Essential photography tips for outdoor weddings

Wedding photography is a true art form

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Wedding photography is a true art form. Capturing all the best parts of the big day is a fantastic way to help the happy couple remember every incredible moment. However, taking photographs outside can present a whole new range of challenges. Whether you are photographing an outdoor wedding or just taking a few portraits in nature, you know that the weather, the light, and more can cause difficulties in getting the perfect shot.

There are some simple tips and tricks to get amazing pictures even when the elements are against you – read on to find out more.

Timing is everything

You know that certain times of day are better for getting a great picture than others. In your initial conversations with the couple you are photographing, you should advise them of the best times of day for photographs. The best lighting is usually in the afternoon – with noon itself being one of the worst times of day to photograph in natural light. Trying to take the photographs in the early-to-mid afternoon means that there is plenty of time to get excellent portrait and group shots, and still have time to capture all the little details.

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Preparation matters

An outdoor wedding can be beautifully lit. It can be tempting to imagine that the day itself will be glorious sunshine – but this cannot always be the case. As the photographer, it is a good idea to prepare for as many kinds of weather as possible. This means coming equipped with extra layers and non-slip shoes for yourself, as well as sunscreen! Remember a camera rain cover and perhaps even some extra umbrellas for the wedding party. This means you can still get some fun shots, even if the weather turns on you.

Remember that colder weather can drain your camera battery more quickly, too – forewarned is forearmed.

Fill flash is your friend

If the lighting is not on your side, it can be hard to create beautiful shots. You will often need to use flash outside as well as inside, so knowing you can adjust it to create a more naturally lit yet beautifully illuminated result is vital. Fill lighting will allow you to create a highly customisable result even in poor conditions – you may not be able to control the weather, but you can certainly still provide the wedding party with memories they will cherish forever.

Don’t get distracted

We know you are unlikely to become distracted, but your shots can have distractions in them that draw the eye. Outdoor settings are often a lot busier than indoor ones, so angling is everything, and can save you having to utilise more extensive editing software later! No one wants a car sliding into frame behind the bride.

Angling the shots can minimise the busy feeling – from the background to random objects showing up in frame – and allows the eye to focus on the main subjects. Which, as we know, is the whole point of shooting beautiful wedding photography.



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