Wedding Planner and its Importance in the Big Day!

Wedding Planner and its Importance in the Big Day!

Having a dream wedding, even if it is a small celebration, is a difficult and challenging task. Its hard work not only in the preparations but also on the big day, when every little detail makes a difference.
With that in mind, it might be relevant that the bride and groom have a little extra help in organising the wedding.

But, do you know what the importance of a planner on the big day is? How to choose the best professional and, above all, what kind of service should be done?

We’ve listed some tips to help you understand everything about wedding planning, its functions and more. Check it out!

What does the Wedding planners do?

The professional is responsible for all the management of the event. It is the person who will organise your ideas and make a dream come true. Who will budget with the most reliable suppliers in the market, who fit the wedding style you want. Besides negotiating and taking care of the bureaucratic part, reading clause by clause of the contracts and guaranteeing the best deals. In other words, this person is the right hand from the preparations, during the big day, to the post-wedding arrangements.

Do I need a guide?

Well, this is usually a controversial issue, because of the investment and tasks of the advisor, which are generally expensive and the most misunderstood than the other suppliers of the wedding. Some consider it indispensable. As some say, say you can organise everything without their help.

Some brides end up inviting a friend to help them with this task, which works very well. But on the big day, the friend will be a guest at the party. She won’t take care of the unexpected; she won’t take care that each person comes in at the right time.
Leave the problem to the planner. It’s his/her job!

Without the hiring of a good advisor, the bride and groom can get lost and make wrong hires and, consequently, go out of the budget with unnecessary costs. The advisor will do a brainstorming (number of guests, choose the best date, wedding in which style, location, colour palette, and the main budget, etc.) with the couple to understand all the wishes and details of the wedding and hence start proper planning.

Check out the differences in each of these services and choose the one that best fits your wedding party.

Full advice: is the one that will be close to every wedding decision, from the beginning. It is the advisor who will go after the suppliers and will help you to organise detail by detail of the party. On the wedding day, this person will make sure everything goes according to plan, making necessary and unforeseen decisions. After the party, the advisor continues with the work, making sure everything is sorted with the right people and organised perfectly for the couple!

Helper: This is the service that every bride has to have on the big day! The helper will participate only at the end of the preparations, in the last month, to be able to organise the ceremony. On the big day, he/she will make sure everything works out. So don’t leave them out! Have you ever thought of yourself dressed as a bride going crazy because something didn’t work out? You better hire somebody!

Consulting: this is precisely what the name itself says, a consulting. The bride and groom can make an appointment with a specialised company, right at the beginning of the preparations, to be able to organise themselves for the big day. With consulting, you can plan better and clarify ideas always to choose the best path to follow!
The advantage of consulting is that it does all of them at once; however, you must put yourself to work to get things done.

Why hire a marriage planner?

It is interesting to have an advisor at your side for various reasons. First, as soon as you hire him/her, he/she will work to decide the profile of your wedding.
Many times, among the endless inspirations of the Internet, the brides end up a little confused as to what style to follow in the big day. The advisor will be able to find it challenging to decide on the best method and present options that have a bit of everything you like to clarify your ideas and make decisions easier. Also, you set a budget for her to organise the wedding according to her budget.

After the couple’s profile, with pre-defined styles and ideas, the advisor will start the search for suppliers. And this is where one of the high consulting firms comes in: they already have a list of reliable suppliers and know the best prices in the market, saving the bride and groom time and money.

The advisor will be the organiser of the details. She organises things that you wouldn’t believe needed to be part of the big day – and are essential. She will be your guide on this journey to the altar.

When to hire?

Preferably, at the beginning of the preparations, to give the advisor time to dive headlong into the developments and understand correctly what you dream!

How to choose wedding planners?

You liked it and were interested in hiring a planner? Then the time has come to choose the one that best suits your party, and I’m already saying that this is a complicated task.
It’s not just hiring the first company with a cute website and beautiful photos on the Internet. After all, that’s easy to do. Organising a perfect wedding is tough! But follow our tips and choose the ideal wedding advice!

Main characteristics:

The perfect advisor should be a cheerful person, someone charming, who leaves you at ease to give ideas and talk freely about the great day. You have to become a friend, be someone you trust. Imagine, it will be months of organising, holding meetings and planning the details together. At least a trace of empathy is essential.

It should also be organised and committed to its work. The know-how should be extensive, with knowledge in various areas of the wedding, such as sound, lighting, wedding dresses, buffet, etc., everything to quickly identify what is best for your wedding.

Choose based on opinions.

The Internet is an inexhaustible source of information. And when it comes to finding out the truth about suppliers, it’s the best place to go. Look for testimonials from the bride and groom who have already used the planner to find out their impressions and results. Take recommendations and avoid those who have a lot of complaints out there.

Wedding History

Check out the types of weddings the planner has helped to put together.
Do they fit what you want to have? For example, if you dream of a rustic wedding, hiring an advisor who makes several luxurious weddings will not combine much and will end up delaying the process of organising the wedding. When the planner is familiar with her/his style, the search for the best suppliers is much faster and more effective.

Trust the planner

As we say, the planner is someone you should trust and feel comfortable with during the organisation of the wedding. This is a person who came to add up and help, not to get one foot behind your opinions. Trust the professional at heart, that everything will be perfect!

While some don’t trust, others can imagine too much! What can never happen! The planner is a wedding help, not the one who’ll have to do it all by him/herself. Stay on top of everything you’re doing. Work together with her/him. Together, you will conquer the dream!

Beware of the cheap options.

You always have a company that’s a lot cheaper than the others. But it’s like the saying goes, “you get what you paid for.”
Instead of charging you the rate, the advisor can include the amount in the suppliers’ budget, making everything a little more expensive than the others and making the expenditure practically the same. So watch out!

Remember the hint of the bride and groom’s opinions.

Wedding Planner for Destination Wedding
For those who are going to get married outside the city, or even the country itself, having an advisor is essential. However, he/she should know at least a little bit about the place you intend to marry to adjust the culture of the place to the style of marriage you expect to have.
The knowledge of suppliers, in this case, will be a significant advantage for you to be sure that everything goes according to plan.

I want to work as a planner. What should I do?

There is some bride who enjoys so much the planning of their weddings that they end up having the great desire to work helping other brides to organise their weddings.
It is a beautiful vocational discovery, but one that requires care.
It’s not very good to start a business right away and experiment in that area. After all, the only reference marriage you’ll have is yours.
So, start helping other professionals and learning more about how the advisory work works and only after having some experience, risk your own business!



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  1. Definitely recommend to get a wedding planner! We hired a wedding planner last year and she was so talented and very easy to work with. We don’t have to worry much on our wedding day. We had her from ceremony to reception and it’s simply one of our best decision to make!

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  4. We don’t have to worry much on our wedding day. We had her from ceremony to reception and it’s simply one of our best decision to make!
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