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Weddings are no fun without a wedding DJ. We all want the best and fun wedding in the world, and having the right Wedding music is one way of making it that way. Now let us get to the critical part. How to choose the best wedding DJ for your wedding? Here I have compiled 24 best tips for hiring a wedding DJ.




Professional vs Bedroom DJ

There is a massive difference between a professional and an Amateur DJ. Being a DJ is dangerous work and requires the person to be highly professional and skilled. You cannot expect an occasional DJ to provide the same level of services as a professional one.

You need to hire a professional DJ for at least 6 months before the wedding. However, what we do wrong is that we choose friends over professional. The result is evident. The professional DJ will still perform if you book him a few days before the wedding, but there is a chance of some important details being left out.

Your Wedding day is the biggest day of your life. Any DJ you hire will feel the pressure of that, but the professional DJ is trained to deal with such force. They will make sure your wedding goes smoothly. So always, choose a professional DJ for your big day. It is worth all of it.





Excellent services come with a price. You can’t expect to get exceptional services for a small amount. A professional knows the value of his/her assistance and cost according to it.

Remember to value quality over money. The wedding industry is massive, and there are many experienced DJs out there offering their services but for a specific price. If some DJ claims to provide services for an oddly low price, they always have a second thought before hiring him.

Focus on how much value you are getting from the professional DJ.

Also, remember one thing! 78% of your guests will remember all the fun they had on your reception and all the song they danced on. Make sure you provide the time of their life to them.






Appearance is an important factor in selecting your Wedding DJ. Do not be entirely dependent on looks. It is essential but not the only consideration while choosing.

The proper presentation can make a huge difference. A poorly managed website with little to know online presence shows how little effort the DJ is putting. This shows how low quality the DJ is.

However, if the DJ is well presented and professional, it means that his services will be excellent as well. Like I said before, it is not the sole deciding factor, but it will help you a lot in making the right decision.

Focus on the website, the pictures and make sure there is no grammatical error. If he gives attention to the little details, he will surely pay attention to the needs of his clients.


Profile on Social Media

Everyone is on social media these days. This includes DJs as well. Their social media presence has also made it easier for clients to check their past work. It gives them a good idea of what services they will be getting.

So make sure to check out their Instagram and Facebook profiles. Read their past reviews and maybe contact past clients if you want to. After all, you are making a big purchase. It is better safe than sorry.



Experience is, without a doubt, an essential factor. The more experience he has, the better so do not be shy to ask.

A DJ can have experience in performing at parties, but those parties are not always weddings. Don’t let your wedding be the first one where they will play. After all, who likes to take risks on such an important day?

Wedding days have their own charm and requirements, so do ask if the DJ has experience of performing at Weddings!

The best part about an experienced wedding DJ is that he knows what to play at the reception and what song will set the right mood of the Bride and Groom and the guests as well.



You don’t need to have a lot of knowledge about the material the DJ uses. But it is best for you to do some research and ask for some pictures of the DJ’s gear. A DJ has typically at least a few pictures of his equipment that he shows to his clients.

If you have no knowledge about it, then ask someone who knows about such gears and instruments. The care and attention given to his equipment show the amount of care the DJ will provide to your wedding.

Poor maintenance shows his lack of consistency, and it will also help you predict if any of the instrument will crash during the wedding.




Your music preferences

Everyone has his or her own music preference. Ideally, the professional DJ will ask the couple about their musical choice but will also suggest some song ideas of his own. A professional DJ is well aware of the music trend. So don’t worry if you can’t make up your mind about the songs. The DJ will help you out.

DJ is in control of leading the whole wedding. He will set the atmosphere with the right set of songs and music, but you would want to hire someone who will listen to your ideas as well and implement them at the wedding.





Wedding songs

It is your special day. It is the day you get married. So keeping in account the importance of this day, you have all the rights to make song requests. Moreover, the Wedding DJ should happily accept those requests.

The Wedding DJ is in control of setting the mode of the wedding. He will use his expertise and knowledge to play songs that fit with the atmosphere. The DJ also has to be open to requests made by the couple and the guests.


Real event

There is an excellent way of checking the performance of your DJ before your actual event. A professional DJ will arrange for you to see him/her performing at another couple wedding. You will get the perfect idea of his/her services through it.

Couples usually do not want such visitors to come and examine their wedding. Nevertheless, a good DJ should arrange for you even if it is for a short amount of time.





There will be all sorts of guests at the wedding. They may belong to different age groups and have different tastes in music. The DJ you will choose needs to be well aware of it.

He should be well equipped with a good collection of songs of different genres and years. He might be asked to play a song from the 50s or the 90s. Make sure he is ready to provide an extensive collection of songs to the guests.

Double shift

Most DJs have many commitments. They may choose to do a second change. Therefore, it is essential for you to find out if your DJ has plans of working somewhere else before or on your wedding day.

You DJ may get tired due to performing at two events in a row. This will affect his performance at your wedding.

Your DJ will be too tired to organize and test the equipment before your wedding. This will create nothing but risks, and you do not want to take such risks at your wedding day.

You are paying the right amount to your DJ. So, try to make sure that the DJ is providing his sole services to you on your wedding day only and not to someone else.

Been at the venue

The next important thing is the familiarity of the DJ with the Venue for your reception.

Every venue is different. There maybe be places where it will be hard to adjust the equipment. Power outlet will be limited or difficult to find. Some unwanted walls will be a hindrance for the DJ. So ask your DJ if he has been to the Venue before.

It will be best for your DJ to pay a visit to the Venue beforehand to get a better idea of the place.


The DJ is in control of setting the mood of your event. Every DJ is unique and has its own way of entertaining the audience. Some DJs like to make the announcement before every song. They may give it a humorous touch by cracking a joke or making a funny remark while some DJs will not say a single word during the whole event.

It all goes down to the type of DJ you are hiring and the way he/she entertains the audience.

Every client has his own requirements. He may ask the DJ to speak or not speak during the event depending on the event. Too much talking on the microphone does not usually suit a wedding event.

Plan B

The good thing about a professional DJ is that he/she will always have a plan B.

No matter how expert you think you are, there is a chance of something going wrong during the event.

The equipment might not work, something can break, or the DJ might get sick or get into an accident before the big day.

There is simply no limit.

Therefore, the best and safest option is always to have a plan B. Ask your DJ if he has a proper backup plan in case adversity decides to pay a visit during your wedding day. DJ companies are best for such cases. They guarantee a back plan for your big day. They will even replace your professional with another person.

Hidden costs

Beware of hidden fees! They are present there disguised in many ways.

A DJ will offer his prices. Make a thorough look in their contract and make sure there are no hidden charges. Ordinarily, such costs are revealed to a client after the wedding has taken place. That poor soul is left with no choice but to pay the extra bucks.

Ask the DJ about his complete package. What will be the extra charges if he works overtime? If it fits your budget, then go ahead and book it.

Dimensioning for your event

Inform your DJ about the size of your party and the number of guests that will be coming to your wedding. This will give the DJ a better idea, and he will bring the required equipment for the event.




Whenever you contact a company instead of an individual, they have several DJs working. The company will assign one for your wedding day. Make sure you know the DJ who will be performing. It is best for you to have contact with him way before the wedding. Say about a month or at least 2 weeks.

You will know who will be performing at your wedding. So always, remember to ask the company about it.

You will be able to know if the company sends a replacement instead of the assigned DJ. This is one advantage of knowing your DJ beforehand.


No matter how professional the DJ appears to be, some will choose an unprofessional way of sealing the deal. They do not use a proper invoicing system. They just do it verbally.

This is a very wrong step and can often cause great misunderstanding. DO NOT fall prey of such so-called professionals. A professional will do everything in an organized and secure way.

So whenever you hire a DJ, make a proper invoice. Keep a record of all the important dates and other relevant data.


Now comes the insurance part. We all know how much important that is. Every venue has different policies. They may or may not ask for protection from different vendors. The vendors will be able to perform if they have the coverage.

Now go and ask your DJ if he has a Public Liability Insurance. If he has it, then you have nothing to worry about.

Setting up

Setting up the equipment is hard work. It can take hours to set up. Your DJ will have to come early to set the machine. Setting up before the event will prevent a lot of problems and malfunctions.

It is the responsibility of the DJ to bring all the essential stuff like cables, cords, adaptors and other things. He is in control of the whole process, so it is his responsibility to bring all the things and their backups as well. Inform your DJ about the power outlets that are too far away from the equipment.  This will give him enough time to come up with a solution.

Recorded samples

You should not rely on record mixes and here are the two most important reasons.

Any DJ can claim to own a recorded mix that is not his. Anyone can come up with a fake thing, so do not entirely rely on it.

Secondly, since there is no crowd watching the DJ making the Mix, you will want a DJ who masters keep the dance floor full than one with the extreme skills on key and BPM mixing.




Behind the gear

Service and equipment go hand on hand. Both are important, and no one can replace the other. Having quality and expensive equipment is essential, but one cannot wholly depend on it.




The DJ should focus on his/her performance as well. Their style and energy can bring light to the whole event. Find a DJ who along with high equipment, gives even more excellent return. The service of your DJ will be the most important and critical thing.


You have to give at least 50% non-refundable payment in advance if you are hiring a professional DJ. It is because such kind of DJs are hectic and it is one if their way of ensuring that the client will not back out at the last minute.

The DJ may even ask you to give him the payment before the wedding event. It is not customary for experienced DJs to get paid after the wedding reception. So keep in mind all of this and be ready to pay the DJ ASAP.


Check the Reviews – The golden tip!

Do not forget to check out the past reviews.

The DJ, with the most positive reviews, will be the perfect pick for you. The positive rating shows how good the DJ is at his/her job. Check out their website for past reviews or visit NOVA DJS reviews on Easy Wedding. There are plenty of DJs with honest reviews. Just pick one from the ocean of experienced DJs.

What’s the average cost of wedding music?

After going through all the major and minor information. Your next question or thought in your mind is “How much do I have to spend?”. Your Wedding day is no doubt, the best day of your life. Everyone wants it to be full of fun and make countless memories.

The most important thing at a wedding reception is quality music. And for that, you need to find an experienced DJ who will bring life to your event. He will make everyone to jump from their seats and start dancing.

So back to the big question, How much does an Australian couple have to spend to get excellent DJ services? What is the cost for all of it?



A survey conducted by the Easy Weddings Annual Wedding Survey shows that the average cost of such services is around $1,455.

These prices vary from state to state and on your own budget as well. It ultimately goes down to how much you are willing to spend on the biggest day of your life.

Wedding DJs


Wedding DJs vary a lot. It can be someone who shows up to play some songs, or he can be a real deal. He can be a real professional whose presence will change the atmosphere of the whole event. He will use his skills to give the couple and their guests the time of their life. A DJ’s role stretches from the welcoming drinks to the wedding vows to the couple’s departure. He has to make his presence felt every second of the event.



A great DJ works with the couple a little earlier than the wedding. His/her main goal is to make the wedding unique and special. The wedding DJ will create the soundtrack for the couple’s reception. His main goal is to have a perfect blend of fun, aesthetic, charm and interaction with the guests. They try to make the wedding reception as unique and beautiful as they possibly can.


The period a wedding DJ will spend on your wedding before the actual event is around fifteen to eighteen hours. During this time, the DJ will do a consultation with the couple. Other tasks include setting up the playlist and downloading or buying the requested songs. All of these tasks have to be done before the event.

A wedding DJ usually is less expensive than a live band but keep in mind one thing. You have to pay a little over the reasonable costs to get the best services from the wedding DJ.


Live Music:




Things to be wary of with wedding DJs

Stay cautious of all the Fraud out there!

There will be many DJs out there who claim to offer the best services for a lower price. Their unique offering should be enough to raise an eyebrow. Why would one provide services for a considerable small amount without any apparent benefits? Some companies will go far enough to offer two DJs for the price of one.

Be smart enough to realize that the two DJs which the company is offering will be of no good. They will most probably be amateur DJs who hardly know how to operate the equipment.

References and testimonial present online are of no good either. One can easily upload a fake one. Ask for a real recommendation. If he/she hesitates to give on or pressurizes to give only online references then that DJ is most probably a fraud.

Focus intensely on the personality of the Wedding DJ. Make sure he is a natural going person with a bright smile on his face. The DJ needs to have a character that will entertain the guests and uplift the mood. And not some arrogant one who has some severe ego problem or has a frown on his face.

Lastly, don’t go after the cheap ones. You’ll most probably be hiring a fraud if the rates are way lower than usual. Believe that you won’t be getting excellent services for such a low price.



Recent trends for wedding DJs






Trends keep on changing. The demand for DJs during the latter part of the reception is increasing tremendously. The wedding DJs can hype up the atmosphere by their performance. Some older people are not that much of a big fan of Wedding DJs, but once they leave, the DJ can give an amazing and energetic performance to the younger guests later on in the evening.


Wedding DJs are skilled and know which tunes fit the reception. There is a recent increase in trends of playing hot jazz instead of classical music during the relatively silent part of the response. Many choose to play salsa tunes for the fun part that is dancing. Salse automatically makes a person move, so it is a good pick for that time.

The task of the DJ is to provide music throughout the whole event. They are not limited to just the dancing part. The DJ has to make the entire event exciting and not only one part. There is a proper timetable that the DJ has to follow.


  • The DJ arrives early and sets up the apparatus. It should be done at least an hour before the reception.
  • The guests start pouring in. The DJ will play some good background music like Jazz. It will be a pleasant time.
  • Now comes the time when the couple arrives. The DJ will call out their name and dedicate individual songs during their entrance.
  • The DJ will play a subtle tune while the guests are having their meal.
  • Now the DJ will make the announcement for the speeches. He/She may even play short musical clips before calling out everyone.
  • The DJ will call the couple for their first dance and will play the songs selected by them.
  • Now to make the event more energetic, the DJ will play some fun songs which will probably get everyone on their feet.
  • The DJ will make announcements for a few more events such as cake cutting, couple events and the Bride and Father dance.
  • The DJ will keep on playing songs appropriate for dancing until the end of the event.


Music for wedding ceremonies


Choosing the best music for your wedding ceremony is no easy job. It is a critical task that needs your undivided attention. Make sure you select the best songs so that there are no regrets afterwards.

John Beck, who is a marriage celebrant specialist, has some exciting things to say about wedding music.

According to him, Music needs to be dynamic, powerful and emotional.


Weddings are more than just contracts, or I do’s. It is okay if people choose to have it that way. But, you should add a fun element to your wedding. It is not every day where you spend thousands of dollars and invite 100s of guests to your wedding. A celebrant will help you out in making your wedding more enjoyable. He/She will look into all the possibilities that will make your wedding the best time of your life.


Can you remember the last wedding you went to? Do you remember the songs played there? Were they fun enough to be remembered? Were they able to match the couple’s personality?





What music is playing as your guests are arriving?

Start playing some music while the guests are arriving. You should play the songs that the groom selected. It is the perfect time to play some pleasant tunes, which are, in a way welcoming the guests and are showing the anticipation of the bride to come. The songs need to synchronize correctly with the condition of the groom heart. The impatience and excitement the groom has to see his soon-to-be-wife. This is pretty much how a groom feels at that time. There is nothing better if the DJ can pull it off.

There was a groom who selected all six tracks that were written by the Beatles. His family knew how much of a big fan he was so there was no surprise in it. When the bride came, songs like “Something” or “I love her” started playing. These songs blended magnificently with the moment. Everyone loved it!


Music helps guests retain their memories of your special day.


There is something special about music. It syncs with your event, and whenever someone hears the songs again, they instantly remember your wedding. It is up to you what you pick. You can play romantic songs or some old songs that will make the more aged couple remember their wedding. It all depends on your excellent choice. The songs will make your event everlasting.


10 perfect walking down the aisle songs


The fairytale moment of walking down the aisle with a bright smile on your face and seeing your prince charming all ready to make you his part of life, needs a good song as well. You need to select a fantastic song that will make your entrance magical. Here is a compilation of 10 best songs that will be a good pick.


  1. Fortress – Woodlock
  2. Love – Lana Del Rey
  3. Lion’s Mane – Iron & Wine
  4. I Will Be There – Odessa
  5. I Wanna Be Yours – Arctic Monkeys
  6. Reasons To Love You – Meiko
  7. Wild Ones – Bahari
  8. Bloom – The Paper Kites
  9. For You – Angus & Julia Stone
  10. I Want to Belong to You – Katie Herzig


What makes a great wedding DJ


There is no replacement for a good wedding DJ. No matter DJ or a pre-organised playlist can replace a professional DJ. A great DJ is not hard to find if you know what to look for. A professional DJ will make your wedding day enjoyable. From welcoming the couple to the couple’s first dance to their last wave before setting out for their new life-DJ plays a crucial part in all of these events. His/Her songs choice will make every second of the event memorable. Here are the qualities you need to look for in a great wedding DJ.


A good listener

A great DJ is always a good listener. Not only will your guests listen to your DJ’s music, he/she will also look to you. The DJ will listen to your choices. You and your partner may like songs that are entirely different. One may like jazz while the other like country music. The Wedding DJ is a good listener who will listen to both your choices and will compile a playlist that satisfies everyone’s taste.


Ability to read the room

This is the quality that gives the DJ an edge over a pre-planned playlist. If you compile a playlist before the event, there is no guarantee if the songs will go well with the guest’s mood. A professional DJ will know when boredom is coming. He will change a few beats, and everyone will cheer up in an instant and will start dancing on the dance floor.


They are approachable

Everyone feels comfortable with making requests to a person who has a jolly and friendly personality. A great DJ will have a cheerful disposition. A big smile on his/her face will bring others in a great mood. Your guests will not be shy and will quickly make requests for their songs to be played at the reception.



A professional DJ needs to come in professional attire. You don’t want your DJ to go too baggy clothes for your wedding. A great DJ will know the dress code and will wear an appropriate dress. His equipment and cable also need to be clean and up to date. Presentation is significant. It goes hand in hand with excellent service.



A great DJ is and will always be professional in his talk, appearance and performance. His excellent attitude and response time will tell you how well his work is. A professional DJ will know how to handle any situation calmly and professionally. He will be punctual and organised and will have the perfect etiquette.


Knowing when to fade away

A great DJ will bring energy into the wedding but will also know when to slow down so that the guests can catch their breath and relax. There is a time like during eating where people want to just eat in peace without loud music playing in the background. The DJ will know when to slow things down in a smooth way.


Love what they do.

It doesn’t matter if it is the DJ’s first wedding or the 100th. A great DJ will bring energy and passion to every event he goes. And this will only happen if he loves his job. Being a DJ is an enjoyable thing to do, but not everyone enjoys doing it. Some consider it as a means to the end and they eventually end up ruining your entire event due to their lack of enthusiasm. So find someone who loves to play music and make other people happy.

Six secrets to keep guests on your wedding dancefloor



Let us use your imaginations to explain these points to you. The initial part of the wedding is over. You have walked down your aisle. You have said the magic words “I do!”. The meal is served and enjoyed by all. Now comes the fun part. That is dancing. You are looking desperately at the band to spice up the event.

According to Quinn McHugh, lead guitarist from the Radio Club Band, operates in Queensland and performer of multiple weddings a year, “The main concern for a lot of couples is whether their band will make everyone jump on the dance floor and start dancing.”

“You need a band that will put in that extra 10% and won’t be hiding behind their instruments all night. If guests aren’t dancing, they need to take it upon themselves to turn it around, so do your due diligence when finding the right band for your event.”

A Wedding band should be more than just a bunch of people playing music, says Quin. They are entertainers who can give the guests a fantastic time. They engage with the audience fantastically.

The members of the band have their own speciality. Some are expert jazz artists, whereas some have their expertise. There are first pop and rock singers who bright up the whole event.

According to Quinn, some people will see dance on the dance floor all night, or they will take breaks in between for some quick cake and coffee. While they are eating, you should slow things down a bit for them to relax. You don’t want mayhem where everyone is racing for something.

He goes on to say that one should take time to search for the right band. Make sure you hire someone who has experience performing at a wedding before.


Some tips to get your guests moving on the dance floor.

Invite them on the dancefloor after your first dance.

Are you worried that your guests are not coming on the dancefloor themselves? Be the first one yourself. Get up and do your first dance with your partner on the dance floor. Even the shiest guest will get up after it and will start dancing.

Everything happens in order. Once the couple finishes their first dance, the bridal party will join them and then the parents. The DJ should know that it is his time to pump things up a bit.

Your wedding is not a disco where everyone is dancing all the time. Don’t expect it to be that way.

People will come in groups. Sometime a couple will come, and sometimes a whole group starts dancing on the dance floor. You can’t expect people to start pouring in once the DJ plays the music. It takes time. Be patient and trust the system, says Quinn. The younger guests wish to come in late whereas the older people will arrive at first.

It is the responsibility of the band to keep the crowd engaged and interested. They will play some light background music to develop interest.



Hire a brass section

Sax player or a couple of trombones and trumpet players are an excellent choice.

According to Quinn, Brass instruments really add a ‘wow’ factor. They are unique, and guests are really impressed by them. They are known to have a significant effect on the audience.


Take requests

Let your guests make requests. It is an excellent way to make them feel like a part of the family. Let them know they can play whatever they want. They can play Whitney Houston, Prodigy, Frank Sinatra or any other singer. Some guests even like to use the mic themselves.

It is up to the bride and groom to decide if they want people to come on the stage and deliver some words. It should be according to the theme of the wedding. It is fun to let the guest say a few words on the mic. But, it is also understandable to say no to some drunk relative who is requesting a Cold Chisel song for the 10th time. There needs to be a balance, and the DJ needs to keep the quality of the music up to the entire event. The couple will discuss with the DJ in advance if they want their guests to perform as well.


Trust your DJ or band

The best thing about an experienced wedding DJ is his ability to read the crowd. The DJ will play a song according to the atmosphere of the event. You don’t stress about anything. The DJ will take care of the event. All you have to do is enjoy your wedding day. Once you give the list of the songs you like to your band, they will take care of the rest. They will play each song according to the night. Don’t compile a list of freakin’ 50 songs that will only confuse the band.

Quinn says that they will learn certain songs, but they will also have to play songs that are out of the repertoire for different purposes.

We also have some excellent advice to give. Why not gift your female guests some comfortable thongs for dancing. The female might hesitate to dance due to the uncomfortable strappy stilettos they are wearing. Trust me, they will highly appreciate this sweet gesture from you.


The hottest 100 wedding songs for 2019


Despite Triple J releasing the Triple J Hottest 100 songs of 2018, we have come up with a list of 100 songs that will make your wedding a blast. We have done small research and have found out the famous wedding songs in Australia. You will surely find Ed Sheeran’s song in it. Everyone loves his song.


Do not wait for any longer here are the hottest 100 wedding songs for 2019.


1 – Perfect by Ed Sheeran

2 – Can’t Help Falling In Love by Elvis Presley

3 – A Thousand Years by Christina Perri

4 – All Of Me by John Legend

5 – Thinking Out Loud by Ed Sheeran

6 – You Are The Reason by Calum Scott

7 – Tenerife Sea by Ed Sheeran

8 – Say You Won’t Let Go by James Arthur

9 – Amazed by Lonestar

10 – At Last by Etta James

11 – I Get To Love You by Ruelle

12 – Latch by Sam Smith

13 – You and Me by Lifehouse

14 – Stand By Me by Ben E. King

15 – In Case You Didn’t Know by Brett Young

16 – From This Moment On by Shania Twain

17 – Can’t Keep My Eyes Off You by Frankie Valli

18 – Marry Me by Train

19 – Parallel Line by Keith Urban

20 – Bloom by The Paper Kites

21 – I’m With You by Vance Joy

22 – I Won’t Give Up by Jason Mraz

23 – How Long Will I Love You by Ellie Goulding

24 – La vie en rose by Andrea Bocelli ft Edith Piaf

25 – Nothing Else Matters by Metallica

26 – If I Ain’t Got You by Alicia Keys

27 – Chasing Cars by Snow Patrol

28 – Love Someone by Lukas Graham

29 – Beauty and the Beast by Ariana Grande and John Legend

30 – Forever Begins Tonight by The McClymonts

31 – Songbird by Eva Cassidy

32 – Speechless by Dan and Shay

33 – Tennessee Whiskey by Chris Stapleton

34 – Canon in D by Pachelbel by

35 – How Would You Feel (Paean) by Ed Sheeran

36 – Never Tear Us Apart by INXS

37 – From The Ground Up by Dan and Shay

38 – I Finally Found Someone by Barbra Streisand and Bryan Adams

39 – Photograph by Ed Sheeran

40 – The Way You Look Tonight by Frank Sinatra

41 – Beautiful in White by Matt Johnson

42 – With Me by Sum 41

43 – Heaven by Bryan Adams

44 – The Girl by City and Colour

45 – I Choose You by Sara Bareilles

46 – Crazy Love by Van Morrison

47 – Better Together by Jack Johnson

48 – I Choose You by Ryann Darling

49 – You’ve Got The Love by Florence and the Machine

50 – Feels Like Home by Chantal Kreviazuk

51 – Adore by Amy Shark

52 – I Don’t Want To Miss A Thing by Aerosmith

53 – A Groovy Kind of Love by Phil Collins

54 – Here Comes The Sun by The Beatles

55 – You’re Still The One by Shania Twain

56 – Everything by Michael Bublé

57 – You and I (Nobody in the World) by John Legend

58 – I Like Me Better by Lauv

59 – Something Just Like This by The Chainsmokers and Coldplay

60 – L-O-V-E by Nat King Cole

61 – Moondance by  Van Morrison

62 – A Million Dreams by The Greatest Showman

63 – All My Life by K-Ci and JoJo

64 – The Luckiest by Ben Folds

65 – Dreams by The Cranberries

66 – Bless the Broken Road by Rascal Flatts

67 – Big Jet Plane by Angus and Julia Stone

68 – I Wanna Grow Old With You by Adam Sandler

69 – Home by Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros

70 – Close Your Eyes by Michael Bublé

71 – Hero by Enrique Iglesias

72 – Hanging By A Moment by Lifehouse

73 – I Was Made For Loving You by Tori Kelly ft Ed Sheeran

74 – I Wanna Hold Your Hand by The Beatles

75 – Your Make My Dreams Come True by Daryl Hall and John Oates

76 – Your Song by Elton John

77 – It Had To Be You by Frank Sinatra

78 – (I’ve Had) The Time of my Life by Bill Medley and Jennifer Warnes

79 – Firestone by Kygo ft Conrad Sewell

80 – Lovely Day by Bill Withers

81 – Fire and the Flood by Vance Joy

82 – Like I’m Gonna Love You by Meghan Trainor

83 – Make You Feel My Love by Adele

84 – Magic by Coldplay

85 – So Into You by Childish Gambino

86 – Over and Over Again by Nathan Sykes

87 – You Shook Me All Night Long by AC

88 – Yours by Russell Dickerson

89 – This I Promise You by Ronan Keating

90 – True Love by Pink ft Lily Allen

91 – You Are So Beautiful by Joe Cocker

92 – I’m Gonna Be (500 Miles) by The Proclaimers

93 – Truly Madly Deeply by Savage Garden

94 – Yellow by Coldplay

95 – Wonderwall by Oasis

96 – Video Events by Lana Del Rey

97 – Somewhere Over The Rainbow by Israel Kamakawiwo’ole

98 – A Whole New World by Aladdin

99 – One Day Like This by Elbow

100 – Baby I’m Yours by Arctic Monkeys


Fun Fact! 8% of all Australian couple play rendition of perfect by Ed Sheeran on their big day. It is truly a magical song.


10 throwback wedding reception songs


Are you looking for songs that will be perfect for your dance floor? Let us go down the path of nostalgia. These throwback wedding reception songs are tough to resist.



Senorita – Justin Timberlake

Can Noone say no to a bit J.T?

Gold Digger – Kanye West ft Jamie Foxx

Kanye might be the most significant admirer of himself, but other people love busting a few moves on his songs.

“18 years, 18 years. She got one of yo kids got you for 18 years.”


Hey Ya! – OutKast

Everybody say Hey Ya! This song has its own charm. No matter how much of a good or bad dancer you are, you will surely want to show a few dance moves on this song.


Hips Don’t Lie – Shakira ft Wyclef Jean

The all-time favourite of your grandma whose hips certainly don’t lie.


Tipsy – J-Kwon

Don’t tell me you haven’t played this on repeat at your parties.


Mr Brightside – The Killers

You don’t have to memorize the lyrics of this song to have fun. It is fun, and you know it.


Toxic – Britney Spears

Don’t forget to intoxicate your party with the famous Britney Spear song.


Bootylicious – Destiny’s Child

Let’s shake our booty on the famous song by destiny’s child.


Valerie – Amy Winehouse

Even your parents can’t resist this song. It is a favourite for the Jazz fans.


Whatta Man – Salt ‘N’ Pepa

Whatta you even doing with your life if you ain’t playing this song?


10 of our favourite wedding song covers


Good wedding music is crucial to set the mood of your guests.

You can choose to create a romantic tone when the bride is walking down the aisle, or maybe a sense of nostalgia sweeps across the hall when you have a dance with your parents. Or perhaps an upbeat song to get everyone moving on the dance floor.

There is a lot of complexity in wedding music. It should be versatile and have songs that satisfy every moment in the event. The last thing you want on your dance floor is everyone dancing unwillingly to a single song over and over again.

If you are looking for a swing band or an acoustic artist to make the dance floor populated with guests, here are some ideas for you to choose from.


I’m Yours – Paper Hearts

Jason Mraz’s song “I’m yours” is a viral song. The vibes it gives is a perfect blend of romance and calmness. It is a good pick for your wedding day.

This song is played with complete fairness by the talented pair at Paper Hearts. They skillfully play the song with its contrasting harmonies in a brilliant way. You don’t have to worry about them overdoing the tunes. They uniquely play this song. The massive acoustic makes the song even more amazing. It is perfect for those who want a chilled vibe on their big day.


At Last – White Clover

If emojis can explain the likeness of a song, then this one will be filled with heart-shaped emojis. The beautiful cover of Etta James’ classic “At Last” has everyone in awe. Kate truly owns the song with her smooth and charming voice. It is a slow acoustic cover of the traditional track and honestly speaking, we are loving it. It is a fantastic pick for the couple’s first dance.


She Will Be Loved – Bill Parton Entertainment

What better way to start the night than playing a jazz rendition of Maroon 5’s traditional pop tune. You can combine it with the flagship act of Adelaide Big Band or Bill’s vocal. The Saxophone solo is a fantastic pick for couples who are true Jazz lover. This genre sets the perfect mood.


My Girl – Sex & Chocolate

No external disturbance can lessen the effect of the beautiful and smooth voice of R&B Motown group. Dancing on this fantastic song will be pure joy for you and for the guests as well.

This group has an incredible take on the song “My girl”. They own the song without dulling the nostalgia and romance. The meaning of the song remains the same with a little touch of their own. You can play this song for your first dance or share an emotional dance with your parents.


Get Lucky – Honey and Stone

This song is a good option for those who are looking for something modern yet fun. It is much better than a traditional wedding band. Everyone will love to bust a few moves on this fantastic cover of Daft Punk’s “Get Lucky.”

This song is played by the incredibly talented Honey and Stone. They interpreted this track without changing too much. It is a good song to dance to on the dance floor.


Fast Car – Luke Dewing

Luke Dewing beautifully recreates Tracy Chapman’s song ‘Fast Car’. You can tell him about your song choice, and he will create an acoustic version of it. Luke has the talent of transforming any type of song into an acoustic track Whether it is punk, Jazz or Pop. You can get the acoustic version of most the songs from the internet, but nothing is better than the live performance of Luke Dewing.


Uptown Funk – Something Borrowed

There is no better song to dance to then Uptown Funk. Something Borrowed skillfully pairs the funky tune with its jazzy brass and clean vocals. This is the perfect song for your big day. It is fun and energetic. It has the ideal theme to bring the guests in the mood. There are many groups out there that play both the modern, older songs and all other sorts of music genres.


The Way You Look Tonight – Swing Central

Nothing sounds better than the classic “The way you look tonight’ by Swing Central. There should be something for everyone at the wedding. Well, this one will be your grandparent’s favourite. This will get them up on their feet and start dancing. These old tunes have been popularized by Crooner Michael Buble.

It was Crooner Frank Sinatra who brought back the classic ‘The Way You Look Tonight’, but the smooth vocals of Swing Central hark back to the OG.

Swing is, without a doubt, the ultimate love guru. Their smooth vocals can make every event unique. You can rest assured your wedding will be remembered for years to come.

We give it a thumbs up!


Locked Out Of Heaven – One Fun Band

A lot of people think ‘Locked out of Heaven’ is by Bruno Mars. We forgive you if you have also mistaken this cover. One Fun Band brings more energy into the song. They take over this song and make it more perfect for the audience.

This upbeat pop track is the best song to dance to with your friends and bridal party. Everyone who will dance on this tune will have a good time.

Expert tip! A great band not only plays incredible music, but it also knows how to read the mood of the guests and play songs according to it.

Hallelujah – Simon and Funkle

Hardly a soul on earth hates this beautiful song. Those who hate it might have a different taste in music. This song is, and you will surely love the one played by Simon and Funkle.

Apart from offering solo and band packages, they are a pro in Jewish Weddings. Their beautiful acoustic tones of Hallelujah in Hebrew are a must listen to. Simon chorus will not be that evident, but regardless of that, his voice is genuinely mesmerizing.


7 Beautiful Wedding Songs Featured In Your Favourite Movies


All You Need Is Love from Love Actually

“All you need is love” is performed by the very talented Lynden David Hall in the all-time favourite movie Love Actually. You need to have it on your wedding playlist, whether it is the one played by the Beatles or any other famous cover will do as well.



So This Is Love from Cinderella

This song from the 1950 version Cinderella is a real romantic song. The beautiful lyrics and mesmerizing voice will give everyone tears!


I Say A Little Prayer from My Best Friend’s Wedding

This is one the best cover of Aretha Franklin’s 1968 song ‘I say a little prayer’. The singer has sung it entertainingly and playfully. This song will surely add colours to your wedding day. This song will be an excellent pick for a recessional song.


Somewhere Over The Rainbow from 50 First Dates

‘Somewhere over the rainbow’ by Israel Kamakawiwo’ole is one of the most famous songs of Fifty First Date. This romantic song gives the ultimate feel of a princess who is walking down the aisle to his prince charming. Just imagine!


Tale As Old As Time from Beauty And The Beast

This Disney song everyone’s all time favourite. The song was sung by actress Angela Lansbury for her role as Mrs Potts in 1991 animated feature film Beauty and the Beast. Then Celine Dion and Peabo Bryson tried their luck. Their song became a huge hit and is known as Disney’s mostly used song in weddings. But let’s put the history aside and focus on the beautiful lyrics of the song. The magic words need to be on your wedding playlist if you want to make your wedding magical.


My Girl from Father of the Bride

This is an excellent song to do your Father-Daughter dance on. Don’t forget to include Temptation’s 1965 song ‘My Girl’ in your wedding.


Kissing You from Romeo and Juliet

This song was first played during the scene of Romeo and Juliet’s first encounter in Baz Luhrmann’s movie. The British singer sang this beautiful song. Prepared to get tears in your wedding.


Wedding dance: the basics explained

Youtube is an excellent place to look for dance ideas, but remember to keep your dancing as unique as possibles. When it comes to a dance routine, there are no rules. So just relax and have some fun. You can choose a traditional dance or go for modern performance. It is up to you to decide. However, here are some options for you to choose from.


The old-fashioned routine



You do know that the bride and groom will dance alone in front of hundreds of guests. You don’t necessarily have to learn by a choreographer, but if you do, then that’s a right decision. Practice makes a man perfect. Every eye will be on you at that time so you might as well learn how to dance the right way. Leave everyone in awe with your performance.

After the couple dance comes to the dance with parents. The father will first dance with his daughter while the mother of the groom will share a dance with her son. Then they will make a quick switch. The Groom father will dance with his daughter-in-law and the vice versa. That is how it will go.

Next, the father and mother of the bride and the parents of the groom will dance with their better half. This is a very romantic scene.

And if there is a single parent or step-parent then don’t worry. Pair them with whoever you wish to. Like I said before, there are no rules when it comes to dancing.





The new-fashioned routine

This practice is becoming more and more popular these days. In this dance, the bride and groom dance completely alone and finish their dance. Then the bridal party hops on the bandwagon. Several couples will come on the dance floor and starts dancing in pairs. The best man will be paired with the first bridesmaid, and the groomsman will have the pleasure of dancing with the second bridesmaid and so on. After the song ends, the couple will shuffle again. This time there will be no order. The bride will end up dancing with the best man and groom will be seen busting a few moves with the bride’s maid. The partner swapping is an enjoyable and exciting practice. It often saves the couple’s parents from embarrassment who are too shy to dance with their new partners. This gives everyone a chance to have a little fun.


The ensemble routine

No one can make the rules except you at your wedding. Do you wish to see everyone performing in the same method at the same time? If so, then you are in one hell of an effort. The more modern and fancier the technique is, the more energy you will have to make.

You will have to make a complete DVD with all the steps and instruction, and you have to give it to your guests at least a month before the wedding. This is hard work and a little expensive if I’m going, being honest. But it is worth all the effort. You will have excellent performance at your wedding. My best advice to you is to Kiss that is a short form of “Keep it Simple, Stupid”.


Get your timetable right

The key to a good wedding is punctuality. Keep proper timing. What do you think according to you, is the right time for the special dances? It is after serving the main course. Ask your DJ to make the announcement of the bride and groom’s dance so that everyone knows.



Choice of music

Pick the type of dance you want to perform at your wedding. You can choose from a wide variety like A waltz, free expression and fox-trot. Choose your style and the music and then just rehearse, rehearse and rehearse.

Keep in mind one thing! If you are practising on a song and you decide to dance on the band version of the song, it will not come out great. Everything will be different. Their arrangement, tempo, number of verses, etc. will all be changed, and you and your bridal dance will not be perfect. So make sure you discuss this matter with the musos before the wedding and only hop on the one which you have prepared your dance.


10 of the best songs of 2018 for weddings


New songs come out, but not every song is good enough to be remembered. There were a lot of amazing songs released in 2018. But were they good enough to be ever-lasting? The excellent way to test it is If a song is played at a wedding, it means it will stick around for a more extended period. No one had the slightest idea that “Amazed” by Lonestar will still be a hot pick at modern days wedding. It has been 20 years, but it is even played at weddings.



How do you pick the right wedding song for you?


You have to choose a wedding song for your wedding. It is your big day, and you should decide what song will play on your big days. How do you know if a song is the right one? It is effortless. If you can think of walking down the aisle or celebrating your first dance on a song you like, then congratulations! You have found the right one.

Pick a song that you truly love. It doesn’t necessarily have to be the latest Taylor Swift song. It can be whatever you want to and whatever you can bear to listen for years to come. Traditional ballads and pop songs are an excellent pick for wedding songs. They have the power to stand the test of time. Unlike others, they don’t go out of fashion at all.

Look for a song that is a true reflection of you and your partner. A song that clearly explains your relationship. A song that will make you remember the fun time you had with your friends and family at your wedding. “Highway Hell” might be a funny song to choose for your exit but it might not look funny 10 years later. So be wise in selecting the song.

Here is a compilation of songs released in 2018. We all think that these songs might be eligible to become ever-lasting.



You are the reason by Calum Scott

Calum Scott gave us an amazing song to dance to on our weddings. It is among the most popular songs of 2018. The song “You are the reason” has every reason to be on the list. It has powerful lyrics, and the music is just amazing. In short, it is perfect for your first couple of dance. Leona Lewis has sung a fantastic version of this song. You can check it out as well.


For you by Liam Payne and Rita Ora

For you sung by Liam Payne and Rita Ora might seem a little upbeat. But this song belongs to the most famous movies of all time. This passionate song is perfect for dancing to. It is fun and romantic. The Violin and synthesised gives the ideal feel. You can be your own choreographer and prepare your dance. This is the classic upbeat song to finish off your wedding video.


I’m with you by Vance Joy

Vance Joy’s song “I’m you” is a perfect song to share the first dance. The acoustic guitar song shows how much vulnerable and incomplete the person is without his/her partner. This tells us how a couple grows together and make each other a better person.



Back to you by Selena Gomez

It is another upbeat song. It can be used as a new exit song where the couple goes hand in hand and bid goodbye to the guest. The song shows that no matter how many up and downs a couple has to go through in their relationship, they will always be there for each other no matter what happens. The video of the song doesn’t match well with the song though.


Rewrite the stars by Anne-Marie and James Arthur

Even though the Greatest Showman was released at the end of 2017, the reimagined album is a must listen. What are you also doing with your life? If you haven’t heard this song?

The singer did a great job in recreating Zendaya and Zac Efron’s original song. The song has a new meaning. It tells you whether the society will let you be with your lover or be a hurdle. Ain’t nobody’s gonna stop you from playing this song.


I’ll be there by Jess Glynne

This exit song is a reminder to each other that no matter what happens, you will always be there for each other. Through sickness and health, you will be there for your partner. You will celebrate each and every moment together. It is also an excellent choice to play for your first dance.


Better by Khalid

When I say, it believes me! Nothing feels better than this song by Khalid. It is not like the regular music you play at the wedding, but it is a good song. It is a little different, which makes it unique. The slow beat gives a romantic vibe.


Us by James Bay

Don’t be surprised if you spot me crying randomly. It is because the song is so emotional. It gives the message that no matter how many hardships you go through in your life, your partner will be there for you. You will always have a shoulder to cry on when everything else seems wrong. That is the beauty of this song. It gives you the feeling that no other song can

provide. Imagine yourself slowly dancing on this fantastic song.


A Million Dreams by Pink

No one could have sung this song any better than Pink. She is truly an icon with millions of followers. She has sung her own version of this song by The Greatest Showman Reimagined. If you haven’t listened to it already then go and listen to it first.

Pink’s daughter Willow also sang the reprise on this album. Watching Pink and her daughter record this song is the cutest thing in the world.


Love someone by Lukas Graham

We will end this list on the ballad from Lukas Graham. This romantic song will give sweet vibes to your wedding. You can play it while walking down the aisle or while doing your wedding dance. It will fit perfectly in every event. The video clip of this song is amazing, and the tune is very catchy.


10 Classic Wedding Songs To Add To Your Playlist


Wait! Before you start compiling your wedding playlist, here are 10 classical songs suggested by us.




At Last by Etta James

We want this song to be on every single wedding playlist. The 1960s Ballad deserves all the recognition in the world.




Can’t Help Falling In Love by Elvis Presley

We can’t help falling in love with this song. Elvis Presley has done us a big favour by singing this song. It is the perfect song for your first dance.




All You Need Is Love by The Beatles

No wedding is complete without a song by the Beatles. “All you need is Love” was released in 1967 and it is accessible to this day. Play this song while signing your marital paperwork.




Hallelujah by Jeff Buckley

I’m sure you have come across a few videos on social media of weddings where this beautiful song is being played. It is such a romantic song, and one can never say no to it.




Your Song by Elton John

This song just gives out the romantic feel whenever it is played. It was released in 1970 and was sang by Elton John.




The Way You Look Tonight by Frank Sinatra

Make your first dance even more romantic by playing “The way you look Tonight” by Frank Sinatra. It gives everyone goosebumps.




I Say A Little Prayer by Aretha Franklin

This classical song was released in 1968 by Aretha Franklin. It is a good pick for your first dance.




You Are The Best Thing by Ray LaMontagne

This is an excellent choice for your first dance. People say it is the best thing as it is a classic.




This Will Be (An Everlasting Love by Natalie Cole)

Another great song choice to play for your recessional or while signing the marital paperwork. Natalie Cole has sung a genuinely magical song.




Come Away With Me by Norah Jones

‘Come Away with me’ is the ultimate tear-dropping song for any wedding. People always shed a few tears while the couple does their first dance on this highly emotional song.



Traditional wedding music

Traditional wedding music never goes out of fashion. You don’t need to practice that tradition to play its songs. It merely depends on your choice. There are plenty of traditional songs to choose from. You can pick from Jewish, Italian, Catholic, Indian and Christian wedding music.




Celtic wedding music

Celtic wedding music is a combination of musical tunes. It brings uniqueness to your wedding day. If you have any Scottish, Welsh and Irish ancestors, then this will be the perfect way to honour them. The lively jigs and reels are a treat to the ears. These tunes will bring life to every event at your wedding.



One of the famous songs of Celtic music includes ‘Skye Boat Song’, ‘Scarborough Faire’, ‘The Star of County Down’ and ‘Mairi”s Wedding’ (The Lewis Bridal Song).


Jewish music for weddings

There are not a lot of songs commonly played at Jewish Weddings. But there are some classic songs which you can play at your wedding. For example ‘Baruch Chaba’ can be played during the entrance. ‘Dodi Li’ (My Beloved is Mine, and I am His) is another famous Jewish song that you can be played while signing of the register.





Often, the Jewish music wedding is played as medley of songs  including ‘Hava Nagila’ and ‘Hora’. Sometimes it can include klezmer music as well. It is a type of secular celebratory music played by Ashkenazi Jews.


Italian music

Italians being  the mostly catholic, the music that is played during wedding ceremony is concentrated on Catholic Hymns. The reception of Italian weddings is not that subtle. They are filled with noise, and there is a lot of energy on the dance floor. Italian music wonderfully describes its culture.





Let us talk about some famous Italian songs like ‘Cella Luna’, Calabrisella Mia Future’ and ‘Sciuri Sciuri’ are played in almost every Italian wedding. These songs are played during different Italian rituals alike Money dance and Tarantella.




Choosing your ceremony music

It is never easy to find a musical combination for your ceremony as there are always thousands of elements to choose from. You can select from prelude music, professional music and some other hymns or songs for different events of your wedding ceremony.

Here are some suggestions.


Prelude music

Prelude music is the first music played at that time when guests start arriving. This music will be played for at least 20 minutes. It will set the mood of the guests effectively. You can keep on playing such music until all the guests have arrived. The music is not so loud. It is ambient light music with no vocals. The guest can peacefully chat with each other while the music is being played in the background. A harpist, flautist and a string duo are an excellent choice. And if they are not available, you can simply play recorded music. Some of the great music is ‘Adagio for Strings’ by Samuel Barber, ‘Water Music’ by Handel, and ‘Serenade’ by Franz Schubert.


Processional music

When you are walking down the aisle, you need to have some dramatic and powerful song being played in the background. But if you want to play the traditional song, then Wagner’s ‘Bridal Chorus’ is a good pick. On the other hand, contemporary picks are ‘Fairytale by Enya’. If you happen to have a big bridal party, then choose two kinds of music. One will be played during the bride entry while the other will be played during the rest of the people’s entry.


Hymns and songs

Adding Hymns and songs depends on whether or not you are having a religious or civil ceremony. You can have appropriate Hymns played if you are getting married at a church. You can ask your minister about it. Civil services have a specific restriction of songs. Check it out before the wedding.

Play the favourite hymns and songs at your wedding. This way, people will join in with the enthusiasm. If people are alien to it, then there won’t be many people to join in.



Register signing music

Register signing is the most essential and legal part of the wedding. Not many people will be entertained at the moment. They will quickly get bored. This is the time when you will play some exciting music in the background. Talk with your DJ or band to provide constant music during that time. Solo Vocalist will join in with another musician, and that will be great. All you have to do is pick a song that everyone’s like


Recessional music

Select joyful and uplifting music to walk down the aisle as newlyweds so that it shows your happiness of getting married. It is a happy moment for you, and it should be demonstrated through your music choice. The music should be cheerful enough to get everyone clapping and comfortable for you while you are making an exit.

Some of the best picked recessional songs are ‘Hallelujah chorus’ or ‘The arrival of the Queen of Sheba’ by the very talented Handel and ‘Ode to Joy’ by Beethoven. Some other good choices are ‘Signed Sealed, Delivered’ by Stevie Wonder and ‘Beautiful Day’ by U2.


Postlude music

Postlude music is not a lot of couple’s favourite but, it is a good option If you want to upbeat the mood of your guests. You can play the Postlude music for at least 10 minutes and if you end up of ideas, just play the prelude music.

Jewish wedding music

Jewish people love to play a lot of songs at their wedding. The number of songs played at a Jewish wedding in comparison to contemporary secular songs is according to how orthodox the couple is.

Traditional music is usually played during a small portion of the wedding ceremony. But if you want to, you can play Jewish music during the reception as well.

Jewish music is mainly played during the processional. The music is played in two pieces. The part of the signifies the arrival of the older people of the family, the groom’s parents and the groom himself and the bridesmaids. The second part is for the arrival of the bride.

Here are some of the famous Jewish music played at the wedding ceremony.

Baruch Chaba (Blessed is He) is a choral song that is usually played for the bride’s entrance. Other options include Eshet Chayil(A woman of Valour). It is an instrumental piece. People typically don’t play Wagner’s Bridal Chorus at their Jewish weddings. It is said that the composer was known to have anti-semitic views.


The Jewish music is only played during the prelude, postlude and during the signing of the register.

Below are eight traditional Jewish wedding pieces that are suitable to be played during the ceremony:


  • Y”did Nefesh (Beloved of my Soul)
  • Hana”ava Babanot (The Fairest of Maidens)
  • Dodi Li (My Beloved is Mine, and I am His)
  • Od Y” shama (The Voice of Gladness Shall be Heard Again)
  • Erev Ba (Evening Comes)
  • Erev Shel Shoshanim (Evening of Roses)
  • S”u Sh”orim (Look up to the Gates)
  • V” ha” er E”ne” nu (Enlighten Our Eyes to Your Torah)




Jewish Music for the Wedding Reception

‘Hora’ is a great Jewish wedding custom. According to this custom, the newlyweds are raised to shoulder height while they are seated on two chairs. The guests form a circle around them and dance. During this custom, a traditional Jewish medley is played. Its mixture consists of the famous Jewish songs like ‘Hava Nagila’ (Come Let us be Glad) and ‘Siman Tov U Mazletov’ (May Good Luck Come to Us).

Traditional Jewish family will even hire a Klezmer band to perform at their wedding. The meaning of Klezmer is a musician in the Yiddish language. People nowadays associate it with secular celebratory music played by Ashkenazi Jews.

Klezmer music beautifully represents the human voice. The violin makes crying, laughing and wailing sounds. It is accompanied by a bass, cello, a clarinet, a drum, an accordion and hammered dulcimers. Klezmer music is used for dancing such as waltzes and polkas.



Indian wedding music


India is home to almost a billion people. The majority of people residing in India practice Hinduism. Hindu people celebrate every event with enthusiasm. A typical Indian wedding can last for a week. There are ceremonies like haldi lagai, mehndi, sagai, and so on. There is literally no end to it. Bollywood is vast and is famous mostly in South Asia. Their music is very upbeat and lively.




Indian band members also play several instruments like sitar, tabla, dhol, tempura and tumba. A modern Indian wedding has a DJ who plays songs like ‘Babul Ki Duaayein Leti Ja’, ‘Joote Dedo Paise Lelo’ and ‘Mehndi Laga Ke Rakhna.’


India’s rich culture and heritage and fantastic music are what makes this country great. This country is huge, and the music of the south varies significantly from the north. India is home to many religions like Hinduism, Islam, Sikhism, Buddhism, Jainism and many others. The most practised religion is Hinduism; therefore, here is our take on Hindu wedding music.



Indians always have a long five days wedding. The wedding comprises the number of rituals, and each ritual has a particular type of music and songs associated with it. It includes traditional Hindu music, folk songs and contemporary Bollywood hits. Here is an example of a different song played at a typical

The wedding shenanigans start with the Sangeet ceremony. In this event, all the female members of the bride’s family and female family friends come along. The girls gather around and sing traditional celebratory songs talking about the bride’s future life with her husband. The girls tease the groom’s family with their funny songs.

Next comes Mehndi where henna is applied on the bride’s hands and feet. The girl makes pretty designs on the bride’s side. During this time, the bride is treated as a guest and is told to refrain from all of the sorts of housework. She will not do any kind of work until her mehndi fades away. During Mehndi, people sing traditional music and songs and will play Dholak, a classical music instrument.

The next event is the Baraat ceremony. In this ceremony, the groom comes to the wedding venue. He is accompanied by his relatives and friends which are commonly referred to as ‘Baraati’. The groom also brings a band with him. The Baramati enters dancing on the upbeat and lively music of the group.

Then comes the sad ceremony of Vidaai. This is when the bride says goodbye to her parents and relatives and goes to live with her husband. Usually, some happy songs are played at that moment. The groom family plays lively music to welcome the bride into their family.


Bands for Indian Weddings


The truth about Hindu weddings is that they are so long so there is a chance you will need a large number of songs for the multiple wedding events. Indian classical music includes different instruments like tabla, sitar, tempura, dhol and tumba. Modern Indian may or may not play such instruments. They are more into contemporary music.


Catholic wedding music

When it comes to the Catholic Church, there are specific rules which they have to abide by. The music played at the wedding must be liturgical; giving praise to God, pastoral so the congregation can join in, and musical; performed by competent musicians.

Popular Catholic wedding hymns are ‘All Hailed Adored Trinity’, ‘Love Divine, All Love Excelling’, and ‘Joyful, Joyful, We Adore Thee’. Depending on the service you have you may also need to sing the Sanctus, Memorial Acclamation, Great Amen and Agnes Dei.


Christian wedding ceremonies music is usually played by a church choir. It is traditional to sing at least two or three hymns during a Christian wedding ceremony. Some examples are ‘Make Me A Channel Of Your Peace’, ‘Praise My Soul The King Of Heaven’, and ‘Great is Thy Faithfulness’. You can also include Contemporary Christian Music or gospel music for a modern or inspiring edge.


Reception entrance music


Traditional receiving lines are becoming a thing of the past. The couple instead is announced as a married couple before making the entrance to their wedding reception. The couple either come by themselves or have a family member make an announcement before making the entrance.



The music you decide for your wedding reception will make the atmosphere for your reception. Here are some tips for you to follow while choosing an entrance song.


  • Select a song that clearly reflects your personalities.
  • You can always change the pace. If the guests have been listening to soft jazz music, vow them by turning to own some blaring rock music.
  • Try to make your entrance music as fun and upbeat as possible.
  • Your entrance will mark the beginning of an event. Make sure it is powerful enough for the guest to know.
  • Choose a song that will increase the anticipation of the guests. A kind of music that will be made them jump out from their seats.
  • A lot of couple look for a song that is very quirky. But don’t go after the common one that is played at every other wedding. Pick something that will be remembered for a long time.
  • If you have picked up a song but are doubtful if the lyrics are appropriate for the event then go for the instrumental version of the song. ‘Bittersweet Symphony’ by The Verve is a hot-picked song.
  • You will need a longer song if you plan on entering the whole bridal party with you or you can choose two songs: one for the two of you and one for the bridal party. If it is just you and your partner, then a regular song will do.
  • Pick a song that has a strong introduction. The guests will know that it is time for the couple to come.




Here are fifteen favourite suggestions for reception entrance music:


  1. 1999 by Prince
  2. Ain’t That A Kick In The Head by Dean Martin
  3. All You Need Is Love by The Beatles
  4. Beautiful Day by U2
  5. Higher Ground by Stevie Wonder
  6. Breathe Your Name by Sixpence None The Richer
  7. Crazy Little Thing Called Love by Queen
  8. Everybody Have Fun Tonight by Wang Chung
  9. I’m A Believer by The Monkees
  10. Love Walks In by Van Halen
  11. Right Here, Right Now by Fatboy Slim
  12. Sandstorm by Darude
  13. We are Family by Sister Sledge
  14. Signed sealed delivered by Stevie Wonder
  15. Walking On Sunshine by Katrina & The Waves



7 ways to avoid wedding music disasters


Be very careful while choosing the right entertainment for your wedding. Whatever you want should hold power to be remembered for years to come. If chosen correctly, it will create the right ambience for your wedding day.

However, one wrong move, and you will have nothing but regrets. Make sure you don’t make such mistakes that will leave the venue in awkward silence and killer glares.

I am sure you have panicked a little after seeing a bunch of weddings fails on Youtube. But do not worry.


Here are the 7 ways you can avoid some common wedding music mistakes.

  1. Never go after the cheap things. There will be many advertisements for entertainers claiming to provide exceptional services for a very low price. Beware of them! They are nothing but a fraud.
  2. Don’t leave the wedding music part in the end. It is as essential as a Venue or wedding dress.
  3. Hire a DJ according to your wedding Venue. Imagine trying to fit a 10 member band in a small hall. That will be super difficult and super hard.
  4. Don’t wait till the last week to compile the songs for your playlists. Such a decision made at the previous minute brings nothing but destruction.
  5. Don’t select the music solely on you’re like. Consider the age demographics and make sure there is at least one song for each age group. That is the only way you will get the guests dancing on the dance floor.
  6. Be Diligent! Know everything about the venue and its surrounding. Are there any special laws? Are there hotels close by for your guests to spend the night? Are there any sound laws? There will be plenty of questions in your mind. Do not be hesitant to ask the manager.
  7. Pick the best music provider. Choose someone who you like and whose package goes well with your event. Be clear with your DJ and ask him about all the requirements. Do not leave behind any doubts.



What else do you need to keep in mind?

A professional DJ knows typically how to avoid such issues, but just in case, try not to fall in these traps.

  1. Do not make your guests bored. Play some music while they are arriving. Whether the bride will come in 20 minutes or 1 hour, your guests should not suffer the boredom. So for that, always have some excellent background music played.


  1. Do not go after some strange processional music whose lyrics are alien to your guests. If the music is too fast or too slow, it will only ruin the whole event.
  2. Do not have too loud music played at the wedding. You do not want your guests shouting to each other to make the smallest conversation like “What is your name?” Ask your DJ to have a proper flow of music. Make the music a little slow while having dinner and then turn it up again to start the dancing.
  3. Always be clear about the songs you want at your wedding. Make sure the DJ knows about the ‘Must Play’ and ‘Must NOT play’. Everyone has his or her own preferences. You do not want your guests to give you weird stares whenever an explicit song starts playing.
  4. Do not make your first dance any longer than 3 minutes. Sure, everyone will be in awe, but once it starts getting long, everyone will get bored. If the song you want for your wedding dance is long, cut it down and make it as short as possible. Don’t force your guests to watch a long 10-minute dance.


List of the most banned wedding songs


People only look for excellent and upbeat music while choosing a song for a wedding reception. They just want a good dance. A survey conducted by Five ThirtyEigt, here are the 50 songs on the “Do Not Play” list:


  1. Chicken Dance by The Hokey Pokey
  2. Dancing Queen by ABBA
  3. Macarena by Los Del Rio
  4. YMCA by Village People
  5. ChaCha Slide by DJ Casper
  6. Electric Boogie (Electric Slide) by Marcia Griffiths
  7. Hokey Pokey by Brave Combo
  8. Cupid Shuffle by Cupid
  9. Wobble by V.I.C.
  10. Nutbush by Tina Turner
  11. Happy by Pharrell Williams
  12. Shout by Isley Brothers
  13. Love Shack by The B52’s
  14. We Are Family by Sister Sledge
  15. Blurred Lines by Robin Thicke
  16. Celebration by Kool & The Gang
  17. Cotton Eye Joe by Rednex
  18. Don’t Stop Believin’ by Journey
  19. Single Ladies by Beyoncé
  20. Sweet Caroline by Neil Diamond
  21. Everybody by The Backstreet Boys
  22. Watch Me (Whip/Nae Nae) by Silentó
  23. Who Let The Dogs Out by Baha Men
  24. Mony Mony by Billy Idol
  25. All About That Bass by Meghan Trainor
  26. Baby Got Back by Sir MixA
  27. Booty Call by Blackstreet
  28. Gangnam Style by Psy
  29. The horses by Daryl Braithwaite
  30. Save a Horse (Ride a Cowboy) by Big & Rich
  31. Stayin’ Alive by Bee Gees
  32. Sweet Home Alabama by Lynyrd Skynyrd
  33. Anything by Kenny G.
  34. Wagon Wheel by Nathan Carter
  35. What Do You Mean? by Justin Bieber
  36. All of Me by John Legend
  37. Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen
  38. Brown Eyed Girl by Van Morrison
  39. Call Me Maybe by Carly Rae Jepsen
  40. Footloose by Kenny Loggins
  41. Get Low by Lil Jon
  42. Take me home by John Denver
  43. Hotline Bling by Drake
  44. I Will Survive by Gloria Gaynor
  45. My Heart Will Go On by Celine Dion
  46. SexyBack by Justin Timberlake
  47. Cupid Shuffle by Cupid
  48. Sugar by Maroon 5
  49. Total Eclipse of the Heart by Bonnie Tyler
  50. Billie Jean by Michael Jackson



Ten top tips for a fabulous first dance


First Dance is something a lot of couples are afraid to do. They want their dance to be near perfection, but that does not always happen. 100s of couple’s first dance fail videos on YouTube give many people nightmares. Here are some tips for you that will surely help you out.


Dance on the song you know well.

I know it is general advice, but it holds true to this date. A couple should always dance to a song that they genuinely love. Do not be pressurized to choose they overly hyped song just because everyone else is using it. It is your wedding, and everything needs to be pure and unique. Your selected song should reflect your personalities and relationship. Pick a song to which your heart says. Yes!


Learn with the pros

Choreography is a real lifesaver. Many people don’t want to spend the time and energy in coming up with their own dance routine. Surely it will look fantastic and unique but getting dance lessons is a better option as well. Your choreographer will give you the steps, and all you have to do is remember it.


Version control

Remember to ask your DJ which version of the song he will play. Confirm if it is the same version you have in mind. The song ‘Can’t help falling in love’ has completely different versions. It UB40 version is entirely different from Elvis Presley. Imagine the horror of dancing on an altogether different version of a song. One can only imagine the wrong steps and turns.


Be comfortable

A wedding dress and shoes are so expensive these days. A precious pair of footwear might look the prettiest, but it will not always be the most comfortable one. Don’t feel guilty to change to more comfortable shoes doing your first dance. You can bust some really cool moves while wearing a comfortable pair of shoes.


Get unplugged

Having an unplugged dance is getting very popular. The newlywed can’t dance without breaking a sweat. The number of cameras filming at that moment gives a lot of couple anxiety. Why not have an unplugged wedding then? No one will shoot you, and you won’t be worried about ending up online due to one wrong step.


Just try your best

Do not worry! Relax and enjoy your first dance. No one is perfect. It does not matter how many classes you have taken or how many hours you have spent practising. Not everyone pulls off the perfect routine. It is your wedding day, and there are so many other things to think about. So, don’t keep on worrying and just enjoy your dance.


Mix it up

Have you seen the mash-up in the movie Pitch Perfect? In a mashup, two already amazing songs are combined to form an even amazing mashup song. Start your wedding in the romantic couple dance. Once the crowd thoroughly enjoys the familiar song, you can give them a little surprise and make the tunes a little upbeat. The dance floor will brighten up with instant energy.



Do a test run

Try to wear comfortable shoes for your wedding dance. The best way to figure out what will work best is by doing a test run at home. This will help avoid the painful blisters on your feet, which a lot of couples get because of not planning before the wedding. There is no point in preparing a Salsa Dance if your wedding dress won’t allow you to shake a leg. There are sure dresses that offer minimum movement only. So, it will be best if you plan your dance according to your wedding dress.


Keep it simple

Try to keep the bride and groom’s wedding dance short. The shorter the dance, the better it will be. It will save the couple from being highly nervous, and the guests won’t get bored. You can instruct your MC to ask the bridal party to jump in after 30 seconds. This way, the couple will enjoy their dance without worrying about being the single point of attention.


You don’t have to be dangerous!

If coming up with brand-new steps for your dance sounds too much of a nightmare for you, then pick a song with ready-made levels. Don’t worry about it. A lot of couples do it, and it is perfectly normal. Your main goal should be to enjoy the night. It is not a race. It is just the pure happiness that everyone seeks.


Will you be choosing a wedding band, DJ, singer or something different for your wedding day?



Ten tips for finding your first dance song

It is not always easy to find the first dance song. It is more complicated than you think. Here are ten tips that will surely help you find the right song.


  • Pick a song that clearly reflects the couple’s personalities. Check the song lyrics, and if they depict your relationship perfectly then it is a clear yes! Do not omit classics from your playlist just because they are unoriginal. The classic is all-time favourite songs and adding them will make your reception even better.
  • Pick a song that relates to both the partners and not just one. Do not upset your partner by forcing him/her to dance on a song that was your favourite in a past relationship.
  • Make sure you choose a song that you will be happy to hear for many many years to come. Pick a timeless song that you will happily hear to at your thirtieth wedding anniversary.
  • Pick a day where you will spend the entire evening with your fiancé browsing through the song collection. Maybe there is a song that you didn’t go through but is a has a high potential of being played. You never know when you will find the right one.
  • We know we are stating the obvious but just hear us out. Pick a song that is good for dancing. Seems like a known and indisputable fact but there is nothing wrong is repeating it. Don’t go for too slow songs. You do not want to keep dragging everyone the entire evening. A dance choreographer can help you out in this regard. She/he will tell you if the chosen song is suitable for dancing.
  • Make sure the lyrics of the songs are clean and appropriate for people of all ages. No one wants their grandma to hear inappropriate songs about their granddaughter.
  • Not everyone is born to be a great dancer. It is perfectly OK if you are not one yourself. To cope with the fear of your first dance, pick a song that has smooth dance moves like ‘The way you look tonight’ by Frank Sinatra, or ‘What a wonderful world’ by Louis Armstrong. Make sure your bridal party does not leave you alone on the dance floor for too long. Ask them to join you after a minute or two.
  • The length of a perfect song to dance to is about 4 minutes. Longer songs make people feel like they are watching a song for eternity.
  • You can also ask your band to play the first dance song. But don’t forget to practice before it because there is a vast difference in the band version and regular version of the song.

Hope the tips helped you out but if you still feel stuck, have a look at the wedding songs section.


The 10 most popular first-dance wedding songs in the world in 2017.


Here is a list of top ten songs compiled and carefully analysed by Music giant, Spotify. The menu has been extracted from a massive 30,000 songs wedding-themed playlist of 40 million global users.

The songs are a mix of classic and modern hits. However, the original dance classics are missing like Nat King Cole’s ‘Unforgettable’, Shania Twain’s ‘from this Moment On’, Anne Murray’s ‘Could I Have this Dance?’ Also, Celine Dion’s ‘Because You Loved Me’.


Adele – Make You Feel My Love

Brad Paisley – Then

Bright Eyes – First Day Of My Life

Christina Perri – A Thousand Years

Jack Johnson – Better Together

Jason Mraz – I Won’t Give Up

John Legend – All of Me

Michael Bublé – Everything

Ray LaMontagne – You Are The Best Thing


Have you picked up your favourite or are you still searching?


10 alternative songs for an unforgettable first dance

Tired of picking the same old classic wedding songs that everyone picks? Here are some alternative tunes to make your wedding a little different. These creative wedding tunes will surprise everyone. If you wish to go unique, then look no further.

Here are our top 10 alternative songs for an unforgettable first dance.


Charles Bradley by Lovin’ you baby

There is no better song to confess your love than this. The song is a perfect blend of romance and loving emotion. Imagine sharing a passionate dance with your partner on this beautiful song.


Daft Punk by Digital Love

Daft Punk is a song for those couples who are looking to break tradition. This French duo has sung it in an imposing way. This will surely make your first dance stand out.


Can’t nobody love you by The Zombies

“Can’t nobody love you, like I’m loving you babe, ’cause they don’t know how to love you like a do” This is the dream line for anyone who just got married. You would definitely want to hear it as well.


The Beatles by And I love her

The Beatles have been successful in keeping the British band vibes alive in their song “And I love her”. This fantastic love ballad brings out the best feels. George Harrison is such a tremendous singer. He catches everyone’s attention from the very first note.


Fade into you by Mazzy Star

The lyrics of the songs are so beautiful. They give out sweet vibes and bring a breath of love into the event. This song is a fantastic choice if you are planning to have a 90s themed wedding.


The Black Keys by You’re the one

This song can be declared the perfect rock-mantic ballad by an American band, The Black Keys. The lyrics of the song are self-expressing themselves. A single word of this ballad can have 100s of different meanings.


Semisonic by Closing Time

What better way to embark on your new journey than on this song? The tunes of this song are perfect for your wedding.


John Cusack “Say Anything”

Look no further! Rom-Com lover can listen to this song all day. It is fun, romantic, and what not?


We (feat Cee-Lo Green) by Mac Miller

Make your wedding everlasting by playing this beautiful song by Mac Miller. This emotional song is the ultimate declaration of love.


Love Test by The Growlers

Love Test is the perfect song for the boho-rustic/vintage wedding style lovers. This isn’t any usual wedding song that is why adding this song will bring an extra touch of uniqueness into your event.


A quick guide to choosing wedding music


Music brings life to any event. There are millions of songs to choose from. When it comes to your own wedding, it becomes tough to choose the right songs. Whether it is for your walking down the aisle or for your first dance, it can become complicated to decide. Here is a quick guide for you and your partner to choose the best music for your wedding. Enjoy!

Whether it is upbeat or slow, funny or emotional or sweet and romantic, deciding which song you like to be played is significant. It needs to be according to the atmosphere of the event. A good taste in music often reflects the good personalities of the couple.

“Music should be as different as every wedding,” says Fin. He runs a music and entertainment agency in Melbourne. He not only comes from a family of musicians, but he has also played trumpet and keyboard for 15 years. According to him, a song should be picked that holds meaning for both the Bride and Groom.

Don’t pick something that everyone is expecting. Instead, go with something that feels right to you. Here are some tips that are given by Fin for choosing the perfect music for your wedding.


Think outside the box.

Don’t be another follower of the crowd.

That is one of the biggest mistake committed by people.

They feel the need to do the same as other people. Just because people choose specific songs for their wedding doesn’t mean you have to play them at your wedding as well. Think outside of the box. Be a trend-setter, not follower.

People might be expecting you to play Etta’s James’ At  Last for your first dance but, if you want to play Hey Ya! By Outkast then why not? Don’t hesitate to go after what you like.

Are you an Elvis fan? Then play it. If there is a particular song, you like but are a little concerned about how the audience will react, then ask your band to change the tone a little to meet the audience requirement. An experienced group can change any tune to fit the song.

Kanye West’s song Heartless is a pretty edgy song, but if you play a jazz version of such song, it will sound fantastic.

This is a strategy of The club to gather tunes that are memorable and provide maximum entertainment to the crowd. Also, this song is a testament that one shouldn’t care about what others think and should always go with what their heart desire. Whether it is regular music or wedding music, stick with this philosophy.

Try to compile a list of songs for different events of your wedding. The Band and DJ will guide you further of what song should be played during different parts of the event. Here is a guide for you.



Ceremony starts typically with some classical music. You can also instruct your DJ to play duos of contemporary pop and soul songs. The music is sweet and low tempo. If you are having a themed wedding and decide to play a completely different song, the DJ will modify the song according to the ceremony.






First dance:

It is easy to get confused while picking the perfect song for your wedding. The best thing to do is go through a list of favourite musical genres and pick the one you both like. Don’t forget to look at the lyrics of each song and choose the one that perfectly relates to both partners.

Additional info! It doesn’t matter if you hire a choreographer for your dance or not but always pick an upbeat song on which you can still bust a few moves.



After getting done with all the formalities, the couple does the bridal waltz. Then the party shifts into the party music.


During the meals at the reception:

Now is the time to play some Downtempo pop or jazz music while the guests are munching on the delicious wedding food. The music is not too loud, and the guests can easily chat with each other.


Dance music:

Here comes the fun part of dancing. Whether it is Earth Wind and Fire or Michael Jackson and Stevie Wonder, there are so many amazing songs to choose from. This type of music should satisfy every guest of all generation. There is no need to play the latest pop song which hardly an elderly guest knows about. The list of songs is very diverse and tailors the need of every person at the wedding.

Moreover, make a do-not-play list if possible. The good thing about experienced wedding DJs is that they already know what type of songs should be played and what shouldn’t. You can rest your worries they won’t play any explicit hip-hop of raging death metal songs at your wedding.

A full playlist of the songs is usually sent to the couple before the wedding so they can make sure all the desired song are in it. But, if there is a song you and your partner don’t like, you can always mark them down and send them back to the band.


Wedding DJ trends

Wedding DJs hold power the make your wedding day truly amazing. Whether it is playing cheesy disco hits or soft music, these experts will pick the right one according to the atmosphere of the event and also according to the latest trends. Speaking of trends, here are the top five latest wedding DJ trends.


A wedding DJ is usually required to play throughout the entire reception. The DJ starts playing from the moment the guests arrive at the time where they start leaving. The event includes a cocktail hour, dance time and others. To satisfy the demand of 100s of guests and the couple, the DJ needs to be highly experienced. He/She should have experience of playing different types of songs. They should also know that the volume of the songs need to remain slow until the guests jump on the dance floor.

The wedding DJs are also providing Master of Ceremony services. The DJ can make all the announcements like calling for dinner, the speeches and other significant events like drawing on the dance floor and cake cutting. Discuss all the songs with your DJ beforehand so that you all your desired songs are on the playlist.

There is also an increasing trend of themed weddings. Try to make sure the DJ has the right music to match the theme such as Salsa, Italian, Seventies music and jazz. According to experienced DJs, it is better to play the themed music for an hour or two straight than playing the odd themed tune again and again.



There is an increasing demand for Club DJ’s than Wedding DJs for a large reception area. Club DJ’s are known to bring a more contemporary feel. It might be becoming a popular opinion to get two duelling DJ, but they tend to become a little noisy so try to have them for the latter part of the evening when the elderly guests have left the venue.

Wedding DJs usually compile a playlist of specific music genres. The couple is then asked to choose from the list. Whatever the couple decides, the DJ will play according to it during the wedding reception. Examples of such record are twenty hits of the 90s or latest songs of 2019.


Wedding DJ questions


Now that you know almost everything you need, the last and most important thing to do is ask the right questions from the wedding DJ. A wedding DJ will make a massive difference in the wedding. Make sure you start searching for the DJ well in advance. Experienced DJs are always booked for a year, so according to our calculation, you will need to start looking a year in advance. Take all the time in the world, well not all of it. But, do thorough research and interview at least five DJs. After having a good comparison, you will hopefully find the right one for your wedding.


Here are some questions you can ask your wedding DJ. The issue covers most of the critical stuff like cost, experience, musical style, arrangements and many other things. You don’t have to ask each and every question from the list. Only pick the one you find the most important.


Questions about practical arrangements

  • Will you be available for our wedding day?
  • Do you have back up equipment?
  • Are you equipped with liability insurance?
  • Can we deliver our speeches using your microphone?
  • How much time will you need to set up your equipment?
  • Can you play during the entire reception?
  • Do you have a backup DJ available in case of emergency?
  • Will you perform as Master of Ceremonies?
  • Will you be personally performing at our wedding or will there be someone else?
  • Did you perform at the reception venue before?


Questions about cost

  • What services are included in your fee?
  • When do we have to pay the bill?
  • What are your overtime charges?
  • Are we required to pay you for travel?
  • Do you want us to give you drinks or food?
  • When and how much deposit to we have to pay?



Questions about the DJ’s experience

  • For how long have you been in the wedding DJ profession?
  • How many wedding have you played in so far or what is the average number of marriages that you perform in a year?
  • What other events do you perform at?
  • Can you give us the contact info of a personal reference?
  • Do you allow new clients to attend the events you are performing?

Questions about the DJ’s musical style

  • In which music genre do you find yourself a specialist?
  • What makes you better than the other DJs? Why should we pick you?
  • Will you be taking guest requests?
  • How will you make the dancefloor alive?
  • Will you take song suggestions for the playlist?
  • Will your music match with our wedding theme?
  • Is your music collection up to date?
  • What songs will you play to pass the break time?
  • When can we send the “please play my song” and “Don’t play this song” requests?
  • What will be your music choice for different parts of the reception?
  • Will you play group interaction songs?


Questions about the DJ’s appearance

  • What kind of attire will you wear?
  • What kind of equipment will you bring? What size will it be?
  • What sort of lighting will you bring that will match with the theme?
  • Can we have a look at some pictures of the equipment?



Wedding entertainers


Your wedding does not have to be unique with everything new. All you need is a little planning with some fun gigs. Just make sure it is not a carbon copy of a recent wedding. Just change small stuff or maybe add a new gig and you are good to go. There are several ways to entertain your guests. You can hire them to entertain your guest while you get your photographs taken. For you, we have compiled some ideas that your guests will surely love.


Stand-up comedians

Stand-up comedians are amazing people. They bring a bright smile on everyone’s face with their jokes. The perfect time for them to perform is after the desert, while the guests sip their coffee. That is the time when the guests are too drunk and full of dancing. It is the perfect moment to give them a good laugh.

Check the past performance of the comedian before hiring him. They may or may not perform appropriately for the wedding. You don’t want your children at your wedding, listen to dark and adult jokes. There will be people from all generation at your wedding. Make sure the comedian is liked by all.

A comedian skilfully engages with the audience. Warn him to avoid teasing your aunt if she is a little moody. No one wants to have a cranky relative at the reception.


Fire breathers, acrobats or jugglers

Acrobats, fire breathers and jugglers can bring a lot of fun to your reception. They are a good pick if you are planning to have an outside dinner. Such performers need plenty of space to showcase their abilities. This dramatic choice will make your guests feel as if they are in a carnival.

The performers give one hell of a show. Ask them to mingle with the guests while showing their tricks casually. Make sure the venue allows such performers and also if the performers have insurance. This looks like a little dangerous, but if you take the precautionary measures, then why not?


Dance groups

Do you think that your wedding breakfast will be dull? Why not hire a group of dancers to entertain them while the guests feast on the delicious food. Get dancers that complement your wedding theme. They should wear clothes that match the decor. There is a variety of dance groups to choose from. You can pick line dancers for your western style wedding or salsa dancer if you are looking to bring in the Mexican vibes.


Latin themed wedding

Design the venue in a way that will accommodate the dancers. Maybe a stage or a separate place close to the guest’s seats. If the scene is not possible, arrange the table in a horseshoe around the dance floor. This is where the dancer will perform, and the guests will easily see it. Ask your dancers to play in the centre if the tables are arranged in a long banquet style rows. Ask them not to show too close to the smaller meals. You don’t want your guests to feel like as if they are getting a lap dance.


Kids’ entertainers

Kids entertainers are a sign of relief for those parents who just want to sip a glass in peace. And for kids, it is heaven. They will be amused by the tricks of the entertainer. The favourite gigs of kid entertainers are clowns (Not the IT one), puppet shows, a magician. Find out the age group of children coming to your wedding and pick an entertainer according to it. Having a Jumping castle is an excellent option if you have an outdoor wedding.

Make sure the entertainers arrive during the part of the wedding where you want the parent’s full attention, for example during the speeches or while taking vows. Make sure the entertainer is not too far from the sight of parents. Ask for the entertainer to bring extra assistants if possible.

Carnival Fun

Why not use the extra space you have for your outdoor wedding. Rent a super slide and place it on one side of the wedding. You can even get a jumping castle if you want. One can never say no to a jumping castle, and one is certainly not old enough to say no. Moreover, you will be giving the parents a favour. It will keep their kid distracted and busy while they peacefully enjoy the wedding.



Bring a magician to your magical wedding. He will fantastically entertain the guests. With his sleight of hand, rabbits, and roses to entertain seated guests, no one will have to worry about carrying on a dead conversation with someone they hardly know. Guests will be delighted to experience a little fun after getting tired from all the dancing. Nick Britt is one of an Easy Wedding Supplier. He is extremely talented. His performance is a combination of Illusions and intrigue with MC duties.

Palms up

Having a palm reader to give a little insight into the future to your guests is a great idea. Give them the good news that they will soon be getting a promotion or their prince charming is on its way and will come to them very soon. This will brighten up their mood. But never give them the bad news. No one wants a few sad guests who just find out a bad reading. They will freak out, and you certainly don’t want that at your wedding.



Uneaten Bomboniere is a big disappointment. It often leaves you in a bad mood that no one acknowledged your effort and time spent on the gifts. Ditch the traditional one and give caricature to them instead. They are funny, and your guests will remember it for a long time. Drawing of your partner with an unusually long nose will surely give them a good laugh. Phil Bowler is an amazing and talented artist. He skillfully draws the sketches by hand or on his iPad in a couple of minutes.


Singing Waiters

Are you looking for a unique way to surprise your guests? Why not have singing waiters to perform at your wedding? They are excellent entertainers, and they always add a factor of suspense and surprise that still make it more interesting. You should dress your waiters in disguise. They can go undercover as chefs, waiters, restaurants managers or others. The guests will surely be surprised when they pull out their makeup in a dramatic way.