The Ultimate Guide to Planning Your Wedding Day

Well, you are finally getting married, and it is your dream comes true. You are looking forward to a grand celebration with family and friends together. It is going to be a great time in your life. For this purpose, you have to plan all the things properly. However, when it comes to wedding planning, the tasks might give you a challenge.

Talking about wedding planning, it includes all the ideas about the venue, decoration, guests, invitees, and much more. Secondly, as we have already seen much of the COVID-19 pandemic, planning might seem difficult to some extent. However, you may find yourself lucky as you can get hold of the wedding tips. These can be picking a venue, the best decoration at affordable prices, and much more.

Let us know more about how your wedding day can be the best-planned day? We take into consideration, different steps related to planning a wedding.

Know your budget

When it comes to weddings, it is not easy to manage or plan. For this purpose, you need to decide the budget first. Rest, all of the other things follow once the budget is set. It is up to you if you want to spend lavishly and have a grand wedding. On the other hand, people also look for a budget-friendly wedding.

Wedding type

Are you looking forward to celebrating your wedding day with a grand ceremony? You need a big wedding. For this kind of wedding, you will have to think about the number of people, food, seating, transporting them, etc.

Meanwhile, micro weddings are for those who will invite fewer guests, and have family members only. These budget-friendly weddings are much easier when it comes to tracking expenditure.

Sharing the budget

It is not just your wedding, but also a union of two different families coming together. In this regard, maybe you think of sharing the budget with your partner’s family. You share the expenses and thereby share the roles and responsibilities too.

Potential date for the wedding

Once your budget requirements are set, you move to the next step i.e. the wedding dates. You set the dates for the wedding day and other events, and ceremonies, reception, etc. It may be a summer wedding or a winter wedding, you have to act quickly.

Picking the best Venue

Once you have fixed the dates, it is time to pick up the best wedding venue. Based on the budget you have set you to have to pick a venue accordingly. It takes into consideration the number of guests, the seating arrangement, space, dance floors, wedding DJs availability, and much more.

Decide the food menu

You have chosen the best venue as per requirements, and budgetary conditions. Now it is time to pick the best food menu. For this purpose, you will have to get in touch with the caterers. They can guide you with the best combo offers, etc in deciding the food menu.

Don’t forget the Music

What is in a wedding if it is void of music and Wedding DJ? This is the next step, which you have to decide. The wedding music should be such that gives pleasure to the guests. Secondly, they should also get a dancing experience on the dance floor.

Wrap it up

There you are. The other steps include deciding about the dress code, the wedding theme, and much more. Further, you can also make it personal by using a hashtag. Social media is best when it comes to sharing photos of the wedding day.


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