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5 tips for having an unforgettable wedding ceremony

The ceremony is the most critical moment of all. Every word spoken is lovingly recorded in the hearts of the bride and groom, no matter what happens. However, the guests don’t always think the same. Many end up bored, hoping that everything ends soon so that they can enjoy the reception as quickly as possible.

Hence, the mission of the ceremony is to keep the guests interested until the “You may kiss the bride”. For that, I’ve separated five tips on how to make your ceremony unique:


1 – Music is the soul of the ceremony

Music is feeling. It conducts the service and makes everyone feel even more romantic. Consequently, choose the playlist so that the guests can follow the events according to the moment and emotions involved.

Also, don’t forget to combine the songs you’re playing with the style of the ceremony.

Outdoor ceremonies, for example, are much better with the set of strings or voice and guitar, while a choir and orchestra ideally accompany traditional ceremonies in churches.


2 – Skip the original!

Most guests have attended more than one wedding ceremony and are used to the “parents, fiancé, godparents, bridesmaids” standard. So, it is interesting to put something different in the middle.

Another idea is the first look; some couples enter the ceremony together after performing the rehearsal. Can you imagine the surprise of the guests if some of them take part at that moment?!


3 – Choose special people to be by your side at the altar

NEVER invite by interest. The bridal party are the people who are most moved by the ceremony and do everything they can to make you immensely happy. They give the most sincere tips and are committed to helping whenever I need it.

Also, fancy in the details of their looks. It’s incredible to know that you’ve had special attention to it.


4 – Be creative in your wedding vows

Tell your love story, take the opportunity to tell a fun story, a situation that nobody else knows, just you. It’s the best way to get guests to pay attention to what they’re talking about.


5 – Hire a celebrant who overflows with love!

The celebrant is the basis of the ceremony. You have to have a charismatic person who can tell your love story and excitingly conduct the ceremony.

Hire the wedding celebrant who suits you the best. Someone you feel comfortable with to talk to and carry confidence in what you are saying. Remember that the words spoken by him/her will remain engraved forever. So wrong choice is not an option.

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Now you have an incredible wedding ceremony!



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