What Kind of Wedding Questions Do the Couples Ask in Real-Time?

It is wedding time and the couples are in real excitement. Further, they are engaged in various activities as a part of wedding planning. However, along with the wedding planning, their brains are filled with several questions. They need to get them answered in real-time.

Well, one should be prepared with the wedding planning. Secondly, the couples are asking questions that can include the favorite color palette, budget, decoration, and much more. Furthermore, it has been a tough time for the couples getting married. It is all because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Wedding Planning – Questions Asked by the Couples

When it comes to planning a wedding, it is never too early. Further, it helps in giving less chance of stress to the couples. You can select and finalize the venue of your wedding events, take care of the wedding vendors, and much more.

Talking about other queries related to wedding planning take a look.

  • About the rooms, one should book for the guests. It is convenient to get them all together.
  • Discuss hiring a professional videographer for the ceremony. It is beneficial to keep the memories long-lasting for years to come.
  • Hire a wedding DJ as it brings life to every event. From the wedding ceremonies to reception and other events, it has more fun-filled entertainment.

In addition to this, to make your wedding a memorable one, do make sure to clarify all the queries. Your wedding should have that Wow factor in the details, the decoration, and the best part is the wedding music.

What About the Budget?

Well, planning a wedding is good but you also have to keep the costs under control. From decoration, booking a venue, hiring a wedding DJ, and much more. Everything adds to the cost and it should be under your budget.

Meanwhile, there is no limit to how much one can spend on their wedding. Still, make sure that the expenditure is worth it. Keep a note of all the related purchases to be done. Do not forget to add the wedding songs, as, without them and the wedding DJ, the events are boring.

Furthermore, if you are looking forward to dividing the expenditure between your family members, it can be an option. A realistic wedding budget is the one that is discussed along with the family. It is all about contributing to the expenses based on the different occasions, events, etc. Hope the planning for a wedding is a cost-effective one.

These days it has become the trend to use wedding hashtags. Further, with the extensive usage of social media, these hashtags help others to find photos and videos. #couplesgettingmarried, #heandsheweds, #weddingdjhire, and more are examples of hashtags people use.

Further, this idea gives couples as well as family members to stay connected with memories. However, what if you don’t have hashtag ideas? Can you make anyone from your name? Yes, you can. The hashtag is something personal to you. Not just your names but you can use a specific word that relates to your wedding.


There you are. Several questions run in your mind when it is your wedding. However, do not forget to add the Wedding DJ, as that is the main point of entertainment.


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