How to Save Money on Your Wedding Photographer

Planning Your Wedding on a Budget

Your wedding is undeniably one of the biggest days of your life… and, it is also the most expensive. In fact, according to InStyle, the cost of weddings in Australia has reached an average of $53,168 where entertainment, photo booth hire, dj hire, honeymoon, and engagement ring take the top spots for having the highest cost.

Now, don’t let this figure intimidate you. No rule says you have to spend as much as the other couples out there. This is YOUR wedding and what truly matters here is you – the soon-to-be bride and groom. So, if you have already decided on the cost you are willing to spend for the day you finally say “I do” and end up falling short of the average cost even with your family’s contributions, don’t worry. We will help you with your quest to planning your wedding on a budget, specifically in terms of your wedding photos.

If you want to save some serious cash but still have the wedding photos you have always dreamt of, we are here to help. Here is a list of some of the ways you can save money on your wedding photographer

Saving Money on Your Wedding Photographer

Find up and coming professional photographers.

The average cost of wedding photographers in Australia is around $2,963. But, for more seasoned and popular photographers, they will surely charge more. So, find a newer professional to cover your wedding to save money. Or, find a photography student instead.

Hire local photographers.

One of the things that affect a photographer’s fee is travel time getting to, from, and in between your wedding locations. But, if you hire your wedding photographer from the same location, you can avoid higher costs. Also, many photographers offer discounts if your reception and ceremony are at the same location, or if they are close to one another.

Go digital.

Skip a photographer’s wedding album and choose to have a digital collection of your photos instead. Not only will this save you a lot but it will also provide you more freedom. You will be free to print your favorite photos from your wedding day, create your album, and pay for much less. Moreover, you can print copies for your family and friends, or print photos of your guests and give them as thank you gifts for attending your special day.

Hire for less time.

How to significantly save money on a photographer? Hire one for less time. The thing with weddings is that you don’t have to document everything. So, you don’t need a photographer from morning till night. For instance, you can let your photographer leave right after you cut your cake or as soon as your ceremony is over. This way, you won’t have to pay for 8 or more hours’ worth of photography services.

Ask for referral discounts.

You can save money by convincing someone you know to avail of your chosen photographer’s services – even after you have signed a contract. Many professional photographers offer discounts on final payments if you successfully get a referral to them. And, you can do this by sharing your photos on Facebook, Instagram, or any social media site. Or, personally suggesting the photographer to your newly engaged friends or family.

Book early.

Some photographers will offer discounts for booking early. So, it is better to find and book one ahead of time. But, even if your chosen photographer doesn’t provide you with a discount for early booking, you are saving money too as up and coming photographers are more likely to have a price hike. Avoid this and pay less!

Why Having a Friend or Family as a Photographer is a Bad Idea

Now, you might be thinking “Why not just get my cousin to take photos on my wedding day”, right? Or, maybe have your younger sister, college friend, or uncle do it? Well, having someone you know might be the cheapest and most effective way to save money on your wedding photos… but, it also means a lot of risks, troubles, and worries.

By having someone who does not know about photography take your wedding photos, you are risking quality. Do you want to see sloppy, blurred, and unfocused photos from the biggest moments of your wedding day? Or, are you contented with raw and unedited photos that will probably lack inspiration and creativity?

Another thing why having a friend or family as your photographer is that you are more likely to face troubles along the way. He/she might produce hundreds of photos from your big day but there will only be a few good ones – which you don’t want. Also, with a professional or someone who at least knows what he is doing, you can feel more at ease. You don’t have to worry if your photographer is getting the shots you want and you don’t have to think about any missed moments from your wedding day.

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