Modern wedding

In modern weddings, all the elements of traditional marriage are left aside and exchanged for items with another theme – with the style of the bride and groom – that carry first energy and full of personality.

If you’re looking for a modern wedding from start to finish, be sure to check out our tips and inspirations incredible so that you can breathe creativity into your wedding, but without losing the elegance! We have put down a few beautiful wedding photos, check it out!


Wedding Space

There are numerous possibilities for wedding spaces for you to hold your recent ceremony. It can be in old houses, bistros, in the countryside, in wineries, or regular venues. It’s according to what the bride and groom want for the big day.


Modern wedding location

What characterises the party as modern is the unusual details that guests are not used to finding in traditional weddings. So it’s okay to have your wedding in place of your dreams, even if it’s very different, with modern marriage you can give wings to your imagination and have a unique wedding ceremony and reception!

Because it is a more relaxed atmosphere, both the ceremony and the reception can be held in the same place. So don’t forget to check if the place you want to hire has an ideal location for your ceremony.


Wedding Decoration

Are you unsure of how to choose your modern wedding decoration?

So, keep reading to see our tips:


Choose a theme!

Start making your decoration by choosing a theme. The theme will be the basis for selecting all the details of your wedding, such as the furniture and the colour palette. The best of the modern marriage is that the bride and groom can choose from the most differentiated themes, such as Vintage – where the furniture and the look of the bride and groom have an old look – to the most sophisticated, like a luxury garden – where the bride assembles a decoration full of flowers and rustic details, inside the hall. Modern wedding is the opportunity to make a dream come true!

Tip: If you want to innovate in your wedding bet on a strong personality theme, such as Old School, or Rock. It’s even worth making a decoration inspired by a movie that the couple loves very much!

After choosing the theme, the bride can move on to the next stage:


Set the Color Palette!

Now that you have the place of the wedding and the style of the decoration, it is necessary to choose the palette of colours, because it is from them that you will select the best furniture and details of the wedding decoration.


Modern colour palette

To choose the perfect palette, the bride needs to think if the colours match her and the party theme. That is, the set needs to match in every detail, making the wedding a unique moment. One way to do this is to evaluate the bride’s personality, for example: if the bride is more outgoing and flashy, the most reliable and most different colours are the best options; if the bride is more reserved, the purest and most delicate colour palette is perfect for her!


The modern and delicate colour palette

With the colour palette in hand, it is also much easier to choose prints and differentiated details to compose the reception of guests. Tablecloths, curtains and napkins can be printed to add a touch of personality to the decor. And the creative arrangements give the wedding production a new face. Have you ever thought about putting books as decoration? It may seem impossible, but it looks fantastic.


Furniture and decoration details

Pronto! Now you can choose the wedding furniture according to the theme and the colour palette.


Wedding Furniture

Depending on the theme you have chosen, it is best to pick up furniture from materials suitable for each of them. For example, weddings with the theme “Vintage” ask for neutral furniture, usually in pastel tones, with a very different face – there is a bride who puts in the wedding ceremony several different armchairs and chairs! It looks beautiful! Brides who want a modern wedding, but without losing the sophistication of luxury weddings, can invest in details of crystal and mirror, which are with everything, and look beautiful in this style of marriage!


Modern wedding bride and groom

Spread throughout the wedding space several items that can entertain your guests, as well as blackboards for them to write messages to the bride and groom, or fun cards to take pictures. It’s even worth making a souvenir book and leaving a Polaroid camera nearby for the guests to take pictures and colour the text with a special message.

Wedding Buffet

Finger Foods for Wedding

Modern marriage dispenses with any tradition and rules imposed by traditional weddings, and with food, that wouldn’t be any different.

You can exchange dinner served in the French style, for example, for a cocktail and Finger Foods, with a different menu, full of food that the guests love! It is up to the bride and groom what they serve, and according to the time of the commemoration. But, generally, concerning the most practical and lightweight.


The bride and groom

Forget all the wedding rules, wear the classic long white dress and the groom suit and tie! In the modern wedding, the clothes and accessories of the bride and groom can squander creativity and personality in every detail!

Are you getting married during the day, outdoors? Then the short dress, full of embroidery and different details, is released! Even the wedding dresses with an extra touch of colour are also an excellent option for those who want to innovate in the production of the bride and is perfect for women with a strong personality.

The shoe can be coloured, high, low, shiny, dull, in the way that best matches the bride: some, the most daring, even risk entering the ceremony in tennis. But beware! Only follow this trend if it’s something that suits you. Otherwise, avoid as much as possible and bet on shoes with a lower heel.

Veil and wreath are also dismissed! The Violette ends up gaining considerable space since it is a charming and mega innovative piece.


Modern groom look

The same thing happens with grooms: their looks can be much more relaxed, without the need and the rule of suit and tie. The vest and a butterfly tie end up being an excellent option for them, who want to innovate in the look of all forms. Check out our page dedicated to the bride and groom and choose incredible models for you to kill in the big day!



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