Why Wedding DJ is Different from Club/Party DJ?

Wedding bells around! So…You are having a wedding.  Confused, should you ask the local DJ for your reception or should you look for a professional wedding DJ?

You might go to your favorite club or bar on weekends.  The DJ there truly knows how to get the crowd dancing; on the other hand, wedding DJs are experts in their music expertise. Club DJ and a wedding DJ, both require a very different set of skills.

Typically, the club has a beat-mixing kind of music because of the young crowd. While, weddings will play more family-friendly songs, as there you’ll find people of all ages and tastes. At a club, people know what style the DJ will play, but at weddings, people expect to hear music they generally like.

Club DJ Vs. Wedding DJ

  • Club DJ

A club DJ is more often known for his or her style of music. Every club or bar has also a theme or a style for a day of the week; a rock bar, a techno club, some pop ones, etc. People choose a place to go at night for the music they like and prefer. What usually determines the crowd’s satisfaction is the music they hear and dance to. A Club DJ can dress casually and is technically sound with rock kind of music. The best part is that one doesn’t need to prepare the list before the event or show, randomly he can play the music of the crowd’s choice for the entire night.

  • Wedding DJ

Being a private party DJ is a whole different story. There is definitely much more work and effort involved. Commonly, a professional wedding DJ is a many hats guy – musically speaking. One, as a private party DJ, needs to prepare a lot of stuff before the main evening.

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How a Private Party /Wedding DJ Different from Club/Party DJ?

A wedding reception has many elements different from a club/party DJ.  Depending on your event, the DJ will need to know how to run your reception smoothly. Equally important is that this allows you as the Bride and Groom, to enjoy your time with your guests.  Special Events in the reception may include introductions, first dance, toasts, etc.  A Wedding DJ exactly knows how to coordinate these events.  A club/bar DJ will not be experienced with this type of situation.  They don’t usually take many requests from the crowd, especially from different genres of music…their only job is to play the music they are prepared to play. Not much gap for changes or improvision.

However, a Wedding DJ knows how to interact with the crowd to keep the flow of your reception. An experienced wedding DJ will communicate with the guests, the bride, and groom, their parents, photographers, etc. to ensure that the reception runs smoothly.  They know very well the art of easily managing any situation.  Every wedding is different so, wedding DJs are required to be highly adaptable and adjust their performance style from event to event.  This skill ensures that as many guests as possible are given the opportunity to have fun& enjoy the event at the same time.

The Bottom Lines

Remember, a DJ is always a special part of every celebration. The difference is that both of them have a different set of skills. While Club DJs can be exceptional professionals, it is important to be sure that the DJ you choose for your special day is able to manage all entertainment requirements. Choose wisely to make the most important day of your life beautiful & memorable.

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