Fyre Festival and planning failures

Fyre Festival


The Netflix documentary “Fyre Festival – Fiasco in the Caribbean” is a fascinating case of failure in the planning and execution of a project: Netflix tells the story of the organisation of a luxury music festival with great promotion by celebrities, talented people involved, a vast fundraising and a huge sales success, but which culminated in a disastrous result in the delivery.


It is distressing to see how many things are ignored in the planning and to see the suffering not only of the clients but also of the production staff and the people who were involved in the case by someone who did not have enough skills.


The experience

The experience idealised by the entrepreneurs and sold to the public was fantastic and unique, but the organisers ended up giving the users a shameful experience, not even close to what had been promised.

Although the film deals with the realisation of a Music Festival, many other events suffer from failures in planning.

In the documentary, we see irresponsibility and lack of honesty, but even when there are good intention and commitment, there was a lack of experience and knowledge for the project to be completed.


Cases like this, perhaps on a smaller scale, are not rare in all industries, including weddings.

Some vendors may have a good will and honesty, but due to lack of experience, or due to the limitation of adequate equipment, their deliveries fall short of what was expected.

A serious example of that, we can mention “friend DJs” who offer to help with the wedding music. They want to help the couple with the songs, set up the gear and make an unforgettable wedding, but they end up not being able to accomplish it, either for lack of material, either for lack of experience in weddings.

Also making a parallel with the documentary Fyre Festival is necessary, in cases of things going in the wrong direction, know the time to stop and turn back. And at these times, we professional DJs, are called in the last minute to cover for a DJ who had to pull off.

So, consider this for the proper planning of a wedding.

Hire with confidence. Hire a Wedding DJ with experience.

Do not cut corners with your wedding music as this can end up costing you dearly. Don’t turn your wedding to the Fyre Festival.



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