Online marketing for Wedding Business – Part 1

There is currently much discussion about how best to attract new customers, especially for services.

I have been a business owner and crazy marketing enthusiast for over 10 years.

After many tests using different methods and studying many alternatives, and today, I am entirely sure that the customers are online.
The traditional media is in the ICU, suffering from an incurable disease (that includes everything from TV and magazines to the old fashioned Wedding Expos).

Today it is indispensable that any company have a solid presence on digital media, to succeed.
Note, by that I did not mean just to have a website to serve as a landing page. I mean to be present and active in the digital world.

With the evolution of the Internet and devices, the ad has changed the form, and today it inhabits the Internet.
However, in this new context, traditional ads are a small part of the whole context.

Digital marketing allows and requires many other functionalities different from traditional marketing.

I know that many may be thinking “Why would a company tell its puzzles to the competitors?”. Well, I see this as an opportunity, not merely to expand and share my knowledge, but how to help every market to evolve.

So here are the elements I consider unmissable to any wedding business:


1) Google and SEO for a Wedding Business

Among the many forms of digital marketing, one of them that is indispensable today is Google.
Google, yes, this search tool that today is part of everyone’s life.
Google is a tool used for literally all searches, from suppliers and reviews to ideas and images, and it is an extremely sophisticated tool as well.
Over the years, Google has been improving its algorithms to allow its users to have a better experience through the results of their searches.
Understanding this many professionals in the area began to try to manipulate the results of searches in hunt of more traffic, but over time, Google itself realised this and developed more and more items to evaluate its rankings for its results.


Among these items, the first of them is content.
Today there are billions of articles spread over the Internet, but what matters to Google is the content that is relevant to your audience.
Just copying and pasting text from other sites or other sources will not help your performance. What will help is to create quality and relevant content for your audience.

Another fundamental way to influence Google’s ranking is backlinks.

These are links that other pages refer to your page, giving you credibility and authority in the subject in question.
Having a vast network of other suppliers and other pages pointing to your website indicates to Google that your page should have something interesting.


User experience

Another factor that significantly interferes with Google’s responses and user interaction with your page.
If a user searches something, clicks on your link but in a few seconds returns and searches again, this indicates to Google that your page is not relevant enough, and this will decrease your credibility with Google for that topic. So, keep in mind that your content should be honest and relevant to the public.

Leaving the world of Google and SEO (Search Engine Optimization), there are other ways also to work.

2) Digital Ads for Wedding Business

Digital Ads and online platforms, including Easy Weddings, are relevant for your online business presence.
Easy Weddings, this robust, varied, and legitimate platform attracts many consumers in search of suppliers for their wedding day. Being present at them is fundamental for you to attract customers and not only that. Being present on the site indicates to these customers, even if coming from other sources, the legitimacy of your business.
At Easy Weddings, as an example, people can view evaluations of their past clients, can see their profile, photos, and many other things that give credibility to their profile.
Many other platforms are available also, from the generic Oneflare to the wedding specialised ones as WedShed and Hitched.


3) Social Media for Wedding Businesses

Finally, it is essential to think about social media.
Every business today needs to have its online presence in social media.
It is needed to have quality content on your Instagram and direct connection with your audience on Facebook. LinkedIn and Twitter are other tools that help build your brand online.
I know that Australian consumer is a little less present in these media as they are in some other parts of the world, but still, these platforms are the basis for building their digital presence.


Bonus: CRM

Now, OK!
We get customer attention. What to do to convert it in a sale?

We need to ensure that the customer will contact us and especially, once the contact is made, he/she will be served adequately with quick, complete, and accurate answers.

Besides, it is essential that you feed into this dialogue and collect the opinions of this potential customer.

Along with the old and good notepad, the modern CRM systems allow this to be done, for example, Hubspot, Pipedrive, and the WedCRM itself (by Easy Weddings).
Some are highly complex and robust. Others are simple and straightforward.
The ideal system for each one will depend on the complexity and volume of leads you manage and your willingness to learn how to operate them.
Currently, I use Active Campaign, and I’m happy with it, but the learning curve was long. To get to the stage that I am today, a few months and many, many hours of work were needed.

Wedding Dj Service

Always keep in mind these 3 main pillars to build your future in digital marketing: Google, Online Ads and Social Media.

If anyone is interested in building partnerships to leverage their business in the digital world, feel free to contact me through the e-mail
I will be happy to help and develop long-term partnerships.

I hope this article has helped to clarify some doubts.
Good sales, mate!



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