Do Real Couples Reveal Their Wedding Day Surprises That Made The Day?

It is the wedding day, and the bride and the groom are getting ready at their pace. However, many of the things can go wrong which are revealed at a later stage. Despite these mistakes, the wedding day remained special for them.

You can end up in a last-minute photo shoot, and you were not ready fully. Guests have still not arrived at the venue, and much more. Do not get stressed out, as love is all you need.

Do, real couples reveal their wedding day surprises at a later stage? We look at the things that can go wrong but still, the couple made a good day.

The suitable footwear for a wedding

It is your wedding day and you are the special person today. What if you are not wearing suitable footwear for a wedding? Do you end up in trouble of getting the dream pair of shoes just for the special day?

Well, if you do not have time, you can end up swapping them with your cousin. Is it a compromise? Not really. You can reveal the same at a later stage and your partner would enjoy listening to that scenario.

Need of photographer

What happens when it is your wedding day, and the lead photographer got into an emergency? What would you do? You have the option of a stand-in photographer who can click candid and great shots. However, you will miss the shots that the main photographer can take.

Here, alternatives do matter a lot. Further, when you got married you saw the photos and they were just great. Secondly, you can reveal to your partner all about this and the emergency. Do not worry, and enjoy going through the wedding album together.

Unexpected weather

Talking about the unexpected weather, rains, or a windstorm, you do not know anything. It is totally beyond human’s control. Further, it can also make the wedding day a stressful one.

However, it rained that day but the weather remained so cool. It added to the ambience and made the wedding event a magical one. Well, that was also unexpected.

Wardrobe Issues that don’t matter

Many things do not go as expected, as on the wedding day it can give stress too. When you have decided to wear your favourite dress, you tend to ignore something else. You almost lost the earrings, which you need to borrow from your sister.

Do not worry as the earrings were found at a later stage, but you did not bother about finding them.

No real flowers

You cannot always afford everything during the wedding. Here, the scenario is all about getting the real flowers. However, because of the budget constraints, the wish was not fulfilled. You end up making bouquets for yourself as well as your bridesmaids.

The good thing is that those bouquets are still intact. You love them keeping them safe forever.

Time delays

Most people try sticking to the time, and the schedule for wedding events. However, you can experience transport issues, delays, and much more. Well, that is not a disaster but you arrive late at the wedding, and guests have almost started their breakfast.

Meanwhile, your best man started with a great speech to make the guests feel at home. Well, this kind of delay does not matter when it is your special day. Just enjoy and make the day a memorable one.


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