Wedding Traditions that are Totally Fine to Skip or Modify

When we talk about weddings, they are filled with several traditions. Many people follow these traditions; however, it is not a hard and fast rule. Just because these are weddings, traditions that do not mean the people should follow them always.

Meanwhile, now things have changed a lot. Several traditions have almost lost their significance over time. People do not often include them in the current era. It is time how the couples to celebrate their wedding day. They are not going to focus on what things happened several decades ago.

Keeping this in consideration, the couples can totally skip or modify the traditions. Here, we look at some of the wedding traditions that are totally fine to skip.

1. Wear only the white wedding dress

Wearing a white or ivory dress is a good thing, but it can also include a pop of color with a cardigan, matching pair of shoes, and a piece of jewelry. A white or ivory-colored skirt will also do the thing. Further, the dress code with black and pastel-hued dresses in lavender are trending, which adds uniqueness to your attire.

2. Men talk and women listen

It is mostly seen that only the men do the talking at the weddings. They only give speeches at weddings, and why are no women included in sharing their opinion? Let us normalize speeches from anyone who is vital to the couple, happy to talk publicly, and knows the way to entertain a crowd, no matter their gender. Bride’s speeches are even as valid because of the groom’s speeches, and therefore the mothers will know even as many funny and embarrassing anecdotes because of the fathers.

3. Couples don’t see each other

This superstition has long been proven false, so there is really nothing stopping you if you do not want to attend until your walk down the aisle to ascertain each other. Schedule a first-look photo shoot where only the bride and groom meet just the photographer before the ceremony.

4. Reception on the wedding day only

You can do a touch of both! If you would like, keep it simple on your day – a little service, a dinner with friends and family, they have an anniversary reception! Getting everyone to celebrate the marriage is an excellent way to prolong the same.

5. Couples exchange traditional vows

There is nothing wrong with sticking with equivalent vows many couples have said before you, and tons of to-be-weds just like the “bigger-than-us” feeling of claiming traditional vows. Couples can add their own language to make the wedding ceremony a meaningful one. If you’re nervous about writing your own vows from scratch, work together to return up with something custom or simply add a couple of tweaks to the normal wording.

6. Timings Matter

Most weddings start around midday/early afternoon then continue until midnight. Maybe we are getting weak in our adulthood, but sometimes this seems like a marathon. Why not consider pushing it back a touch or having a night ‘twilight’ reception with an ultimate wedding DJ, if you had sort of a luxurious lie-in and more of a celebration vibe? This then also negates the necessity to possess a huge dinner within the mid-afternoon, and less food means more savings!


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