Hiring DJ for your Wedding Day – Read These FAQs First

Wedding DJs can make or break your entire wedding event. So, going with the not-so-good-one is never an option!

Music sets the tone and it’s such an important part of your nuptial celebration, starting from your walk down the aisle to dancing and farewell.

Be it the wedding ceremony or reception party, having a nice live wedding band or DJ would be enough to rock and roll.

The best part about having a live wedding band or DJ is that you can always count on them to know the right song and play it at the right time.

Hiring a wedding DJ can be a confusing and frustrating experience. How do you select the right one? How much will it cost? How do I contact the DJ? Selecting the right wedding DJ is as important to the success of your Wedding Reception as the food and music.

Questions to Ask from Your Wedding DJ – The FAQs

A wedding DJ is arguably the most important vendor you will hire. This person should set the tone and style of your wedding and make it run smoothly. Here are some questions to ask from your wedding DJ:

Music at your party is another important thing after food that guests remember for a long. Wedding DJs can make any boring ceremony super-exciting.

The only thing is to choose the best fit for you to make your wedding ceremony stand out.
With that said, let’s compile the master list of questions to ask from the wedding DJ before signing the deal.

Here we go!

1. Is the DJ Available for the Wedding Date?

First things first, ask if the DJ or live band is available on your confirmed wedding date. If they are available, plan ahead, and if not, that’s a deal-breaker right away.

The date of your wedding isn’t just one of the most important days of your life, it’s one of the most important hours. It can be a big disappointment if the company you want to hire is not available.

NOVA DJs has multiple DJs, which you can hire as per your music taste and their style. As well as other entertainment companies, we can find you the most suitable DJ if your favourite DJ is not available on a specific date.

2. Can They Play your Favourite Wedding Songs?

You guys have been dreaming of your beautiful wedding for years, especially about that romantic couple dance. But, your plans will go in vain if the wedding music is not good or the DJ is not playing what you want.
With the possibility of streaming songs from Tidal, Spotify and some other music services, over the past few years, requests songs have become very commonplace.

So, it’s better to confirm beforehand if they will play your favourite desired wedding songs or not, in addition to their playlist.

3. What’s the Total Pricing and do I Need to Sign a Contract?

Pricing is the most important factor to consider when you are planning a wedding. The reason being, you are on a budget and you have to hire a Wedding DJ that’s exactly within your prepared budget.

Confirm the total price of everything beforehand and ask what is included in the price. Their charges will give you an estimate about their hours of playing, microphones, sound equipment, transportation, lights, and everything.

Before committing yourself, verify these questions to stay away from the troubles that can trouble later.


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