How to reschedule your Wedding?

How to reschedule your wedding?

You need to find out. More there are many different reasons why perhaps you might have to reschedule your wedding. We’re going to take you through a list of correctly what to do so that you don’t miss a beat. We’re here to help you even if things go wrong in the lead up to your big day.

We’re publishing this post during what is a global pandemic. Covid-19 has taken over the world, which has really affected the wedding industry as well as your wedding. We don’t know if it’s going to go ahead yet in a couple of months or if you’re going to have to reschedule, but you’ve gone through the process of starting to look at postponing.
I’ve gone through the process of looking at it and as you know, the news changes, sometimes I feel positive, and sometimes I feel like well, it’s I have to put that back update in and get ready. There’s a whole heap of reasons to why you would have to reschedule.

I recently had a couple who the groom was quite ill, and they decided that perhaps it wasn’t the right time to get married. They have rescheduled indefinitely.

Yes, a whole stack of reasons and it’s okay any to it’s totally okay and one of the things we’re finding is it can be really overwhelming to just start your luck. Hang on. I’ve spent all this time and energy planning a wedding with all these many little details, and now I have to shift the whole thing and move it by making. It really complicated in my head and what I’ve realized.
It’s actually quite simple, and I hope that we can by the end of this make it simple and easy for people and make them realize that it doesn’t have to be as big and stressful as it feels. Still, I think the problem is not starting makes it very stressful. But once you kind of go along the line you realize that it’s quite straightforward.

So, where did you start? Play team and I had a long chat about what time of year would suit us. Now.
We had to keep in mind a few things. We aren’t prepared to wait a year or 18 months or a lot longer past our date to have all of our supplier’s lineup is that because the excitement’s there and you’re ready to go. Now the excitement’s there. We’ve got the money sitting there in the bank. I’m nervous. I’m going to do something else with it, and we’re ready to go that where our heads are in it. We realized that there are a few things we might have to compromise. Mais on we might have to go in off-peak summer or winter, which is a big thing. And then we’re also looking at weekdays. Yeah, I don’t mind a weekday wedding. I find they’re amusing. Yeah, everyone wants an excuse to take a day off work early and then, of course,
you’ve got to time it with your major life events all the things that are going on in your world and the people that are close to you and don’t forget about AFL and NRL Grand Final. Yeah.

Wanted to clash with that state of origin or that’s midweek.

So if you’ve picked a midweek, please. I hope you Pick the country of origin not and even school holidays. It can be costly for your guests to travel during that time flights and accommodation or a lot more and then also yours is on a long weekend. So you want it to be almost like the Festival of Tim and Georgie. Wow, it’s an excellent way to think about it sounds so off ourselves don’t we wanted to do a long weekend? It’s highly unlikely that we could get anything like that if we’re going to do it sooner. However, if we were willing to wait a bit longer, yeah, we could have a long weekend. We just might have to be a happy wedding day. Be a year or two, and I guess you just got to change your expectations.

That’s kind of what you have to do when you’re looking at new dates, and you will grieve that change of expectations. You’ll go through everything from sadness and denial, and then you’ll come back at the end, and you’ll be that right.
This is life. And I have accepted that this is what I’m doing. So, yeah, I’ve gone through that whole beautiful roller coaster came back to denial a few times, but I think I think we’re all good. We might not even have to worry about it yet. Precisely and that’s something that I have to sit with to that uncomfortable feeling. Just the unknown. So when do you think you have to make the call? I think it’s usually about two months out. Isn’t it? Tim is very keen to make it a few months out.

I would like to make it four weeks out. I think that in four weeks if everything remains as on track as it is, why couldn’t we there’s obviously the florist needs to order flowers the caterer needs to order food things like that. You don’t want people putting the money and for something that generally We just can’t go ahead but I think mine is four weeks because it’s the pandemic I guess in your situation. It is good because your suppliers are going to be a little bit more flexible with your contracts. After all, we are in a pandemic, and it’s not your fault. You’ve got no control over it. Whereas,

you know, if you’re changing dates for other reasons, they might not be as flexible. So you will have to give them a little bit more time. Yeah, and definitely talk to them about what works for them. So I think that’s where we go to the next bit. You want to reach out to your suppliers one by one. Such a big thing to go through this. But remember they’re going through it too. So be interested in what’s going on in their world. I know I had some you know, beautiful two-way conversations with my supplies. That wasn’t just made talking about what I’ve booked and what’s going on in my world.

I talk to them about what’s going on in there’s, and we’re all very open. It feels very comfortable that whatever direction we have to pull this we can I think you probably need to talk to your venue first. Is that what you did because the venue is the one that is staging this Whole wedding and the party, so you need the venue. Yeah, the venue’s you skeleton. So everything kind of fits around it and fits in it then is big for me. Obviously, my celebrants significant for Anderson and me and of course the photographer and the caterer with a caterer for us was the most significant expense. So the thing that we’ve put the most deposit on is obviously the thing that we want to be really supportive about and fitting that one in because I don’t know if I can get that deposit back, so we want to try and make sure that we picked out. Fit them first and then hope that all our other suppliers can fit around it. So did you write a list of the supplies that you’re going to talk to in a particular order? Yes, I wrote a list, and I wrote to them in order, and we had ten significant suppliers. We’ve got a few others because we’ve decided to DIY you don’t even think about what’s involved in a wedding until you actually sit down a DIY wedding is excellent in principle when you don’t have to reschedule it like when I don’t have to think about changing it. Anyway moment alone moving parts so many moving parts. However, they’re all kind of running together because I wrote a list. I wrote the dates that suit Tim and I and a few of our distinguished guests. We went down the list one by one, and I just checked the years that correlate with their availability, and it was terrific. Two unambiguous dates worked. There was somewhere only one supplier wouldn’t fit in we’re going to have individual conversations with that supplier and figure out what we can do.

Obviously, everybody’s different.

And I guess getting back to the contracts that you’ve signed with these suppliers. There’s T’s and C’s involved in those. So you’ve got to make sure that you are going to get your money back or a significant portion of it. Yeah, or is it something that it’s the caterer, but they can cater a birthday for something else or you know, you might be able to find a way to adapt it. You can’t make your photographer work, but do you want some beautiful family portraits you might be able to find a way to still get your value for money but not necessarily. And feed on your day to which is a good idea. But I suppose once you’ve found the date that lines up you’ll look at your piece of paper things will be very clear. It’ll either be clear that you’ve got dates or a date or that you need to go back to square one and find new partners for even further down the track. So at this stage, will you have the conversations over the phone or email? I was doing it over the phone.

I love I’m an auditory person. But I like to chat with people and hear their voice, and they can understand your tone. And where you’re coming from, I think email sometimes things get lost and something that could be approached. Very nicely might not come across the way that you expect. So I like to do it via phone and then check everything via email. I think that’s a good point you raised because I actually like the idea. Sometimes it can be really personal but letting your vendors know why your rescheduling. I mean if it’s not a pandemic it’s obviously going to be something quite significant. They’re probably going to be a little bit more flexible if you Honest with them and tell them how you feel and why this is happening. Yeah, and even a celebrant for example where those people that know so many intimate beautiful things about you and your relationship explaining to us how you feel should hopefully be something that you feel really comfortable doing because we’re the person that’s been going to tell you a journey at your wedding day one day. So please if you if, you’re worried about sharing just know that we feel comfortable with it. So you’re more than welcome to tell us what’s really going on in your world. I guess then I’d be important you’ve had that conversation. You’ve lined up all the vendors you then have to confirm it with them. So
I would personally do that in an email an individual email but confirming the date and perhaps even asking for a new contract. So you’re getting that confirmation back from each supplier. Yes.
This is a reschedule or a rich edu, Liz and her face. She says it properly now if you are doing that make sure you confirm. Your date and cancel the old date. This is very important. You don’t want someone turning up at the old date at the location, and they’re ready to take photos. And there’s no one there. That would be awkward. It was feeling terribly awkward, and it’s your fault because you haven’t followed up to check that they’ve got it you want to make sure there’s a full paper trail that everybody is received your correspondence and it’s hard to because when you’re rescheduling you think that you’re the only person dealing with this vendor, but they’ve got so many people on their books. No doubt that they’ve got to keep on top of it all as well. Yeah, they’re all balancing these dates and a lot of them as well have put in hypothetical dates to you that they’ve balanced and held there for a while waiting for you to reschedule to so,
please be as open and transparent as you can and let them know as soon as you can because sometimes other couples can come in and take those dates and then, you know, you’re back to your drawing board your back to the drawing board and your back to waiting, you know, more than 12 months to get the next date that you really wanted and He lay in my case. I’m ready to go. So you’ve told all your suppliers now, I guess the only people left to tell you to guess absolutely and don’t forget to tell your guests.

The guests are very important.

They play a very big role in your wedding. One thing that you said to me and which I totally slipped him I have a wedding website. I’ve got to put some info on there. Yes, you’ve definitely got a change the date on there because I have been to a wedding where some of the guests didn’t show up because the date was different on the wedding website. Oh, my goodness. And you know what? I’ve had a hundred and thirty guests like try to talk to me about it on the sly like I so, how are you going with this putting it on the wedding website even gesture? We’re in a holding pattern guys on the website might actually give them a little bit more information and stop those annoying text messages got to understand it from their perspective though.

They’re probably looking at it. We have to reschedule our accommodation. What about our flights? Yeah, if there’s accommodation if there’s a babysitter’s if there’s anything there’s Many things that you guess is going through as well and for them if they’re feeling stressed and rushed and bothered by it. It will show on the day, and you really hope it doesn’t, but sometimes that does happen to make sure everybody knows what’s going on and just to recap the checklist of what you need to do to reschedule your wedding discuss with your fiance other dates that you feel comfortable with keep in mind school holidays other major life events in not just your life but in the life of your relatives as well. And think of things like the NRL and AFL Grand Finals. You don’t want people on their phones now reach out to your suppliers one by one now. We recommend doing this via phone, and it’s best to follow up with them via email.

They’re getting a lot of people coming at them via email via phone. So make sure you’ve got a paper trail, and I guess to list in order which of the suppliers mean the most to you and contact them first. Yeah, Drew up a table and go through date by date and see Who matches up to which date once you have found that there is a date that stands out send a mass email confirming the new date and cancelling out the old.



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