How to Plan for Your BIG Day? – Wedding Tips to Consider at First

Everyone desires a beautiful wedding surrounded by family and friends. It’s a mesmerizing event and the entire focus is to make it the most memorable one. You find yourself super-excited just by thinking of the BIG day, that’s when the enjoyment starts.

Planning for such a Goosebumps-filled event is quite a challenge. You might not even know where to start, whom to involve, and how to make the end decisions.

Let’s face it, weddings are one of the most important events in a person’s life. It is a time for families to come together and celebrate the marrying couple. Weddings can be extravagant affairs that last for hours. And they can also be simple affairs that take a couple of hours. The bottom line is that you want your wedding day to turn out to be everything you had dreamt about since you were young. But, there is so much involved when planning a wedding it can quickly become overwhelming and frustrate you.

Carry on with this guide and you will get to know everything that actually matters when planning your wedding.

How to Plan Your Own Wedding? – Consider these Useful Tips

Wondering where to begin? Lists, deadlines, meetings, and whatnot, everything will be there when you start planning your own wedding.

Here’s the deal: wedding planning is not always fun. It’s emotional, confusing, dramatic, and action-packed. It can also be a blast if you know what to do and where to start. The problem is that there are so many different things that need to get done for your wedding that you really don’t know where to begin. You have lists upon lists of things you should be doing, but what list should you start on first?

But, remember, make it FUN!

From deciding the destination, confirming the decoration to booking your favourite wedding DJ, you need plenty of time, so this should be joyful and exciting.

Starting from the planning phase to your big wedding day, everything will and should be full of fun and happiness.
With that said, let’s discuss some useful ideas and tips to assist you to plan your wedding.

Know What is Truly Important

Whether you want a formal wedding, traditional or classic wedding, or modern-style theme wedding, plan everything beforehand.
Some couples hire professional wedding planners to prepare & organize their wedding day; still, many wish to do it on their own.
So, it is best to find out the important factors that matter and put the real focus on them.
Ask yourself (and don’t forget to discuss it with your partner), what you want as a couple to make your wedding day the most excellent one.

When planning a wedding, there can be a lot of stress in thinking about what will be the most important things for your day. Rather than thinking of it as an all-night-long party, your wedding should be thought of as an intimate exchange between two people that are committing to each other. There are many details for the wedding that you can choose to include or skip without harming your final result. Some people think that those meticulous details can make or break the success of your special day but they are not necessarily true. Here are tips on what is really important for your wedding day and what should be left out.

Deciding on the wedding dress, the caterer, the photographer, the venue… so much decision-making to do! And it is not easy because there is a ton of pressure at all times. Often we find ourselves worrying about things that are not really important and forget that our relationships should be the top priority above anything else.

Set a Budget, and Stick to it

Every wedding has a budget. And you should set one with your fiance before you start planning. Keep in mind that some couples still get married, even with a budget all the way to their 100s of thousands. Having a budget is just like any task: you won’t get it 100% right, but it helps when you have something to guide you and keep you on track. Setting a budget helps give you the boundaries that will define how much work goes into your wedding plan.
Without a budget, you cannot make your planning successful. Even when it is a small reception party, prepare a budget and stick to it.
We know budgeting can be stressful, but it is really important and you should go for it.
Get clear on how much your savings allow you to spend on your wedding. Calculate the percentage and manage everything within the organized budget.
By doing so, you will get a rough estimate of how much you can put in your wedding account.

Finalize Date, Location, Venue

So, when is the BIG day?
What’s your finalized location and venue?
Well, that you have to confirm ahead of time, because your friends & family, and your favourite aunt are going to ask this again & again.
For the date, decide as early as possible.
For the location, choose if you want a destination wedding or local wedding at your favourite place.
For the venue type, discuss with your partner, shortlist the top 3 or 4, and check if they are available on the chosen date.

Dress, Makeup, Music, and MORE…

Wedding planning is stressful enough as it is. Every detail needs to be perfect! So, don’t make your life any more difficult than it needs to be. Below are some helpful tips for you when it comes to the dress, hairstyle and wedding music.

Have you finally said yes to the dress? Are you ready for your mama’s wedding advice? Or do you want to look for something special on your upcoming date? You can find all the answers in our blog.

When people finally get married, they want to look their best. Also, they want a long time for the wedding. We’re making it easier to pick out that best outfit and to find the songs that you want to play at your wedding. So people can celebrate their love.

Settling with the dress and makeup is the most time-consuming task for both bride and groom. So, do it as soon as you can!

Rest about music or your favourite wedding DJ, that’s super-important!

Hire a wedding DJ and hand them your outlined favourite wedding songs list that is an absolute must to play at your wedding party. And, create a list of songs that are a big NO. in your party.

Music is going to make your nuptial festivities joyful and amusing! Choose wedding DJ wisely!


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