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Weddings are no fun without a wedding DJ. We all want the best and fun wedding in the world, and having the right Wedding music is one way of making it that way. Now let us get to the critical part. How to choose the best wedding DJ for your wedding? Here I have compiled 24 best tips for hiring a wedding DJ.


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Professional vs Bedroom DJ

There is a massive difference between a professional and an Amateur DJ. Being a DJ is dangerous work and requires the person to be highly professional and skilled. You cannot expect an occasional DJ to provide the same level of services as a professional one.

You need to hire a professional DJ for at least 6 months before the wedding. However, what we do wrong is that we choose friends over professional. The result is evident. The professional DJ will still perform if you book him a few days before the wedding, but there is a chance of some important details being left out.

Your Wedding day is the biggest day of your life. Any DJ you hire will feel the pressure of that, but the professional DJ is trained to deal with such force. They will make sure your wedding goes smoothly. So always, choose a professional DJ for your big day. It is worth all of it.


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Excellent services come with a price. You can’t expect to get exceptional services for a small amount. A professional knows the value of his/her assistance and cost according to it.

Remember to value quality over money. The wedding industry is massive, and there are many experienced DJs out there offering their services but for a specific price. If some DJ claims to provide services for an oddly low price. they always have a second thought before hiring him.

Focus on how much value you are getting from the professional DJ.

Also, remember one thing! 78% of your guests will remember all the fun they had on your reception and all the song they danced on. Make sure you provide the time of their life to them.


Appearance is an important factor in selecting your Wedding DJ. Do not be entirely dependent on looks. It is essential but not the only consideration while choosing.

The proper presentation can make a huge difference. A poorly managed website with little to know online presence shows how little effort the DJ is putting. This shows how low quality the DJ is.

However, if the DJ is well presented and professional. it means that his services will be excellent as well. Like I said before, it is not the sole deciding factor, but it will help you a lot in making the right decision.

Focus on the website, the pictures and make sure there is no grammatical error. If he gives attention to the little details, he will surely pay attention to the needs of his clients.


Profile on Social Media

Everyone is on social media these days. This includes DJs as well. Their social media presence has also made it easier for clients to check their past work. It gives them a good idea of what services they will be getting.

So make sure to check out their Instagram and Facebook profiles. Read their past reviews and maybe contact past clients if you want to. After all, you are making a big purchase. It is better safe than sorry.



Experience is, without a doubt, an essential factor. The more experience he has, the better so do not be shy to ask.

A DJ can have experience in performing at parties, but those parties are not always weddings. Don’t let your wedding be the first one where they will play. After all, who likes to take risks on such an important day?

Wedding days have their own charm and requirements. So do ask if the DJ has experience of performing at Weddings!

The best part about an experienced wedding DJ is that he knows what to play at the reception. He knows what song will set the right mood of the Bride and Groom and the guests as well.



You don’t need to have a lot of knowledge about the material the DJ uses. But it is best for you to do some research and ask for some pictures of the DJ’s gear. A DJ has typically a at least a few pictures of his equipment that he shows to his clients.

If you do not know about it, then ask someone who knows about such gears and instruments. The care and attention given to his equipment show the amount of care the DJ will provide to your wedding.

Poor maintenance shows his lack of consistency. and it will also help you predict if any of the instrument will crash during the wedding.


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Your music preferences

Everyone has his or her own music preference. The professional DJ will ask the couple about their musical choice but will also suggest some song ideas of his own. A professional DJ is well aware of the music trend. So don’t worry if you can’t make up your mind about the songs. The DJ will help you out.

DJ is in control of leading the whole wedding. He will set the atmosphere with the right set of songs and music. But you would want to hire someone who will listen to your ideas as well and implement them at the wedding.


Wedding songs

It is your special day. It is the day you get married. So keeping in account the importance of this day, you have all the rights to make song requests. Moreover, the Wedding DJ should happily accept those requests.

The Wedding DJ is in control of setting the mode of the wedding. He will use his expertise and knowledge to play songs that fit with the atmosphere. The DJ also has to be open to requests made by the couple and the guests.


Real event

There is an excellent way of checking the performance of your DJ before your actual event. A professional DJ will arrange for you to see him/her performing at another couple wedding. You will get the perfect idea of his/her services through it.

Couples usually do not want such visitors to come and examine their wedding. Nevertheless, a good DJ should arrange for you even if it is for a short amount of time.

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There will be all sorts of guests at the wedding. They may belong to different age groups and have different tastes in music. The DJ you will choose needs to be well aware of it.

He should be well equipped with a good collection of songs of different genres and years. He might be asked to play a song from the 50s or the 90s. Make sure he is ready to provide an extensive collection of songs to the guests.

Double shift

Most DJs have many commitments. They may choose to do a second change. Therefore, it is essential for you to find out if your DJ has plans of working somewhere else before. or not on your wedding day.

You DJ may get tired due to performing at two events in a row. This will affect his performance at your wedding.

Your DJ will be too tired to organize and test the equipment before your wedding. This will create nothing but risks, and you do not want to take such risks at your wedding day.

You are paying the right amount to your DJ. So, try to make sure that the DJ is providing his sole services to you on your wedding day only and not to someone else.

Been at the venue

The next important thing is the familiarity of the DJ with the Venue for your reception.

Every venue is different. There may be places where it will be hard to adjust the equipment. Power outlet will be limited or difficult to find. Some unwanted walls will be a hindrance for the DJ. So ask your DJ if he has been to the Venue before.

It will be best for your DJ to pay a visit to the Venue beforehand to get a better idea of the place.


The DJ is in control of setting the mood of your event. Every DJ is unique and has its own way of entertaining the audience. Some DJs like to make the announcement before every song. They may give it a humorous touch by cracking a joke or making a funny remark. While some DJs will not say a single word during the whole event.

It all goes down to the type of DJ you are hiring and the way he/she entertains the audience.

Every client has his own requirements. He may ask the DJ to speak or not speak during the event depending on the event. Too much talking on the microphone does not usually suit a wedding event.

Plan B

The good thing about a professional DJ is that he/she will always have a plan B. No matter how expert you think you are, there is a chance of something going wrong during the event. The equipment might not work, something can break, or the DJ might get sick or get into an accident before the big day. There is simply no limit. Therefore, the best and safest option is always to have a plan B.

Ask your DJ if he has a proper backup plan in case adversity decides to pay a visit during your wedding day. DJ companies are best for such cases. They guarantee a back plan for your big day. They will even replace your professional with another person.

Hidden costs

Beware of hidden fees! They are present there disguised in many ways.

A DJ will offer his prices. Make a thorough look in their contract and make sure there are no hidden charges. Ordinarily, such costs are revealed to a client after the wedding has taken place. That poor soul is left with no choice but to pay the extra bucks.

Ask the DJ about his complete package. What will be the extra charges if he works overtime? If it fits your budget, then go ahead and book it.

Dimensioning for your event

Inform your DJ about the size of your party and the number of guests that will be coming to your wedding. This will give the DJ a better idea, and he will bring the required equipment for the event.