How to Choose a Perfect Venue for Wedding?

How to Choose a Perfect Venue for Wedding?

Every aspect of a wedding is optional, from wearing a suit instead of a dress to ditching the flowers to forgoing the wedding cake. However, there is one thing that one cannot skip at all. It is somewhere for your friends and family to gather and celebrate. That is the perfect venue needed for the wedding. The place where all the popular wedding songs will be played and guests dance to the tunes or love the ambience.

Finding a perfect venue for the wedding is not an easy task. You may find several options to choose from, such as a stunning barn, a ballroom, a beach in the front coupled with a warm restaurant. You need to find a dream destination or the dream venue where your wedding will take place.

Choose the perfect venue for your wedding – Top tips to follow

Get in touch with the Wedding planner

The first thing you do is to meet the wedding planner who will assist in guiding you with the perfect venues. Secondly, the planner can also recommend different venues based on the space, layout, as well as location. They may advise you to go with the cost-effective venues to book for the wedding day and other occasions.

A venue that gives you all

When it comes to selecting and finalizing the venue, the location matters a lot. It may be nearby or miles away from your home. You may end up doing a destination wedding, and for this purpose, one needs to check what the venue provides. Narrowing down on the venue that is right for you is mandatory. Furthermore, the venue should provide a well-designed space with the restaurant to house enough guests. Secondly, it is purely your choice whether you want an indoor wedding or an outdoor one. Based on it the proper venue has to be finalized.

Mind the number of invitees

Talking about the venue, the space, and what services it provides, now it is time to make a guest list. The ideal venue fits the number of guests with ease. You do not want to call up more invitees during your wedding day and end up in a mess. Look for a venue with the capacity of up to 50 guests, more than 100 or else. Your list will decide the venue. Well, for the micro weddings a small number of guests will do. For this purpose, a small space is sufficient, as you need to pay more and see everything remains empty.

Keep everything under budget

You have a word with the wedding planner, discussed the wedding decoration, the wedding DJ, and much more. Shortlisted the venue as per the guest list. Now the fourth step is to align everything with your budget. You do not want to overdo your budget to ensure that the wedding becomes a great memory. You can still upgrade to a realistic budget if you like to spend more. Just make sure you do not fall into the trap of plans or offers.

Following the budget, one should make sure that everything is included such as the decoration, photographer, wedding DJ, flowers, and much more. Further, the budget also includes the renting of space and arrangements. However, do keep some amount of the budget aside to be used at times of contingencies.

Wrap it up

Booking for a perfect wedding destination with a suitable venue is what you need. Make sure the wedding ceremony becomes a memorable one. Hope all the guests who are invited, stay happy and enjoy how the couple enters into a new phase of life. These helpful tips will ensure you have the right planning done at the right time.

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