Tips for Safe Parties & Events in the Post-Pandemic World

Tips for Safe Parties & Events in the Post-Pandemic World


As the world starts to reopen, health and safety guidelines are more important now than ever. Hosting a party even at your own home will still require careful planning even if your country’s or states restrictions have eased. Whether you should host a party or not will depend on your own assessment of the situation. Though, it is best to have a full set of rules at your event to ensure the health and safety of all attendees.

Once an event has begun, it will be impossible to monitor each of your guest’s activities. Physical distancing may not be followed anymore since people will think it is now safe to be out in the public again. Attending an event post-pandemic may lead to some people loosening their guard and not being mindful of the risks of social gatherings. Given this situation, we compiled some tips on how to make your event safe for everyone in the post-pandemic world.

  • Hybrid Events

While we are still experiencing a global pandemic, inviting numerous people at your event can put everyone at risk of contracting the virus. Physical distancing is difficult for large gatherings. Small events can turn risky if not properly managed by organizers. Because of this dilemma, many organizers are choosing a hybrid event setup that allows for small gatherings of limited people while live-streaming to remote attendees. This way, more people can attend your event without the need to travel and be physically present.

Hybrid events setup should continue in the post-pandemic and probably the best option we have when setting up an event. In the current situation, most people are using virtual tools such as zoom for communication, so transitioning to this kind of event setup should be manageable in the post-pandemic world. To ensure that you provide your guests with the highest of quality virtual live streams, hire a professional event photographer or drone videographer.

  • Keep updated

Though it is now permitted to organize an event, stay attuned with the latest news about the pandemic. Check out online news articles and always be up to date with the current announcements and regulations that are in place.

  • Pre-event communication

Proper communication is key when you are planning to host an event, particularly in the post-pandemic world. Making sure that all attendees ― including staff and vendors ― are aligned with the event’s schedule and safety rules. It is a good idea to check in on guests and vendors in the leadup to your event to ensure that they are fit and healthy to attend. By having a quick check-in, guests who are feeling unwell can refrain from attending which reduces the risk of community spread. Although they may not be COVID-19 positive, it is still a good idea to check in and take the necessary steps in order to reduce community spread.

  • Go Outdoors

If you cannot do a hybrid event setup, choose an outdoor venue with a DJ to keep your guests entertained. During the post-pandemic world, physical distancing may not be required anymore. People may be allowed to have person-to-person contact in social gatherings or even at workplaces, schools and other public establishments without any physical distancing measures. Again, just to be safe, choose a place that is spacious and well-ventilated and avoid crowding in any areas of the venue.

  • Thermal screening of attendees before entering the venue

Fever is one of the symptoms of COVID-19. Anyone who is experiencing a fever should stay at home and isolate from the public. Thermal scanners are often used now in shopping centres and other public places to detect who has an ongoing fever. Using a temperature scanner at your event can assure attendees of their safety.

  • Physical distancing

As much as possible, implement physical distancing even though it may already be lifted in your country or state. COVID-19 transfers through physical contact and maintaining a safe distance is the best way to avoid community spread.

  • Wearing of masks

When you are outside your home, wear a face mask to reduce any potential spread from infected persons. This is particularly important for large gatherings like music concerts and sports events where people cannot practice safe physical distancing.

  • Sanitizing station

Setup a sanitizing station where attendees can wash their hands regularly with soap. Provide a chart which explains how hands should be washed properly in order to kill the majority of germs which may be present. Alongside this, provide adequate supplies of alcohol wipes, hand sanitizer, tissue papers and hand towels in the station. Additionally, remind everyone to also practice safe coughing or sneezing etiquette while they are in the event.

There you have it, a list of measures that we can take in the post-pandemic world to ensure that we maintain a healthy society even in large social scenarios. The main challenge we face in the post-pandemic is getting back to our old lives. We all want to attend parties or events like we used to do before but right now, it still seems as though it is far away from happening.



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