What should I do now about my wedding in October

I am a 10/10/20 bride, what should I do now about my wedding in October?

That’s a hugely popular date.

That was very popular, and I’m getting a lot of: Are you still having your wedding?
What are the best ways to respond to this?
I have been telling those people that we won’t make a call to postpone until August and that we are planning as usual. But is there something better to say?

This is precisely right letting them know like: I don’t know yet.
We don’t need to make that call yet, and we are planning. We’re forging ahead as we should be because nobody knows, however.
What’s going to be happening in October?
Nobody knows what’s going to be happening in October.
It’s also helpful to have something to look forward to in the spring.
I think you could remind people that currently airlines and hotels and all are being very flexible.
The couples are not in a place of danger if they’ve already booked for this or they’re still wanting to book now to get it out of the way because it’s all stuff they could be changed.
If you do have to postpone you might want to start working on that plan B date just in case.
I just still have this great feeling that October is going to be like we might be able to do something. I do feel that if you can do something, it’s going to have to be a much more scaled-down event.
It’s going to vary state by state that if I mean, it also depends on where this wedding was going to take place totally. Still, I feel like they’re going to limit us on social gatherings like as to the number of people that are allowed to gather in one space.
I agree and if you had any International guests that were planning on coming that might be something that we there is a restriction on for a long time.
Just to let them from overseas know that they can always look at your wedding website so they can get off your back. And if you don’t have a wedding website, you might need one and just as a great time, and you got time to create one.
And just put: here’s our update on COVID.
We don’t know period.
I think you’re saying the right thing so far. So good. Good job.

Is any update on whether it’s possible to zoom or FaceTime your ceremony?
Well interestingly enough in New Yorke is now currently legal to get married through a virtual wedding, and you can get your marriage license online, and it can be signed virtually. Which is brand-new!
So the answer to your question is is it depends on where you are and what the rules are currently but in New York it is presently allowed.
That’s huge because and let me also be obvious what we mean by this: It’s that the two of you can be in your home and your aunt can be on Zoom.
This is living.

She’s like I’m willing to bury people and that’s going to be one of the like kind of add ons to this project package because we realize a lot of people already have efficient or have a loved one that they had planned on performing the ceremony anyway.

So keep the quote elopement ceremony and not that it’s not unique but maybe a little more simple and if it’s going to be a virtual ceremony clearly like you’ll want to have it recorded because I think it would be great like we said earlier to play it or have it somewhere in the back.
Ground or as part of your ceremony for next year or during the reception you could play it or during the dinner or something like you could play it would just be impressive for next year. And then the other thing for this elopement is if there is a loved one who has passed away that you would have honoured anyway at a wedding. I think it would be nice to maybe in the background have a picture if it’s Grandma or whoever like in the environment have a description. Or have something that she gave you on your person during this elopement ceremony
maybe call your parents and do a little like hey we’re here we’re doing it right now. We love you guys something like that. And I think some of those choices are then things that you can talk about at a later wedding. Yes like when we got a loc’d, I wore my grandmother’s shawl. Because people aren’t going to know that that took place. That’s a good one Jason because a lot of people don’t want to a lot of women. I’ll say they are opting not to wear their wedding dress for these elopement ceremonies or virtual wedding. Some are actually, but some are not so maybe wearing something special from a family member would be a really great way to make this smaller ceremony a little more special or different

Your Something Borrowed could actually be your outfit.

For sure or part of it. You want to be number four? Definitely. So do you ladies, but I will answer this as a gentleman. Yes, have any recommendations on how to start looking for a wedding dress during these crazy times? I do, in fact, because I’ve been advising a client on this exact issue you do. Oh good. Tell me to tell me to tell me. I mean it’s obviously not ideal at the moment, but you got to make do with what you have. All the online. Stores that carry a bridal line will shift to your house with free returns. So you can order wedding dresses to try on from Nordstrom’s from Saks. I believe beholden repeat it beholden from Anthropologie. Do you have an apology? Of course?

So that’s an excellent place to start because you can order a bunch. I mean obviously, they’re going to they charge you for them upfront, but you can return as many. Hence, I mean my client I think she literally I just ordered 10 dresses for anthropology. Oh wow and she’s trying them on at home. Just trying them on at home. At least. It’s a start because if things don’t if she’ll depending on when how long shelter in place stays, as a rule, she was like I don’t want to lose the window of being able to find something that then we’ll also need to be fitted. Yes.

Now there are some other companies there’s one in New York that I have to look up the name I could maybe put it send it to you and you can put it in the show notes or something. They’re currently hosting virtual tours. That begins with a consultation with a bride to talk all about not only your interest but your body type and what type of dress you’re looking for. Then they begin showing you stuff via photos on the zoom call, and then you narrow it down to like two or three, and they send them to your house.
That is amazing. That’s something that when we were asked this on our Instagram live a couple of brides popped up and said I’ve been doing virtual fit virtual like the store will pull gowns and show them to me and in some cases like just hold them up or in some cases. They’re putting them on.

And I think that’s great and then once they’re able to go in person try them on later they will it’s good it’s also I think a lot of people right now have some extra time on their hands.

So it’s a great thing to spend some time on I mean really just by looking at photos and seeing what speaks to you. Every bride that I’ve ever worked at is different some begin the process but they really clear point of view of what type and cut address is flattering and also exciting to them and some have no clue about that kind of stuff. And so it’s an excellent time to really look at from Um necklines to the length of the dress and everything they can get factored into it to find the general type that you think is going to work for you. Yes and our friends at anomaly who we always recommend and they do. This was already a virtual experience long before any of this COVID came around. It’s a custom wedding dress website where you’re working with a stylist. You’re building your custom wedding dress a hundred per cent to you. And the price point is insane Jason for a custom dress don’t know if you’ve heard about them, but I think they started like $1200 like custom.

And they have if you go to their website it’s like there’s already a COVID-19 guarantee your dress is going to come on time. So it’s a really great kind of alternative to a traditional wedding dress Boutique great today at brick and mortar store. So okay your turn. My turn our wedding has initially been on May 9th 2020. Our venue called me in March saying we had to reschedule our wedding and gave us a list of dates to choose from we chose the latest time they offered, which was September 27th 2020. I think the reason they didn’t provide any dates in 2021 is that they still want to have it. Least some weddings in 2020 we bought to change the years but now I don’t know if I should send them out or wait because of so much uncertainty of when the quarantine/pandemic will end and if we can change our date again. Or if we have to change our time back instead should I still send out our change the years or wait a little longer so many people keep asking us about our wedding and I answer them as they go.

Again, I don’t have everyone’s emails to send them an update. So we figured it would be easier to mail everyone saves sent. Sorry male everyone to change the dates and I can’t really call 300 people to update because I’m a night shift ER nurse and I’m exhausted by the time it’s my day off with everything going on. Already updated our website with the new date but not sure if we should move forward on sending out our newly bought change the years yet in case things change again in the future any thoughts and this is April. She’s on our Instagram lives all the time, and we just bow down to her being a night shift ER nurse, but our advice was yes send them now just send them out, and hopefully, the wedding website is on these. Change the dates somewhere and or maybe I had with my clients we added an insert that’s said we change the times. Still, we have it in an advertisement that said just make sure to check our wedding website only in case how quickly things change these days. But you bought them you spent the money. You’ve got them September still ways out send them out now. That’s my advice. I agree on thing to think about collecting everyone’s emails just in case there is future communication that eventually needs to go out to but and you could ask that on the on your wedding website to the right? All right number six Jason number 6.

Is it okay to skip the paper invites and up for email wedding is in July and not a religion like wasting money if we’re going to have to postpone? I mean every choice you make in planning a wedding. This isn’t really COVID specific is about you deciding to do it your way, and I think it is perfectly fine. If it feels right to you to forgo paper invitations. I’ve had a lot of people have done this in the past just As
it was an effort to be more green because that was reflective of their personality. So I say go for it but don’t shortchange The Experience because it’s an email. It should still be a beautiful email you do it through a site like a paperless post or something like that or just have some type of image designed to go in that email. So it doesn’t just look like a work email, but I think it’s perfectly fine. I mean and this is something that I said like Scrooge Scrooge Through etiquette right now and tradition. Anyway, that’s how I am anyway but like especially right now, and this is also something that we want to include on our virtual wedding package isthese custom email-friendly PDFs of invitations to our virtual wedding because email it’s better. It is more eco-friendly, and it is a The time, so yes I say yes, opt for email do it. Okay, last question here.

My fiancé and I made the difficult decision to postpone our wedding until next year.

We still plan on getting married on our original date of July 3rd xx and do our celebration on our first anniversary. So 21 so along with our postponed
postponement went our pre-wedding festivities bridal shower bachelor and bachelorette weekends. However, the most essential part is still You place it sucks that we don’t get to celebrate it with our family and friends.
I was looking forward to honouring my wedding party by showering them with gifts to thank them for all their planning and hard work. Do you have any suggestions for something special I can do for them during this time of social distancing? Thanks for keeping me up to date on all things wedding and doing it with Pizzazz.

And here’s to one more year of planning which is so much fun. When you actually do reschedule your wedding to a later date. It’s kind of like a renewed like we get to keep on doing things and changing it up. That’s right. So what do you think Jason ways
because they are not gonna be able to do these all these pre-wedding parties and festivities, of course, that but first of all, I think it’s an excellent opportunity to say this is the cards we were dealt. So what are we going to do with it? And I think there’s a combination of things you can do just like everything else and we now we are getting so used to doing things virtually. There’s no reason not to have a virtual Bachelor or Bachelorette experience in which you could still do something really lovely for your squad, and they can do something beautiful for you. You can have things delivered to each other whether it’s what you’re going to drink eat gift certificates for when things do open back up to get manicures and pedicures or whatever it is. That is something that kind of speaks to you. And I also think like here’s the chance to say like then you can have your. You and you can have a post-wedding bachelorette because there are new rules and let’s reinvent these traditions because I think everyone is going to Crave these experiences when under feasible again I mean so your wedding planning was all.

Still, your but your first year of marriage is not like take a weekend away with just your friends even though you’re married who says you can oh my God I love that. I didn’t even think about that when we answered her but Reinventing these and doing them post-wedding. Why not? for sure something when we were on the life she wrote to us and said that she had already bought like like she already had like these gifts that she had bought for her ladies. I think that he had bought for his gentleman and like kind of like a whole bunch of things and Christy and I was like you can Still have parties just like we have virtual weddings. We can have virtual. We’re doing them all the time. I have got a cocktail hour at five o’clock with my girls in Boston. Still, it’s super fun when you make it interactive in that you all set a date for let’s say a week from now or two weeks from now choose a gift that you’ve bought them all and mail it to them or send it via UPS or whatever it is and just put on there do not open until the 20th. When we’re having our party and write a sweet note in there maybe include a little bottle of champagne whatever a small split or whatever it is send them a gift and then have the party online and have them open it and maybe they’ll send you something you can still have these parties online. I was telling the story today and I this is kind of doing a 360 type of, but I swear there’s a method to my madness here. I believe in you. Thank you, Jason. I appreciate that. Then. I was listening to the Daily, and they had an episode of this pastor.

Just beautiful man. I didn’t see him, but he just sounded so lovely, and he has retired, and he’s presided over lots of funerals and his Bryden him not his bride but his wife she passed away. Unfortunately a couple weeks ago and He decided to hold a virtual funeral. And you’re listening to it, and he’s talking about it and the New York Times writer actually dialled into the zoom funeral. She was just she was talking about how it went, and you’re hearing these people talking a lot of older folks. I mean these were like grandma grandpa’s age is this thing working? And is that the other but then you hear people talk about this woman who passed away and you look here the pastor and then she interviewed some of the guests after the funeral and them Said all of them said this was such; this was much more of a moving experience virtually. I don’t understand exactly then. It had would have been in person because we were all very close like virtual like you could see each other like that. They talk about how the pastor they could see his Cricket moustache and maybe if you were to church you would have been sitting far away they could see Expressions on people’s faces. They communicated Better they were alone. They were in their homes alone, but they felt as part of this community and love. I feel like I mean I know that’s a funeral. Still, I guess where I’m going with this is that the celebrations don’t stop right now because we’re at home and thank God we’re in this day and age where we can do this virtually. I think that if we make it unique or if we open up our minds to this, it is still extraordinary. So I guess you’d always have these parties and celebrations and your weddings. So yes that’s where I was going with it. So I told you I believed in you drove that home.



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