also offer additional services and even help coordinate the marriage.

They understand that their role is much more than playing good music; their job is to make sure everything goes well.

You won’t find anything but 5-star reviews from these wedding experts for a good reason. They deliver.

It’s like eating in the restaurant of a famous 5-star chef. You can expect the highest level of skill, professional service and attention to detail every step of the way.

The real price of a wedding DJ


At first, it seems that the least expensive option is the best way to do it. That’s the best way to save money.

Sometimes going cheap can be a good idea, but it can also lead to a wedding disaster. The first question to be asked is: “What is the importance of wedding entertainment for YOU? If you end up with poor quality or unreliable DJs, is this acceptable?

Will you still have the wedding you want without it? Is saving some money worth the risk?

If it’s not so crucial that you get EXACTLY what you want to be delivered precisely according to your standards, hiring a cheap wedding DJ might be a good idea.

You’ll probably find someone who shows up, plays music and does the work at least on a medium level.

On the other hand, if you DO NOT have incredible entertainment that keeps your guests dancing all night long it will be something you’ll regret, it makes sense to invest more in someone who can deliver precisely what you want.

Why the cheapest is not always a good deal.

Here’s something other wedding DJs don’t tell you: the most affordable price is not still the best value.

Some DJs charge a meagre starting fee that doesn’t include most of what you want for your wedding.


For example, the package may only cost $500 but does not include lighting, cocktail music or microphones for the ceremony. When you add this, you will pay $1,500!


You will probably want music and background music for your cocktail. Make sure you know the actual price that includes all these things.

Sometimes, it’s better to have a more expensive package.

Here are a few questions to ask a possible wedding DJ to learn about the value of their offers:


– How much and what kind of experience do you have?

– How many weddings have you held?

– Do you have training or training in music?

– Can I talk to couples who have hired you?

– What will you do if my guests don’t dance?


Most couples I know spend at least $1,400 – $2,000 on their wedding entertainment to obtain

the quality they want.

You deserve a wedding day just like you want it to be. It’s my job to ask questions, listen and make the wedding of your dreams a reality.

You must listen to the songs you love – and none of the songs you hate! – And your guests must dance all night. Your wedding should entertain all your guests, from your friends to your grandparents.

And above all, your wedding must be total “you”.

Your style, your personality, your love story. Nothing cookie cutter about it.

You should never have to suffer from an unpleasant and cheeky DJ who steals the limelight or songs you hate.


What do you get for the price?

There’s a lot involved in hiring the right wedding DJ for you. This report should point you in the right direction.

However, I am happy to answer any questions you may have.

If you are only interested in the lowest price, I’m probably not the guy for you.

But if you want to know more about what you get for the price, let’s talk!


Book a free entertainment appointment.


Let’s meet up and have a coffee, and find out if I’m the right combination for your wedding.

Good luck with your planning!


dj hire weddings
dj hire weddings

Why a wedding DJ costs so much

If you have never planned marriage before, it can be challenging to understand why a particular type of marriage expenses is; for example, the average cost of wedding DJ services in the Australia is $1,099, but what are the factors that affect that price? Well, it turns out it’s more than it seems. We went straight to the professionals – the wedding DJs themselves – to get an analysis of the many factors that affect their prices, to help you avoid label shock.


Personal and Work

When it comes to hiring a DJ, it’s all about finding a person who has a great personality and whom you genuinely like and trust. DJ companies expect a lot from their DJs, from the first consultations to all the communication with you (answering all e-mails promptly, for example) and preparing the work before your wedding and on your day. It’s essential that DJs are compensated for this so that the person you interview thinks it’s fantastic and hires months before the wedding is the same person who will be there on your big day. A DJ’s share of the price can also cover the salaries of other team members who ensure that the company runs smoothly and that there are no disruptions to your communication, programming or billing.



This should be obvious – you’re paying for your DJ’s time. You’ll probably meet with your DJ at least once before your wedding, and he’ll perhaps create a script and playlist specifically for your wedding – that also takes several hours. And on your wedding day, your DJ needs to travel,  perform at your wedding and fall apart. So, even if you’re technically paying for your DJ to play for four hours at the reception, there are many hours of work beyond what you don’t also see.


Gear Purchase and Maintenance

You probably want your DJ to have the most up-to-date and modern equipment to serve your wedding best – to ensure that everyone can hear the music and that you don’t get “dead air” from the technology failure. This costs money (read: thousands of dollars) not only to buy the latest equipment but also to ensure that everything from computers to sound equipment is working correctly by fixing anything possibly needed and also if lighting is part of your DJ’s package, that could be an additional expense.



Yes, your DJ has to pay for his own music, and they certainly need a lot! Make sure your DJ has access to thousands of songs that you or your guests can order before your wedding or today, and it costs money. And if your DJ is creating remixes or editing songs specifically for your wedding that means more time and cost.


Operating costs

There are many costs of running a business both small and large. There are obvious costs, such as paying office rent, maintaining a website, commercial licenses and utilities. But there is also the cost of advertising and marketing materials. According to Lucy Lauren in Sydney, NSW: “While we’re always trying to keep that cost low, it’s merely a fact of doing business that we need to continually strive to reach the couples who will eventually hire us.


There’s also insurance, which is very important for companies, especially for those dealing with events, which means that you will want to make sure that the wedding DJ you hire is safe. For example, if your DJ’s equipment is damaged during the wedding or if someone gets hurt because of your DJ’s equipment, you or your wedding venue may be liable. Some places do not allow uninsured DJs to work in your location, so it is essential.



Sydney is a lot of things: a bustling metropolis; a cultural pinnacle; the financial capital of the world of art-fashion and a lot of other things (not to brag). It is also home to many (many) people, which means it is one of the best destinations for weddings. And according to a recent Reuter’s article, Sydney is also the most expensive city in Australia to get married. The reported average cost of a wedding in the Sydney metropolitan area is $65,824. But what does that price include? We know you have questions and we have some answers to help you plan your special day.


What does a wedding include?


The term “wedding” is broad. The total cost of your big day

will probably include a variation of the following:


– Location

Wedding planner

– Entertainment

– Photographer and cameraman

– Save dates and invitations

– Bridal Party Gifts and favours

– Rehearsal dinner

– Engagement party

– pot tea

– Welcome party or dinner for guests from outside the city

– Clothing and Accessories

– Make-up, hair and beauty salon services

– Flowers

– Decorations

– Accommodation

– Transport

– Wedding Cake or Dessert Cake

– Meals

– Rent

– Wedding ring

– DJ


It may seem a bit overwhelming on paper, but remember: the more you know, the more you can plan to avoid stress or stretch your budget!


Now, what does all this cost? We beat the books and did our research to provide a clearer understanding of the average cost of each element of your marriage in Sydney.

Location: First things first: choosing your location will determine the vast majority of the remaining wedding costs. When you start the site search, know what type of site you’re visiting: is it a full-service, all-inclusive site or is it a blank space where you need to plan additional services?

Hunter Valley into the category of a full-service location because we provide all rentals; all food and beverage is managed in-house, as well as employees and a dedicated event manager. Full-service locations in Sydney City can fall in the price range of $30,000 to $60,000.

When considering a new space location, you will need to consider the cost of the location rental, rental, catering and beverage service, and decoration. We describe the average Sydney prices for each category below. For more detailed average costs, check out


Location: $3,000 – $7,500

Party Rentals: $3,700 – $5,000

Catering: $10,000 – $14,000 +

Drink service: US $5,400 – US $7,000 +

Okay, I have my place.

What now? As mentioned above, securing your Sydney location provides a starting point for planning the additional elements for your wedding. After scouring online sites and talking to our expert team, we described some general costs associated with wedding vendors in Sydney and other wedding costs. Remember, these are average!


Engagement ring and alliances: $9,000 – $14,000 +

Save the dates: US $ 100 – US $ 400

Invitations: US $400 to US $700.00

Wedding planner: US $3,400 – US $9,000 +


DJ: $ 800 – $ 2,000 +

Live Band: $ 1,000 – $ 4,500 +

Soloist and Ensemble: $ 600 – $ 1,600 +

Photographer: US $ 2.000 – US $ 5.000

Cameraman: US $ 1,400 – US $ 3,000

Gifts and favors from the bridal party: $ 100 – $ 400

Clothing and Accessories:

Wedding Dress: $2,500 – $7,000 +

Groom’s suit: $200 – $800 +

Veil or Headpiece: $ 100 – $ 400 +

Make-up, hairdressing and beauty salon services: $ 200 – $ 400 +

Flowers: $3,000 – $9,000 +

Wedding Cake or Dessert: $ 450 – $ 1,300 +

Accommodation: $250 to $700.00

Shipping: $600 – $1,400



If you are thinking of yourself now, “sacred dollar bills” do not worry. Every marriage should be unique, as should the couple. Before you become overwhelmed with the prospect of hosting your wedding in your beloved Sydney City, sit down and prioritise the elements that are most important to you, and you will end up with a marriage that is perfectly suited to your personality!



Examples of ex-brides

Modern marriages have a notorious reputation for being expensive. On average, Australians spend about $33,391 on their weddings, according to The Knot’s 2017 Real Weddings Study.


But that doesn’t mean they can afford it. More than 74% of couples will be indebted to the costs of marriage, reports Student Loan Hero.


But, of course, how much you spend on your marriage depends on several factors, such as where you live, what season you’re getting married, what kind of wedding you have (big or small), and what details are essential to you.

So, we talked to seven former brides who shared details of the wedding budget. They shared the original budget, how much the wedding cost, and a breakdown of the main expenses of the wedding category, from the dress to the cost of food and bar to photography. Note that the total price of the wedding for each wedding includes other expenses besides the listed one.


Whether they spent half the national average on a rural farm or about four times the standard on a Sydney wedding, there was one thing they all had in common: the money was worth the memories.



Ash and his wife spent $10,000 on a country club wedding in the Hunter Valley, with 110 guests.


Original budget: $12,000

Ashley, who got married at the age of 25, told us that she was fortunate to have talented friends and family on her wedding day, which helped keep her budget below her original estimate.

“Most of our budget was focused on place and food,” she said. “We loved the garden we used for our ceremony and the terrace attached to our reception space that allowed for an indoor/outdoor experience.

The venue, was the most profitable venue that she and her wife observed, she said. The site provided a coordinator on the package, so they didn’t need to allocate funds to pay for it. They also used a relative for a discounted DJ.

“Overall, we wanted a fun, classic experience that wasn’t impossible to accomplish,” she said.

Flowers and decoration: $ 500

Wedding planner/coordinator: $0 (included in site package)

Location: $7,500

Invitations and paper products: $300

Wedding dress: $ 500

Food and drink: $ 1,300 (most of the catering was included in the on-site package)

Photo: $ 0 (sister-in-law is a photographer who offered her services for free)

Music: $ 1200


The wedding of Anak and Luke at a restaurant in Adelaide, with 36 guests, costs $12,125.


Original budget: $10,000

Beth Hebert and her husband were paying for their wedding on their own, so they decided a budget of $10,000 for the wedding weekend festivities. Based in Sydney, they decided to have an out-of-town wedding in Adelaide – you think a destination wedding would be difficult to achieve with a small budget, but they managed to get into a smaller budget for out-of-home staff. Pocket expenses.

They also had a little help when someone unexpectedly picked up their $2,300 bill as a wedding present – if this hadn’t happened, they would have stayed a little over budget. Their place was free, as long as it met the minimum of $1,000, and included a wedding coordinator in the site fee.

“We’re so gourmet that we knew that even with a smaller budget, the food and beverage options had to be surprising – which is why we chose a brunch option,” Beth told us. “It wasn’t made in our group of friends, and the Goat is iconic for the gastronomic scene, so everyone was excited to have this food.

She also wanted great music and found a guitarist, but wasn’t willing to spend an expensive dress and makeup.

Flowers and decoration: $450

Wedding planner/coordinator: $0 (included in location fee)

Location: $0 (free if you reach a minimum of $1,000)

Invitations and paper products: $350

Wedding dress: $800

Food and drink: $6,700 (including a welcome dinner and well-endowed bar bill)

Photo: $1,000

Music: $500


Anna and her husband’s 195-person marriage in rural NSW cost $15,406.

Original budget: $15,000

Anna originally set a budget of $10,000 for her ceremony at her parents’ farm in rural NSW and reception in a reception hall, but after changing the number to $15,000 after she realised it was unrealistic.

“Photography was a significant part of the budget because it’s the part of the wedding that last forever and we wanted to find a photographer who would fit us and our wedding,” said Anna, who was 25 when she got married. “The food was also outstanding, and although we were constrained by the budget and had an essential meat and potato buffet, the cheap supplier we found was excellent.

“Being in a rural area helped keep some of the costs low, but there were certainly other small ways we did it,” he added. For example, she bought her wedding dress at a bridal shop and the family members helped on the coordination day, so they didn’t have to hire a wedding planner.

The budget was her biggest concern when she planned her wedding, as she and her husband paid 70 to 80 per cent on her own, with parents covering catering, ceremony and a support tent, and the groom’s parents covering the rehearsal dinner.

“It’s hard to say that a single day is really worth $15,000, but I’ll absolutely do it again with a similar budget, and although it was a big slice of change, we saved enough, and we don’t have debts, so we didn’t get too much back,” she said.

Flowers and decoration: $1,312

Wedding planner/coordinator: $US0 (not used)

Location: $1,400

Invitations and paper products: $532

Wedding dress: $US589

Food and drink: US $2,995

Photo: $ US1, 983

DJ: $925


Alice and her husband’s 130 guest wedding in Hunter Valley, cost $16,000.


Original budget: $15,000

Alice, 28, and her husband spent $13,000 on their own money on their wedding, while their parents paid $3,000 for the cost of the bar, clothes and tuxedo, rehearsal dinner and other small items. Kozo told us that this helped them stay within their original budget to spend only $15,000 as a couple.

“It was essential for us not to break this marriage,” she said. “We know that the average Sydney wedding costs $88,000. We ambitiously tried to make the entire shebang in Sydney for 130 guests with less than $15,000.

To keep costs down, Kaz made a lot of DIY, like making half the dessert and doing all the decor alone. She also used fake flowers and ordered bulk vegetables from Costco. And instead of a DJ, which they couldn’t find for less than $3,000 in the city, she and her husband created a Spotify playlist that included requests for guest songs. They also ignored traditional catering.

“I’m brilliant and have helped many girlfriends plan their wedding,” she said. “I learned all the essential questions to ask that increase costs.

Kozo said he avoided many of these traditional wedding details because he wanted the day to reflect them as a couple.

Flowers and decoration: $1,461

Wedding planner/coordinator: $1,430 (they did not have a planner, but paid for the service overnight and helped with cleaning)

Location: $3,000

Invitations and paper products: US $ US101

Wedding dress: $US1, 100

Food and drink: US $4,889

Photo: $ US1,995

Music: $ US0


Lina and her husband held a ceremony for 27 guests in Sydney, NSW, and a late reception, for 85 guests who cost $18,500 in total.


Original budget: $12,500

To save money, Lina Macleanlan and her husband had a small wedding with her immediate family and grandparents, followed by a reception-style party two months later. But combined, the two events cost less than $20,000, which was more than they wanted to spend.

“I think we hoped we could get married and celebrate the occasion for less than $10,000 … but things got more expensive quickly,”, told us, adding that food and drink were the most important part of his budget. “But they were incredible days, and it’s worth being with all our friends and family.

They expected to spend just $5,000 on the ceremony and dinner but ended up paying $7,500. For the reception, they intended to pay $7,500 but ended up at $11,000.

However, they received $10,000 from their husband’s grandmother, who covered most of the reception costs.


Anna and her husband’s 195-person marriage in rural NSW cost $15,406.

Original budget: $15,000

Anna originally set a budget of $10,000 for her ceremony at her parents’ farm in rural Minnesota and reception in a reception hall, but after changing the number to $15,000 after she realised it was unrealistic.

“Photography was a significant part of the budget because it’s the part of the wedding that lasts forever and we wanted to find a photographer who would fit us and our wedding,” said Anna, who was 25 when she got married. “The food was also outstanding, and although we were constrained by the budget and had an essential meat and potato buffet, the cheap supplier we found was excellent.

“Being in a rural area helped keep some of the costs low, but there were certainly other small ways we did it,” he added. For example, she bought her wedding dress at a bridal shop and the family members helped on the coordination day, so they didn’t have to hire a wedding planner.

The budget was her most significant concern when she planned her wedding, as she and her husband paid 70 to 80 per cent on her own, with parents covering catering, ceremony and a support tent, and the groom’s parents covering the rehearsal dinner.

“It’s hard to say that a single day is really worth $15,000, but I’ll absolutely do it again with a similar budget, and although it was a big slice of change, we saved enough, and we don’t have debts, so we didn’t get too much back,” she said.

Flowers and decoration: $1,312

Wedding planner/coordinator: $0 (not used)

Location: $1,400

Invitations and paper products: $532

Wedding dress: $589

Food and drink: $2,995

Photo: $1,983

DJ: $925


Lauren and her husband held a ceremony for 27 guests in Whale Beach, and a late reception for 85 guests who cost $18,500 in total.

Original budget: $12,500

To save money, Lauren and her husband had a small wedding with her immediate family and grandparents, followed by a reception-style party two months later. Combining the two events cost less than $20,000, which was more than they wanted to spend.

“I think we hoped we could get married and celebrate the occasion for less than $10,000 … but things got more expensive quickly,” Corso, 30, told us, adding that food and drink were the most important part of his budget. “But they were incredible days, and it’s worth being with all our friends and family.

They expected to spend just $5,000 on the ceremony and dinner but ended up paying $7,500. For the reception, they intended to spend $7,500 but ended up at $11,000.


However, they received $10,000 from their husband’s grandmother, who covered most of the reception costs. The same of their parents was done by Corsican and his Husband as well as their parents ($4,000 on their side and $2,000 on her side).

The figures should include the total expense for both events.

Flowers and decoration: $1,900

Wedding planner/coordinator: $0 (not used)

Location: $3,400

Invitations and paper products: $306

Wedding dress: $600

Food and drink: $10599

Music: $2000



A 31-year-old bride and her husband spent $32,000 for a winter wedding with 180 guests in Adelaide, South Australia.


Original budget: $40,000

An Adelaide bride told us that her marriage came under budget because she and her husband overestimated almost all the costs of the wedding.

“We were anxious about having some big surprise expense, as you usually hear due to time or lack of planning,” said the bride, who was 31 years old at the time of the wedding. “We are also happy to be flexible and a little unconventional in some respects.

They cut corners on their flowers and decorating budget, selecting a ballroom venue with an art deco style that doesn’t need much to dress up and kept costs low by adding vegetation and candles to space. As a graphic designer, the bride created her invitations, and they negotiated a discount for the photographer, both saving money.

Most of her budget went to food and bar, including a rehearsal dinner at a cafeteria, family-style reception dinner, open bar, ice cream desserts and pizza for a late-night snack.

However, the essential part of their budget was the coordinator of the day they hired.


“My husband and I are great planners, and I believe we think in every detail until the minute before the day,” she said. “However, as the bride or groom, we did not want to be bothered with a single thing. Trust your planner it is essential that they can go with the flow and think about your feet. The piece of spirit was worth every penny!

Flowers and decoration: $2,730

Wedding planner/coordinator: $1200

Location: $1325

Invitations and paper products: $820

Wedding dress: $1300

Food and drink: $ 18370

Photo: $1800

Music: $1500


The wedding of a 30-year-old Sydney City bride at the in Sydney CBD with about 130 guests costs $126,248.


Original budget: $150,000

“I had a very generous budget, but I found it very easy to cut costs where priorities are low,” a 30-year-old bride from Sydney told us. “The key is to really get a sense of what you want and not just try to have it all!

“The best $10,000 I spent in the whole process went to my wedding planner,” she said. “She was insane, and honestly, most brides say something isn’t going to happen the way it does today – but everything seemed perfect to me. She and her assistant were worth more than I paid for.

Her next priority was food, resulting in a menu that would delight any food lover. While the Boathouse was successful in this category, it also included a lot of different add-ons, such as a Beijing duck station, seafood bar, doughnut frying station for desserts, and BBQ taco food truck for late at night. They also organised a special meal the next day.

“I am Chinese, and food is a big part of our culture,” she said. “There was a lot of food in the cocktail that most people thought was dinner.

Her third priority was her dress. “I had planned to spend about $3,000, maybe $5,000 tops, but I ended up with an obscenely expensive choice, but I don’t regret it at all.”

Flowers and decoration: $14500

Wedding planner/coordinator: $ 10,795

Location: $36922

Invitations and paper products: $1615

Wedding dress: $11890

Food and drink: $10833

Photo: $9300

Music: $5000


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