Wedding Reception Entrance Music

Reception entrance music should be lively and upbeat to get guests excited for the night ahead. If you’re entering with your wedding party, choose a song that everyone can walk to. For couples who are making their entrance alone, consider a classic love song or something with special meaning to you as a couple. No matter what you choose, make sure it’s a reflection of your personal style as a couple.

1. The first step is finding something that really reflects your personalities. There are very few rules around entrance songs as you don’t need to dance or cut a cake to them, so really go crazy and look for something that sums you up as a couple.

2. Another pro tip is to make sure the song is long enough for you to make a grand entrance. You want to make sure all eyes are on you when you walk in, so choose a song with a good build-up or intro.

3. If you’re stuck on what songs to pick, think about your favorite movies or TV shows and look for songs that fit the tone of those. Chances are, you’ll find the perfect entrance song that way.

4. And finally, don’t forget to have fun with it! This is your big day and you want to make sure you enjoy every minute of it. So pick a song that you know will put a smile on your face and get everyone else in the party mood.

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Change it up. Look for something completely different from the music that comes before your entrance to make a powerful impression.

If your guests are relaxing and having a good time, enter the room to loud rock music.

If your guests are already on their feet and dancing, enter to a slower love song.

Your choices are endless when it comes to finding the perfect entrance song. Just make sure it fits your personalities and gets everyone in the party mood!

Look for a song that is familiar to them, even if it takes a few moments for them to believe that you have chosen it as your entrance song.

Decide whether you want the entire bridal party to come in or just you and your spouse. If you want to announce parents and bridesmaids one at a time, you will need a much longer song. You can choose two wedding songs for your entrance. One for the bridal party and one for you and your spouse.

When you are looking for a song to play at your entrance, make sure to choose one with a powerful introduction. This is the portion of your performance that will stick with your audience. They’ll be too distracted by you to really pay attention to the music once you’ve arrived.

Here are some suggestions for reception entrance music:

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